Yuval Diskin's personal attack on PM Netanyahu is political and aimed at undermining his political leadership as the leader of Likud but has nothing to do with the Iranian security threat to Israel’s survival. Yuval Diskin is a self hating defeatist liberal who serves the interests of Obama’s media agenda led by Israel hating Ha’Aretz and New York Times that aim at preventing Israel self defense efforts and giving the Iranian regime more time until the US elections of November so that Obama will have more chance to be re-elected. Diskin is a liberal politician who serves the defeatist PM Olmert that was ready to sacrifice Jerusalem and the Jewish cities of the Holyland to appease the Mozlem Brotherhood terrorists of Hamas and PLO. PM Netanyahu is right to stand up to Obama who supported the Arab Spring that put Israel in major danger more than ever before in the Time when Diskin was chief of the Shin Beth. PM Netanyahu is right not to depend on the betrayous Mozlem Brother sympathizer Obama who defends the Iranian regime from Israeli self-defense attack with support of oil rich countries of the Gulf. Diskin who served under the corrupt and Mozlem Brother appeaser PM Olmert issues cheap personal attacks on Israeli leadership PM Netanyahu and DM Barak which reminds other liberal politicians that came out of the military and intelligence and trying to advance their political career as liberal politicians by besmirching the Israeli PM and define his as messianic thinking is wrong and cause major damage to Israeli security. It is time for liberal self hating Diskin to betray the Israeli leadership and works for the liberal media agenda to stop undermining the right of Israel to defend the lives of six million Jews from new holocaust and his harsh words aim at pushing Israel to new elections which benefits the Mozlem Brotherhood that support the re-election of Obama.