WHAT ABOUT blow out preventors?
OLD BIG OIL will always find a way to escape!
By Dwight Baker

Two stories today about Chevron total lack of environmental and safety accountability this one in Salt Lake City and the other one in Nigeria.

But there are many other stories about Chevron that glares back at the total lack of environmental accountability. Yet they do what they do, hire lawyers by the grooves to spin out of the messes they have caused. And often times they get by with these things by going to the top of the heap with those in charge to help them along.

Reading the full story will let you see who those people are and how they use the trite words used today to try and dislodge the use of common sense and reason.

Now what can be done about these gross inequities that ruin people lives and often times kill them?

The only answer is Courts and Judges that rule righteously conveying the hard hand of justice on the offenders.