CVS has lost its vision
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Trumansburg, NY

#122 Aug 5, 2012
Nab wrote:
<quoted text>
I would have to fully agree. The management is something of its own breed. I am a shift supervisor for store 6020, oklahoma. I have seen nothing but ppl playing favorets, and kissing ass. I am still working for them but I am looking to move to a different job. I am how ever going to report many of the bs things that have happened to me, my co_workers, also customers. I am sick and tiered of seeing ppl being treated like scum and just tosed on the back burner. I am also going to be giveing certain ppl I know who have had to deal with the bs, some phone numbers and email addreses that they can call and FIX the problems they have had in the past. I am going to if not fix the bs then at least do some mager damage! That is my promiss to everyone!
PLEASE, I would love to have some phone numbers and email addresses, I just walked out of a hell job with CVS and would love to report some of the BS!

Washington, DC

#123 Nov 19, 2012
Frankly your advice is biased and discracefull. The point is that CVS encourages its management to force maximum labor from minimum staffing resulting in employyee burnout. The first thing CVS did after receiving record breaking fines from the government was to cut labor from the store level. This attitude demands you spend little to no time actually helping you "valued customers". In adition managers have adopted the attitudes fostered by the corporation that every low paid employe has to work twice as hard as before the "economic downturn" what this means is the employees who already do twice or even three times as much work for minimal pay are expected to do the equivalnt of four to six peoples jobs. While expcting this optimal work increase CVS has continued to post steady profits without increasing the pay of their already grossly overtaxed employees. This work environment is highly detrimntal to the employees mental and physical well being. To claim that they should approach the lower tier management who are imposing these detrimental working conditions is ludicrous as these executives are being paid bonuses to treat the employees like this in the first place. You're suggestion that these executives care anything about these employees is naive at best stop buying into their spiel its a lie. Reporting gross ethical breaches to state and federal agencies is the only means of being heard and forcing the company to change its treatment of the employees


Reno, NV

#124 Nov 19, 2012
Im a pharmacy tech for Cvs and I realy enjoy working for the company i believe a pharmacy runs good when you have good staff and good pharmacy mgr yes we get complains here and there but nothing extravagant..I also believe if you put techs where they are best at and schedule correctly their should be no problems .Schedule should be made in pharmacy needs not employees request Im not kiss ass but i realy enjoy what i do and i would not change it for anything Cvs take very good care of me ...
Bergen Belsen

Huntington, NY

#125 Jan 4, 2013
I work at a CVS in New York. Each January our store has its labor hours cut. This year has been quite severe. Long lines at the pharmacy. And now long lines at the front store! The outside trash keeps piling up and overflowing in the outside trash bins. Papers strewn in the aisles, behind the counters, and the bathrooms are a mess!
WHY? Because the few remaining employees must cater to the customers that come into the store. There is no time to deal with these issues. And there is little if ay precious time for a worker to put back returned and/or not wanted items onto the shelves. Is CVS in finanical troube??

Milton, FL

#126 Jan 17, 2013
The last ditch effort of a company in financial trouble is to cut labor hours just before filing for bankruptcy.

The stock won't reflect the trouble.
The CEO and cronies won't leak information.
The media will be silent (being bought and paid for).
Only when you go to work the next time and the doors are locked with an official notice on the door will you realize you were used by greedy, immoral executives.

I have worked for several companies that kept cutting labor hours and NONE of them are in business today.

If you are not looking for a job today, tomorrow you better start looking hard, very hard and fast.

Without enough front line people to bring in the customers and money, there will be NO company.
manageitbyyourse lf

Galena, OH

#127 Mar 8, 2013 changes(not for betterment), hours cut again...someone please tell me what Are the benefits of working for CVS??
Thrownunderthebu sagain

Trenton, NJ

#128 Jun 30, 2013
current CVS Pharmacist wrote:
former CVS pharmacist,
I am sure that you were terminated due to poor performance and poor attitude. Still bitter? Quit attacking CVS. The #1 priority that we are focused on is our People and our Service to our patients. The success we are realizing as a company is because creating an environment in which employees are well trained and empowered to deliver delightful service to our patrons leads to increased sales.
If you want some realstic advice on how to get a response for corporate, first of all, DO NOT CALL THE ETHICS LINE!!!! Speak to your direct manager. If they refuse or fail to respond, ask the District Manager. If they fail, you should reach out to your regional Manager. I assure you that action will be taken by fllowing our open-door policy.
Former CVS pharmacist, go back to your mailorder overnight shift and get a life.
I'm almost certain you are NOT working for the company now. Pulleze, no one does anything. We run on a skeleton crew, one manager, one crew member closing every night, responsible for trying to provide the best customer service, running the register, vacuuming, facing, counting tills, deposit...blah, blah, blah. And THEN, when you are the ONLY two members on dayshift, you're also responsible for delivering outstanding customer service, putting up stock, scanning in vendors, scanning out damages, housekeeping, reports, observations of crew members, more reports, outdates, etc., etc., all while ringing up $7500.00 in sales. And CVS's new flavor of the month is that we now stop what we're doing to walk the customer to the item they're looking for. Pfft! Then you will have those who hold the same title as you with a knife poised at your back, asking team members who are lower in rank than yourself "what did so and so do all day?" Really? I hope the ethics line works. Because I have only been back to work less than a month after having a cervical herniated disc repair that was NOT of degenerative nature, it was caused by trauma.(Things that make you go, hmmm)
Thrownunderthebu sagain

Trenton, NJ

#129 Jun 30, 2013
Ken wrote:
<quoted text>
PLEASE, I would love to have some phone numbers and email addresses, I just walked out of a hell job with CVS and would love to report some of the BS!
I would also like to receive some of those numbers. I'm tired of being discriminated against and being talked about behind my back, because I can no longer do what is expected of me due to major spinal (cervical) surgery, most likely by caused by working for this company!

Floral Park, NY

#130 Oct 1, 2013
CVS is the most unethical place I have ever work. The managers are hypocrites they used you and then reject you. If you don't like to gossip then you cannot work at CVS. They make so much mistake and pretend like they know it all. If you need a job in pharmacy don't choose CVS.

Marietta, GA

#131 Oct 17, 2013
Worked there for awhile ... the DM allowed one manager to get away with calling customers and females employees demeaning names. That manager kept his job and the DM kept transferring the complainants to other stores rather than dealing with the problem. Another fabulous, very well like manager lost his job for patting a girl on the shoulder to tell her congratulations on a job well done. This DM who fired that manager constantly hugs, touches, etc. all empoyees yet he still has his job and in fact was promoted to RM. What is wrong with that picture?

Irvine, CA

#132 Dec 8, 2013
CVS sucks that's why I left. I walked in thru my keys on the ground and walked out. They are buying stores on credit and are in so much debt that the only way to pay the bills is to work store managers to the ground and give very little hours. I won my law suit and if given the opportunity to get in another one I would. The emotional and physical damage alone isn't worth working there.
Logan Riley

Hubert, NC

#133 Jan 1, 2014
*current Shift Supervisor in North Carolina*

I was hired by a CVS in March of 2013 as a front store worker, so I was generally a cashier at first. The first few months were alright, until one of our shift supervisors quit and my store manager asked if I would like to be promoted to shift supervisor to fill the empty spot since summer was coming up and we would be very busy. I accepted, thinking it would be a good opportunity, and I was honored that my manager thought I was good enough at my job to even be in such a position.
However, I quickly realized several problems. First of all, I hadn't received nearly enough training to do my job as a shift supervisor, and when I talked to my manager about my severe lack of training, she told me that that was "just the way it has to be" and that I would just have to "learn as I go" because it was summer and she didn't "have time" to train me any further. She said all of this in a very rude and demeaning manner towards me, as if it was completely normal for employees to not know how to do a lot of their job correctly, like I was just some lazy colleague complaining about workload.
Second of all, I noticed many disturbing things about my manager over the course of the summer that really took a toll on my views of the company. She really is a very mean woman, very two-faced and deceitful. There have been many, MANY occasions during which she has been so unbearably harsh to some of the employees in the store that they end up crying and very upset. Not to mention she does all of this in FRONT OF CUSTOMERS, so it's extremely embarrassing on behalf of the employee and she never gives any kind of apology for how insanely awful she treats us. She spends more time b*tching at us and criticizing our "immaturity" and "work ethic" than she does actually trying to better the store and the way things are run. When I tried to contact my District Manager and let him know that one of his store manager's was very mean and near psychotic at times, he blew it off and pretty much told me to just "hang in there."
I noticed that after I contacted the District Manager, my store manager started treating me even worse, as if she was mad that I had complained about her behavior. She started yelling at me at random and sitting me down in the office for pointless rants that were borderline BULLYING. I'm not kidding, some of the things this woman has said to me and several other employees in the store are so vile and out of line that I really don't understand how no one has ever reported her for racism, homophobia, and various other discriminatory statements that she has spewed on multiple occasions. It's absolutely ridiculous.
It is now New Years Eve 2014, and I am seriously contemplating quitting my job and leaving this horribly hypocritical company. I've had enough. Our workload has been ridiculous. We're expected to complete six hours worth of work in TWO hours and our store manager has been getting progressively worse and isn't supporting us in the slightest. If we fail to do every little thing she tells us to do, we get called to the office and she proceeds to yell in our faces for up to 45 minutes and then threatens to fire us if we don't, ya know, somehow grow eight more arms and manage to get a month's worth of work done in one week.*rolls eyes*

San Jose, CA

#134 Mar 3, 2014
I work for CVS and it's one of the worst companies I have worked for, we always have 3 techs from 4:30-7 because 7 is when I leave, the phone is ringing constantly we have a line at pick up a line at dropoff multple waiters and I don't know which line to help. So don't say cvs is an awesome company the base their numbers and staff on studies but it's all a bunch of crap!
me as a preson

Dallas, TX

#135 Nov 15, 2015
Janie wrote:
Do you know if CVS hires door greeters? I really need to know.
So. Cvs clearly has no value to a customer. The systems are all screwed up without promise of change. The customer is never right , the prices are super steep the coupon system super flawed, the corporate douche bags super greedy obviously. CVS is a sham. The worst company to become mainstream in a long while.

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