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adam block

Eloy, AZ

#41 Jun 12, 2013
I posted this once before but I think it went to the wrong post.
We are interested in your lawsuit. We have a volvo 2008 cummins isx. We have had the truck for a year and replaced the EGR valve a month after it was purchased. Then about 10 months later it went out again and it was replaced. Now we are having other issues the truck's check engine light came on and the truck loses power (no throttle Fault codes MID128, PID131, and FMI2 (data erratic). After the truck sits for about 3-5 mins it will run again. Took to the Volvo dealer and they said we had a bad wire harness. We got it back on the road and not too long it was happening again same symptoms same fault codes. We took it to another Volvo dealer they said it was some pins that were bent on the cable of the turbo actuator. They said problem was solved. Back on the road again same problem with the same fault codes. Very frustrated! I owe a monthly payment which I am now behind on and have not been able to stay on the road long enough to make money and my account is wiped clean! Called Cummins and of course they were of no help because the truck is out of warranty. Please contact me
cow hauler

Bozeman, MT

#42 Jul 17, 2013
jattstyle wrote:
<quoted text>
Disconnect EGR plug and enjoy
what is the down side from unpluging the egr ? water temp runs 200+, oil temp 235+ fuel milage has dropped from 5.5 down to 4.5. 2006 pete 379 w/468000 miles. this is new for an old detroit lover. thanks
tucker 7

Lehigh Acres, FL

#43 Jul 21, 2013
Wow im a retired trucker drove back in the 80s and 90s and sold my truck just when diesel reached 1.05 a gallon which was 2001 I never had any problems other then rebuilding my engine every 500,000 miles and it was a cat engine..... I feel bad about all your comments especially those with this BS egr vale which seems to be the biggest problem, back in my days there where no BS pollution devices like it is today which none of it really helps our air, it's just a political BS especially from the democrat party that are making all these BS changes in the trucking industries. If I were all of you I would go to Washington DC with every trucker and there rigs and protest about the high cost of Fuel and all these BS EPA regulations that are killing the trucking industries and Owner Operators, and I bet it will bring back the old trucking days where drivers and owners can make a living instead of making a living in shops all the time.

United States

#44 Aug 2, 2013
Experienced all the same problems mentioned above. I thought I was going to have to spend some serious bank. I shut the engine down to cool overnight. In the morning, I turned the key to the on position but did not crank for 15 to 20 seconds (closes the EGR valve). Flipped my hood forward and disconnected the lower EGR plug. Started her up and ran her without the annoying problems of the past. No more soot. No more loss of power. No more lousy fuel mileage. No more hiccups on a pull. I put a piece of electrical tape over the check engine light that stays lit but I have the Road Relay to indicate any other problems that may happen. I've ran it this way for 6 months without issue and haven't been more pleased with my trucks performance.
trailboss LCSC

Lake City, SC

#46 Aug 16, 2013
We have 9 Cummins ISX engines that stay in the shop for repairs. I am interested in joining in a class action suit to help recoup some repairs and downtime

Saskatoon, Canada

#47 Oct 10, 2013
mike in mt wrote:
I Have a 06 IH 9000i with ISX 500. I unplugged the EGR with key off and engine cold. Been runnin like that over a year now. Seems to be doin just fine. Summer fuel pullin tri axle end dump adding a little Howes with every fuel up gettin over 7 miles per Canadian gal.

Saint Louis, MO

#48 Oct 13, 2013
how much sold I pay for egr valve for 2007i motor ?
michael ed

Montgomery, AL

#50 Jan 29, 2014
hello my name is Michael, im an o/o I own a 2009 international proster with serious regen issues, it doesn't regen itself or manual. ive lost my sense of smell and taste because of the fumes that reek into my cab...I cant get any suthland shop or Cummings to pin-point the issue...I really think they were rushed by government to put something together that hasn't been thoroughly proven...dpf system is killing drivers physically and with you.

United States

#51 Jan 30, 2014
jattstyle wrote:
<quoted text>
Disconnect EGR plug and enjoy
Performance Diesel in utah. Sold me the kit to replace all that EGR bs.... Motor isx gained 7.3 mpg, crazy hp no problems since... Call them yall wasting your time at Cummins ill tell you now... No smoke either,no warning lights on International w isx 2006 good luck

United States

#52 Jan 30, 2014
cow hauler wrote:
<quoted text>what is the down side from unpluging the egr ? water temp runs 200+, oil temp 235+ fuel milage has dropped from 5.5 down to 4.5. 2006 pete 379 w/468000 miles. this is new for an old detroit lover. thanks
200* oil & 210* is comfy temps for isx. Ask any mechanic... Delete it. Performance diesel ogden utah has ur answer

United States

#53 Jan 30, 2014
The ISX is a bullet proof 1.5 million mile motor if guys would research the engine before dumping 5-8000.00 in it 4 time a year... Fuck the emissions, ditch the EGR system. Blockbit off or gut it n place the shell on... Pdi has software for egr warning light or black tape.... Clean manifold soot out. Oil temp will run higher but within spec temp. Water temp 200-205... No sluggish under power, increased hp. No delayed start etc... I put a 8000.00 pdi kit on.. Which was a gimmick.. It simply blocks off egr n software turns light off.. Try it your isx issues will stop. Ive had 2 and know a fleet of 30 isx. W million miles w delete done day one. Hope this helps
bob t

Columbia, SC

#54 Feb 8, 2014
Truck driver slash mechanic over 35 years cummins isx is the biggest piece of crap ever made! You cant make any money. Its down every other week. Regen, turbos, egr, camshafts, sensors!!! Etc etc!!! Over and over. It never stops. I have lost my ass on these motors. I prefer peterbuilts. You didnt have alot of options. Now you got pacar engines. There not much better..cummtins needs there ass sued!!! I realize the govverment and there regulations have a lot to do with it..the technology is there but not yet perfected. Trucking companies are losing there ass.with all of these clean air motors.. I am going bac to a old c15 cat or a n14 cummins or a old series 60 Detroit.. California kiss my ass! No freight from me!
Leonard sisneroz

United States

#55 Mar 5, 2014
I have 2009peterbuilt ill replace4egr 6. Injectors 4 dpf one egr cooler system and only have 637249 miles at 371000miles the truck started to have promblems i replace all the sensor the only thing that's original is the turbo and the water pump what you think about that lol

United States

#57 Apr 20, 2014
grnwng wrote:
Just parked an 07 IH ISX as it was costing to much to run with EGR chit.
I too have an 07 IH with a ISX & I just replaced my 3rd egr oil cooler in 3yrs & my 2nd turbo in 3yrs. I've replaced everything around the motor plus changed the idle gears inside the motor i'm making a move away from Cummins isx motors very soon

Belton, MO

#59 May 9, 2014
My brother and I went out to find another truck to replace the old one found a 2005 9200i with the isx Moter it's a nice driven and riding truck but it seems we have had it in the shop more than driven we have spent more money than earns it has no power I wish we would have kept the old one we have replaced egr had overhead run more air leaks than u could believe no one around here seems to know what to do with it cummins ought to b ashamed wish we had the old 12.7 Detroit or the 3406b cat that we got rid of for this junk

Athabasca, Canada

#60 Jul 19, 2014
I would like to pass on a little experience I had last spring. I haul logs
with 2007 peterbilt 378 tri drive and Quad axle trailer hauling 143,000 lbs in
winter and 139,700 ibs in the summer. 475 ISX. On the last load this spring I unloaded left the mill and truck would barely pull itself. I was just sick thinking it would cost me thousands if I take it to a dealer. I carry an extra ECM so I changed it and it felt good for 30 seconds then lost power. Limped the truck home barely enough power to go up the hills.
When I got home I openned the hood and pondered what to do not knowing where to start and what should I take apart. I already had taken the EGR apart, cut the valve stem and welded it shut with stainless steel welding rod. took the pipe off the venturi, cut the pipe going into the venturi off and installed a plug in the pipe so no anti freeze can leek from egr cooler into motor.
So now what? I was looking at the turbo and for some reason I took a wrench put it on the bolt on the dump valve lever and was moving it up and odwn and all of a suden it snapped shut. then I knew what was happening. the dump valve was sticking open and not giving the engine any turbo boost. I also have a resistor on the fuel system and it pulls almost a good as my 2007 KW with same cofiguration and load with a brand new 565 ISX after changing the motor with a cracked block.
$45,800.00 no warranty

Spirit Lake, IA

#61 Nov 6, 2014
07 IH 9400i. Hard starts after 2-3days no run, periodic raw fuel smell out of exhaust, tech couldn't find which injector, switched timing modules around, injector problems change holes. Have appt with cummins specialist. By reading prior I pissing money away? Any ideas?

Hollywood, FL

#63 Dec 15, 2014
I have a 2007 International 9400 and the fan is not blowing regularly, until you get around to 210 ,what can be the problem

Scranton, PA

#64 Dec 22, 2014
I'm in with joining the Cummins lawsuit. We purchased 6 of these with the intentions of buying 60 and had nothing but problems. It wouldn't be an issue if Cummins stood behind it.

Sevierville, TN

#65 Dec 24, 2014
Vaporlock wrote:
Ok we are done with Cummins's Department and will be hiring a lawyer! Any one have any recommendations? Or if you want to join in we may start a class action suit, we have an interested attorney but he needs more people to get involved. So please contact me if you are interested in joining the fight for Cummins to take care of the issues we have all had!
We are having same issues. How may we contact your attorney?

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