""These 1200-Volt, 100-amp SiC MOSFET modules represent the next level of integration for SiC power devices. It represents a critical milestone in the technology progression toward high-reliability, energy-efficient power conditioning and control," said Dr. John Palmour, Cree chief technology officer, power components and RF devices. "Further, the component-efficiency advantage of this technology is highly relevant in the current energy-conscious environment and could translate to significant energy savings for hybrid and electric vehicles, solar power inverters, and industrial motor drive systems." "

It has been well known that if one can change a pump motor from across the line to Variable Frequency, you can save power. IE) Many fan motors in air conditioning units use across the line motors. If you decrease the driving frequency into the motor from 60HZ to 54HZ you can save around 20% more power. VFDs have been used in industrial applications for decades. The problem with them is the need to keep them cool, usually below 104 degrees fahrenheit. With the high temperature switching transistors, simple heat sink and fan cooling would suffice in many applications, without adding air conditioning costs into the control function, saving power and money.