A couple of years ago or so ConocoPhillips dropped all their retirees from the ConocoPhillips/Medco drug plan and put them in an independent company Prescription Solutions that is mixed in with AARP. The promise was “we are not abandoning the retirees” and “this will make the drug prices lower and more stable since this company has a much larger customer base" than the ConocoPhillips/Medco arrangement. There were many many problems with the conversion from Medco to AARP/Prescription Solutions which included retirees no longer able to access prescription history and unable to obtain a copy of the history when moving to AARP/Prescription Solutions. There was also an immediate increase in the cost of medications. The second year the same prescription that cost $82 with ConocoPhillips/Medco now costs $111 with AARP/Prescription Solutions. Good job ConocoPhillips. Thanks for the reward for working for your company for all those years.