ConocoPhillips finds new seeps in China oil spill
My take
Dwight Baker
August 25, 2011
To produce the truth one must have trust in those empowered to find then reveal the facts. That is what is lacking when dealing with BIG OIL. They hold the keys to all that has gone on and they are not about to tell the truth.
Reading in-between the lines of what has been said about this and that the only real and tangible co conclusions are:
1. The company had contaminated drilling oil based mud that needed to be discarded.
2. Thus someone with the company thought it time wise prudent to pump the oil based mud down to a connection of the back side of the well head into the casing string that had been cemented.
3. To hopefully find a way in zones where it could find a home.
4. But instead the mud found a way back to the bottom of the bay in a fifty-foot circumference from the well.
5. Now what caused it to do that? Is the question only the company can answer?