Cons that have worked once never lose their allure
By Dwight Baker


Philadelphia-based Sunoco Inc. announced it was getting out of the refining business and planned to sell its refineries in Philadelphia and suburban Marcus Hook and focus on its pipelines and retail gas stations. Another company, Conoco Phillips, also is seeking a buyer for its oil refinery in nearby Trainer.

Sun Oil owned and operated a refinery south of my hometown Duncan Oklahoma. Years ago the piping below the refinery had been leaking for years the streams and fresh water sources had been contaminated. EPA was in its infancy yet they had been to look around. Suddenly Sun Oil said they were selling out to a Nigerian Company and they were going to continue production of Jet Fuel only. That transfer of liability of the plant went to those buying. But those supposed to be buying never did and the Jet Fuel to be processed never happened.

Was all of that a con? Sure was I know the lead Lawyer that burned then buried the supposed deal of selling to a Nigerian Company.

So what about the EPA cleanup that was to be done?

Not a thing.