Top Brass give praises to BIG Oil while not having a clue!
How could that be?
Could Shell and ConocoPhillips' Artic Foray Revive Alaska's Oil Industry?
By Dwight Baker inventor of the TOTAL Fail Safe blow out Container

Richard Ranger, senior policy advisor with the American Petroleum Institute said the API is encouraged by the recent decisions, but that the industry's interest is currently chilled by both the high of uncertainty inherent with operating in such remote regions etc.

Steve Hicks, Executive Director of the Alaska Association of Conservation Districts, said the tightened restrictions placed on the industry by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and other regulatory agencies, is personally frustrating.

Hired guns during the time the East moved West was the best way for the Land Barons to get what they wanted for a penny instead of paying the dollar.

So what is news today is that NGO non-governmental organizations are hired to sing a tune in the best interest of those they cower down too.

Since the BP blow out those called BIG OIL have been side stepping the main issues to bring about a needed cure for oil spills Sub Sea. The blow out preventors used today was patented in 1920. Can we all agree that their technology is behind times?

The TOTAL Fail Safe blow out Container is the ONLY sure cure for blowouts.