BIG OIL and GAS have closed minds
In the end they will do double time!
By Dwight Baker
January 18, 2012

Pa. families get no quick answer from EPA on water

Dimock resident Victoria Switzer holds a map of the Dimock area as she addresses fellow protestors front of the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia before an appearance by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Lisa Jackson Friday Jan. 13, 2012. Residents of the small northeastern Pennsylvania town of Dimock, at the center of the political fight over natural gas drilling, joined environmental activists from elsewhere to rally Friday outside a conference on urban environmental issues. About a dozen residents of Dimock have sued Cabot Oil & Gas Corp., claiming the energy company caused contamination of wells when it extracted natural gas using a process known as hydraulic fracturing, or fracking.


BIG OIL and GAS knows the scoop yet at this time they prefer to hide behind lies. I think they do that all the time. LIE THAT IS!

WHY LIE? Some have bet big on getting drilling rights but on that note there were restraints made in the deal that if fracturing was challenged and lost with in the Federal Government then all bets were off and that $45 billion dollar deal would fall through the cracks.

Sounds a little bit like the tricks from Wall Street?

The film GAS LAND proves without a doubt that BIG OIL and GAS does lie.