How about "voluntary separation" of all of CMS' executives? Pronto? That would save the company more money than any other step it could take, and save the jobs of your poor. put-upon nonunion i.e. completely unprotected and at your mercy employees! Natural attrition and not filling new positions while spreading around the duties of those who leave are sufficient measures to take without forcing people out of their jobs who are doing them in good faith! This type of pressure is a common tactic for executives to keep profits and gyp people approaching retirement out of their full pensions by making them sign agreements to apply for social security at age 62 instead of getting their full pensions until their actual full retirement ages, thus gypping those employees out of their full social security benefits, as well as relieving CMS from having to pay four to six years of those pensions and medical benefits to employees! You stink to high heaven! You need to kick ridiculously overpaid executives out and off the board, stop paying a single dime to anyone on the board, get rid of consultants who are pals of the executives, and in general stop being corrupt sobs who cut people off for owing a cent and then trying to justify that somehow. An elderly woman in NYC was found frozen to the floor of her home after her power was cut off in the middle of winter. Frozen! If that doesn't give us a good picture of how energy companies really work - against the interests of its consumers, and against its own employees - in their own executives' rapaciously greedy interests - then nothing is going to wise up the public that we need to vote bought legislators out of office, and pass laws limiting executives of public companies everywhere to regular sized monthly salaries, no bonuses, no perks, no freebies, no luxuries at all! Public utilities need to be run in the total interests of the public they serve when it comes to utilities. Those profits, and they are huge, belong in the consumers' pockets, not the executives'!