Grassroots social media plucks Pilgri...

Grassroots social media plucks Pilgrim's Pride

There are 8 comments on the story from Sep 25, 2010, titled Grassroots social media plucks Pilgrim's Pride. In it, reports that:

From its humble beginning more than 60 years ago as a single feed store in a small East Texas town, Pilgrim's Pride Corporation has grown to become one of the largest poultry companies in the world.

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canceled grower

College Station, TX

#1 Sep 26, 2010
let the truth be known.

Since: Aug 10

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#2 Sep 26, 2010
The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. You do realize that this excludes Pilgrims Pride. I do not believe there is a stiuation, in which they could be honest. They lie so much, they have begun to believe their own lies. They have given reality over to imaginations, and live life in denial of the true nature of the evil that they have dumped on the heads of those whose lives they have disrupted and or destroyed. All in the name of their god, GREED. They have and will spin it many ways, but those of us who know the truth, must stand firm, in our cause, to ask for, nay to demand that the integrator, Pilgrims Pride, and all other integrators, who operate in like manor, to cease and desist all abuses both now and in the future of poultry farmers, and plant workers, in this nation. I can only speak from the vantage point of a poultry farmer, and I say that these integrators across this nation, must be willing to change, or be forced to change. The poultry farmers should not be expected to have to live under such economic blackmail, and terrior tactics as they have had to both now and in the past. The managers of these plants, have the choice of following orders that they know are just plain wrong. One previous manager here at the El Dorado Division, says they paid me to do a job, and I did what they paid me to do. He knew that what he was asked to do was horrible, yet he for a price did what he was asked to do. He knew it was immoral, and unethical, yet he was still willing to do it for a price. As long as people are willing to sell their souls for a price, these corporations will continue to try and bully, and abuse those that they have power over. I cannot dismiss this managers actions, nor can I dismiss the actions of those who would give such orders. Orders such as were given to destroy the lives of so many plant workers, and especially the growers who had invested hundreds of thousands of dollars at the asking of Pilgrims Pride, and then have the boot come down and crush their lives, and destroy their businesses. They destroyed our credit, they have caused many to have now lost their farms, and they are presently buying up farms that they caused to be forced into forclosure, farms that are being auctioned off in police auction in Louisiana. How is it that they should be able to get away with causing someone to loose their farms, then profiting from it, by buying up those farms. Someone tell me, why would Pilgrims Pride, want to buy up farms that they cause to go under, in an area controlled by Foster Farms. Could it be that there is an unholy alliance, that has maybe gotten by Governor Jindel. Could it be, that some how, Foster Farms, and Pilgrims Pride pulled off a really good scam on the State of Louisiana. It will be interesting to see how they cover this up.
old chicken farmer

Wilmar, AR

#3 Sep 27, 2010
Pilgrim's Pride made horrendous business decisions in their final push to become the largest poultry producer in North America. Contrary to their claim, high corn and fuel prices are not the reason for this company falling into bankruptcy. Pilgrim's Pride acquisition of Gold Kist for $1.4 billion and hedging on corn futures led to this train wreck. They were gambling with the lives of plant workers, farmers, and entire communities. Well they lost and now are trying to walk away from this mess they created at the expense of all the workers and farmers that propelled this feed store into a major Fortune 500 corporation. There is NO WAY Bo Pilgrim could have obtained his wealth without the investments made by poultry farmers. Without the growers Bo would still be stuck in that feed store. Pilgrim's Pride has repeatedly violated environmental laws, fair labor laws, the Packards and Stockyards Act, and immigration laws. How many laws does this company have to violate before someone goes to jail? And if that wasn't enough, when Bo Pilgrim seen the chance to dump this company, he sold the controlling interest to a company from Brazil. So folks, if you are employed by Pilgrim's Pride you are not working for a U.S. company but an overseas company. Bo Pilgrim took his payoff of $800 million and left everyone else stranded. This company has been investigated for secruties fraud for insider trading and has deliberately shut down plants in an attempt to manipulate the market. This company also was charged with fuel tax evasion by the state of Texas for using untaxed diesel in his trucks. I could go on and on and on. It seems there is a clear pattern of breaking, bending, or subverting the law in respect to Pilgrim's Pride behavior. It is time the American people rise up and demand that these large corporations are held accountable. Why should these companies be above the law?
old chicken farmer

Banks, AR

#4 Sep 28, 2010
The troubling aspect of Pilgrim's Pride attitude and behavior is the fact they are involved in the production of America's food source. If this company bases all their decisions strictly on improving their profit margin, who knows what corners they will cut in respect to the safety of the food they proccess. It is evident from their past behavior and attitude that it is profit before people. Kinda scary that a company with Pilgrim's Pride track record is supplying food to the American people. It has been proven over and over again that this company can not be trusted to do the right thing.

Since: Aug 10

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#5 Sep 28, 2010
I'm sure many wonder just how it is that Pilgrims just always seems to get away with all the many violations they have given birth to. When one realizes just how big this corporation is, and that they have a large contract with our military, and the ties that they have with numerious politicians, lawyers, judges, and state and federal agencies, then one can easily draw the conclusion, that they influence what ever laws that they want to pass. All the integrators including Pligrims are working feveriously and spending millions of dollars trying to squash efforts by small farmers, to end the abusive tactics of these mega-corporations. They are actively going around to farmers, and misrepresenting the end result of these proposals concerning these integrators. Let me be perfectly clear, the proposals before, the USDA, and the Dept of Justice, will help end the large corporations ability to abuse the smaller farmers. It will help end the economic blackmail, that integrators use against poultry farmers. It will help the smaller farmers to have more control over their own farms, and the money that they make. It will help remove the integrators boot from off the necks of the farmers. The integrators have worked for decades to beat the small poultry farmers into submission, continually blackmailing them into spending money that they would never, and could never recoupe for themselves, but money that would make the integrators larger, and larger profits. The integrators know this to be true, but they will never admit it. As one manager told me one day in his office in El Dorado, you are right about all that we have discussed, but we will never admit it. If you mention that I said this outside of this office, I'll call you a G*d**n liar, and you will never raise chickens again. Then he said, we cannot openly admit this, it will give you farmers recourse to sue us to recoupe your losses, and we cannot allow that. This by the way was a manager for Conagra, before Pilgrims bought them out. There is and alway will be those managers who would sell their souls to the company store, for a paycheck, not because they have to, but because they choose to. A paycheck is a paycheck to them, no matter how wrong they are in what they are doing.
canceled grower

College Station, TX

#6 Sep 29, 2010
i raised chickens for along time never got enough litter to make a bubba
old chicken farmer

United States

#7 Sep 29, 2010
There is one aspect in which Pilgrim's Pride pay which is a form of descrimination. Let's be clear on one thing, growers don't have a performace contract, it is an equipment contract. A grower's pay should not be based on what kind of equipment he has but rather on his performace. If that farmer decides to raise his birds in his yard, as long as his performace is in the required paramaters he should be paid equally. The major integrators use this tactic in order to beat farmers out of money, pure and simple. I personally know a farmer that has conventional houses and he invariably out-performs the new modern houses. But yet simply because he doesn't have all the newest and biggest bells and whistles, he is penalized. Not for his performace, but for his equipment. The major integrators are primarily basing a grower's pay on his debt load. Pilgrim's Pride calls the discrepency in pay incentive pay. The reality of this is that they have to pay more per pound to the newer houses because they will not cash flow based upon a conventional house pay per pound. And the integrators know full well that most conventional growers have no debt so they figure they can get by without paying them equally. This conventional grower showed me his settlement sheet and he was on top of the list in performace. A new farm was on the bottom, but yet the new farm made more per bird. That just seems downright illegal. If Pilgrim's Pride could get by with paying the newer farms less, believe me, they would. But for the lending institutions to loan money for these new houses they have pay more in order for growers to be able to make their loan payment. So as one can see, Pilgrim's Pride bases the amount they pay growers on the amount of debt on that farm. Less debt=less pay! That is the reason poultry growers are finding it so hard once they get into this business to ever be able to break free.

Since: Aug 10

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#8 Sep 29, 2010
The reason farmers can never seem to break free, is the constant demands for upgrades which keep the farmers in debt. Those farmers who buck their system, and refuse to upgrade, get blackballed, and get the worst chicks, constantly get hammered by servicemen, are forced to do a lot of unnecessary prep work getting ready for chickens, don't ever know for sure that they are getting chickens until they are placed in their houses, etc. These farmers also are plagued with inconsistencies in their feed deliveries, with a larger than average number of split loads, coming to their farms. Split loads can easily rob farmers of several thousand pounds of feed per load. The integrators intentionally make life miserable for those who don't suck up to them.

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