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old farmer

Wilmar, AR

#21 Jan 26, 2009
If u are in ur mid 20's or 30's, married to someone that has a job, have a job urself, or just have alot of money put back and need a tax write-off, the poultry business isn't worth the trouble. Unless u get a tremendous deal on a farm it will take at least 15 years for you to realize any return on your investment. There are farms in this area that are millions of dollars in debt with the owners in their mid 40's and 50's that will never be out of debt in their lifetime. Until the initial loan is paid u will make more money with a job paying minimum wage with far fewer hours.
just a thought

Fort White, FL

#22 Jan 26, 2009
Just a thought; if i wanted to purchase a new tractor for my farm, and the lending agency said I could not afford it, I would have to do without the new tractor, or, if the lending agency loaned me the money to purchase the new tractor and I could not meet my financial obligation to the lending agency, the lending agency would repo the tractor. Now, my point, Pilgrims Pride went out and bought a company (goldkist) that they can not afford, how come the lending agency that loaned Pilgrims Pride the money to purchase Goldkist does not repo the company from Pilgrims Pride????? Goldkist stock was valued at $13.00 per share at time of Pilgrims Pride purchasing it, but paid $21.00 a share to buy the company.
Is this BAD MANAGEMENT or what? The same people are still on the payroll today, as consultents with severance pay or full time employees. How is this possible???? Big cooperations can do whatever they want and get away with it. Thousands of employees have been laid off, divisions completly shut down, farm contracts cancled, lives destroyed, families financially destroyed, and yet Pilgrims Pride will come out smelling like a rose. Just a thought.
ex-chicken grower

Warren, AR

#23 Jan 27, 2009
I too have a hard time understanding why the former CEO & COO are being consulted after Pilgrim goes belly-up under their direction. Anyone can bankrupt a company, it takes someone talented with good business skills to direct a company during hard times. I built chicken houses in the past everytime the economy was in a downturn, because it was a stable. The difference this time is that the poultry industry is being controlled by big corporations. Everyone needs to start contacting their Senators and Represenatives to limit the market share of these large companies from 25% to 10% in order to encourage competition and bust up these controlling corporation. Make no mistake about it,(Tyson, Pilgrim) are not concerned with satisfying anyone other than their high flying excecutives and their stockholders. They seem to forget about all the hourly paid employees and the people that borrowed money to build poultry houses. You can expect to get only the crumbs that fall from their table as long as these large companies control the poultry business, even when times are good.
just a thought

Fort White, FL

#24 Jan 27, 2009
Pilgrims Pride has a history of breaking laws, be it immagration, wage and hour, canceling contracts, ect. The federal goverment has fined the company in the past but they continue to break laws. Money (fines) is not the way to handle continued disrespect for the law, the executives and Bo Pilgrim himself needs to be sent to prison, then you will see a difference in how Pilgrims Pride does business, money doesn't mean anything to billionairs. They just pay the fine and it is as Clint Rivers said himself "BUSINESS AS USUAL"
ex-chicken grower

Marshall, TX

#25 Jan 28, 2009
Great news, the payments to the former CEO & COO of Pilgrim for consulting fees are being held up because they defy bankruptcy laws. I have relatives that are in debt growing for Pilgrim and they are struggling to meet their payments and Pilgrim wants to pay these guys this incredible amount of money; for what? They were in charge and their decisions alone are directly responsible for Pilgrim going bankrupt. It is hard to understand why Bo would want to consult with anyone associated with the demise of Pilgrim. It looks as if it's "corporate" business as usual. If anyone should suffer during this ordeal it should be the very people that caused the trouble - not the workers, drivers, or growers. Lost jobs, lost farms and homes - I bet the former CEO and COO (or Bo) aren't worried about losing their family farm, paying their monthly bills, or losing their home.
ex-chicken grower

Warren, AR

#26 Feb 8, 2009
I hope that the mess these large poultry corporations have created will finally bring to light how vunerable those who borrow money to build poultry houses will find themselves. Bo Pilgrim, Don Tyson are not concerned about your ability to repay loans because they have always been able to convince others to build new houses to replace those growers that go bankrupt. Maybe this will finally wake up those that are so eager to risk everything they have in order raise their chickens. I have been able to convince several people that were interested in building chicken houses to reconsider over the past years by simply telling them the truth about this business. It is gratifying now when they come back and thank me for being honest. I'm not one of those "so-called" disgruntled growers; as company spokesman calls those that tell the truth. I wish the poultry business was different, but it just ain't a very good investment.

United States

#27 Feb 11, 2009
I left a public job and went into the breeder hen side of the chicken bus. We started off with seaboard then con-agra now pilgrims pride. There is risk but I could never make $1500-2500 a week at any public job this is after my payment but before other operational expenses. I have been in it for 10 yrs and love it compared to public work. Wile tring to decide to make the leap I talked with other growers before getting into it alot of them would try and talk you out of it but one in paticular said look at most of them their driving new trucks, live in nice houses, new tractors, own 100's of acres now tell me their not making money. Maby all of this will work out.
chicken grower

Camden, AR

#28 Feb 11, 2009
Pilgrim must be paying yall in Georgia more than they are paying us in Arkansas & Louisana. Don't know many growers that are driving new trucks or living in new houses around here. Most growers around here are struggling just to make payments and utilities. After the finance company took their payment out of my check, there have been several times I only received ONE dollar. Holy cow, I need to raise breeder layers in Georgia.
roosters and chickens

Camden, AR

#29 Feb 11, 2009
yeah i own 100 acres of land. had the land before i sunk it to build chicken houses. chicken houses didn't pay for my land. i raise breeder layers and can't afford a new truck. can't afford to leave and go anywhere either. it's egg pickin, 3 times a day, 7 days a week for a year at a time. get a bad flock of hens and ur stuck with em for a year. too many growers around here trying to get shed of their farms. one breeder farm has changed hands four times in 10 years. looks to me if they are making so much money they would hang on to them.
worried farmer

Banks, AR

#30 Feb 14, 2009
Hey chickenman. How would u feel if Pilgrim showed up on ur farm today to inform you that after this flock of birds there wouldn't be anymore placed? It is a risky business at best, totally dependent on large poultry intergrators for your survival. Just talk with any one of those 300 growers in Arkansas, Florida, or North Carolina that had their contracts terminated by Pilgrim Pride. I just wonder if you would have the same attitude toward raising chickens if all of a sudden your contract was terminated, at no fault of your own? I'm glad you are making tons of money, but I don't know any growers that are doing as well as you. Most growers in this area are up to their ears in debt. Yeah, they may have a new truck along with a payment book, a new tractor with a payment book,(got to have a tractor for a farm), and most had their land and home paid for before they went into the poultry business. Then the financial people that lend them money tie up everything they own; land, home, cars, trucks, everything. So if you can't make ur payments you have lost everything. Feel like gambling, then go ahead and pick up the dice and hope you don't crap out.
scared pilgrim worker

Banks, AR

#31 Feb 15, 2009
I find myself terrified and looking over my shoulder everytime I leave the office on my way to visit a farm. We just take orders from Pittsburg and have no input in the decisions made at the main office. I'm a nervous wreck thinking about those growers that had their contracts terminated and are looking for someone to vent their anger and frustration. I don't know personally, but can just imagine, the thoughts that go through their minds with the very real possibility of losing their farm, land, job, and home. I have considered covering up the Pilgrim Pride logo on the side of my company truck when I leave the office every morning. I am afraid that everyone who drives a Pilgrim Pride vehicle could be a potential target of some angry and frustrated grower that has been terminated and feels as if they have nothing to lose anymore. My thoughts and prayers go out to those growers and wish it was in my power to change things. I'm in the process of looking for another job.
chickenchicken esttn

Covington, LA

#32 Apr 9, 2009
growers in east tn an north ga. are you getting your birds on time,lower numbers of birds delivered, being caught 30 days old. How many of us are dealing with this?

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