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chickenchicken esttn

Covington, LA

#1 Nov 7, 2008
How is this going to effect the poultry industry in east tennessee should I switch to another company what about pilgrims pride not fulfilling their end of the contract. Growers here are not getting birds as often, not filling our houses too many days between grow outs Have been without feed for 12+hours
in last few grow outs Any Comments

Leesville, LA

#2 Nov 17, 2008
pilgrims knocked the feed drivers back to four days its no wonder your out of feed payrol checks bouncing cant get parts for the trucks that are down they have refused to fix certian things because of the cost feed is getting made as its loaded taking more time ole bo better take a long look before his business winds up in the toliet he needs to take back over the everyday business and get those two drug head kids out of there
chickenchicken esttn

Richmond, KY

#3 Nov 25, 2008
grower producers I,v been without birds now for 28
days not 14 as stated in the pilgrims contract are there other growers with the same problem? Any Comments
woried farmer

New London, NC

#4 Nov 29, 2008
hear in n.c. there layingoff help and cutting off farms. that don"t sound good to me.
debt ridden farmer

Banks, AR

#5 Nov 30, 2008
it's getting to be a gigantic mess, all of it created by bo's vainity. got to be #1. well it's cost him and so many innocent people their livlihoods. in clinton arkansas, their are several new farms that have been shut down leaving those farmer at the mercy of lending institutions and they will probably lose their land and homes. thanx alot BO
another worried farmer

United States

#6 Dec 2, 2008
"Business as usual" is what we've been told. Sold today and Supposed to get back Jan 16. Worried about bonus. Said that they got money from Canada.

Hawkins, TX

#7 Dec 3, 2008
Has anyone heard that Bo & Ken where arrested yesterday for embezzelment?????

Hawkins, TX

#8 Dec 3, 2008
It is rummored that they where arrested at the court yesterday. I don't know if that is true or not. My husband is a feed truck driver and has always been in the top five for the highest feed deliver each week. They where told a month ago that they could only work 5 days a week. My husband has always worked 12 hrs. a day six days a week. He really has to hump it to get the feed hauled in five days.
chicken little

Ooltewah, TN

#9 Dec 3, 2008
wow and to think you would actualy beleive that let alone post that worthless information . If that where true Pittsburg don't you think it would be headline news not just truck driver gossip . Pilgrims has a hard road ahead but I do think with all the very good emplyees that they will come through this as strong as they ever where in past years .. But it will take all of them to do it .. there are alot of famileys that have great stake in seeing this company make it as a whole .. I'm one of them I have put 2 kids through school and raised a very wonderful family and made a very decent and honest living and I for one will stick it out whatever way it goes .God bless the Pilgrim Family as they have supplied jobs to alot of familys but when the chips are down alot of folks want to be the first in line to repremand the mistakes , Lets see you build a buti-billion dollar company with a 500 dollar goverment loan ...
O K Grower Heavener Ok

Quitman, AR

#10 Dec 11, 2008
Things here are about the same as everywhere else.Longer out times,4 day processing plant operation, 5day feed haul.layoffs, an firings at co. plants. lower live weights, 6.5lbs.
woried farmer

New London, NC

#11 Dec 12, 2008
i hope every thing woorks to but when i see a truck comming at me i prepair to get out of the way. don" bank on someone else to look out for your family or farm.
roosters and chicks

High Springs, FL

#12 Dec 22, 2008
here in live oak florida we were growing under gold kist contract, until bo decided he needed to butt in and take over our little company, now my farm density has droped from 215000 chicks to 176000 chicks, and 32 days out, and now we just recieced a letter from Pilgrims Pride that they are cutting 2,000,000 square feet of housing out and 41 days out for the remainder of the growers THANKS Mr Pilgrim for all the bad decisions
chickendance nthga

Huntsville, AL

#13 Dec 23, 2008
FYI I grow for Koch Foods and we have been on extended down time (21 - 28 days) for several growouts and many "older" farms have been notified that chicks will not be placed anymore.
old farmer

Wilmar, AR

#14 Jan 10, 2009
I've been involved in poultry growing for 45 years and have seen the business grow from privately owned companies to large corporations. There was alot more money for investement until these large corporation took control of the poultry business. You take into account all the costs of all the poultry farms associated with one company and it outweighs the costs the corporations have invested. The growers have more money invested than the company, but who is in control. Seem out of whack, doesn't it. It's time we organize and defeat these giant corporation that have become so greedy. In reality, a grower is not an independent contractor, he is slave to a giant corporation without any of the benefits their hourly employees receive. When the service tech shows up on your farm, he tells you what to do, how to do it, and when it must be done. Sounds like a boss to me. I thought an independent contractor was independent. It is incredible how rotten poultry farming has become in such a short time. The one overwhelming change has been these large corportions, (Pilgrim, Tyson, Sanderson, etc.) taking all the profit out of the business for the farmer. If you think you are going to make money raising chickens you better wake up.


#15 Jan 13, 2009
I have been looking for an breeder farm to buy in north georgia. Are there any safe companys to grow with? Should I wait and see if the climate changes?
Chckn Farmer

Oakboro, NC

#16 Jan 21, 2009
No one made you sign those contracts, why did you get into the business if you were not going to make money. What other job would pay for over a million dollar investment in 10 years. If you dont like it sell the farm and get a public job
worried worker

Leesville, LA

#17 Jan 21, 2009
be lucky to you pittsburg you should be one of those drivers who got cut to four days a week and can't even get a full check and haven't for six months be happy hes still working five days and quit griping it was also driver gossip that that we were on the sale block for tyson but even they don't want to board this sinking ship
worried worker

Leesville, LA

#18 Jan 21, 2009
roosters and chicks wrote:
here in live oak florida we were growing under gold kist contract, until bo decided he needed to butt in and take over our little company, now my farm density has droped from 215000 chicks to 176000 chicks, and 32 days out, and now we just recieced a letter from Pilgrims Pride that they are cutting 2,000,000 square feet of housing out and 41 days out for the remainder of the growers THANKS Mr Pilgrim for all the bad decisions
goldkist is what sunk pilgrims thry were bankrupt before we got a old of them the only bad decion there was purchasing goldkist
ex-chicken grower

Warren, AR

#19 Jan 24, 2009
I am so blessed that my farm was finally out of debt before this whole mess collapsed. Before paying off the initial loan to build houses, I had to borrow more money to upgrade. It wasn't a choice but a neccessity in order receive more chickens. For the first 15 years, with an initial investment of 1 million, the farm only cleared 10 to 15 thousand per year. Couldn't just shut them down because of the huge loan payments, couldn't sell them because Pilgrim wanted even more upgrades for anyone to buy them, so after 20 years they finally are paid for and sitting empty because I can't sell them. After 20 years all I have to show for this is the capacity to store alot of hay. It's true that chicken houses will pay for themselves, but don't look for much return on your investment for at least 20 years.
unsure__ Future Grower

Cleveland, TN

#20 Jan 24, 2009
would this be a good time to get into the chicken business. seems kinda like the stock market better to buy when the price is lower. meaning the cheaper price you can aquire a farm with a working contract. any comment would be a great help.
also which would be the best farm for a good return?? broiler, pullet, or breeder farms

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