Former Grower

United States

#1 Apr 18, 2009
How can Bo Pilgrim sit there and pretend to be such a fine Christian man? He sits there in his mansion and crying because he can not pay his property taxes until they cut them. He has mistreated growers criminally. There are growers all over Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Georgia, and Florida who are about to lose every thing. They are losing farms that have belonged to the family for generations. And what does Bo Pilgrim care? The only thing I can say is that he will have to face his "Maker" one of these days. How will he feel then?
canceled grower

Lake Butler, FL

#2 Apr 19, 2009
Bo should have to pull prison time for all the things his company has done, illegale employees, canceled contracts, hostal takeover of Goldkist, using offroad diesel in his trucks and the list grows daily and he calls himself a christian, what a joke he is, a real jerk
ex grower

High Springs, FL

#3 Apr 24, 2009
canceled grower

Waynesboro, TN

#4 Apr 24, 2009
Bo should at least pay the buyout agreements that his people signed.Not by hiding behind bank ruptsy courts to keep these growers from getting the money that he truly owes to these farmers and their familys.

United States

#5 Apr 24, 2009
What buyout agreements? I haven't ever heard of any kind of buyout agreements. Tyson bought out some growers a few years ago, but I did not know that Pilgrim had ever done that. If they did, it would really help out some of the ones that they cut off for no reason or closed the plants. It would certainly be the "right" thing to do.
canceled grower

High Springs, FL

#6 Apr 26, 2009
I wonder if Bo would like it if he had all his life invested in a buainess (broiler chicken farm for example) and for no just reason he lost everything because of somebody else bad business decisions, would he just accept it and loose his whole life, business, home, vehicle, tractors, ect. and just be happy!!!! Poultry contracts are not written fair, they only protect the intergrator, there needs to be laws changed to protect the independent growers, pilgrims should have to pay off the mortgages on the farms he cancled the contracts to and give the growers one full year gross pay for compensation!!!!!!!! CHANGE THE LAWS CALL YOUR REPRESENTIVES
canceled grower

Lake Butler, FL

#7 Apr 27, 2009
Bo must have finally paid off the judge in the live oak chicken growers case because the judge ruled in favor of pilgrims pride, 26 grower contracts canceled forever, i bet the judge and Bo met at the golf course after lunch for a round of golf and expensive cigars and cocktails. big money rules again!!!!!!!!!!
Good Conscience

United States

#8 Apr 28, 2009
How in the world does he live with himself? I don't think I could look in the mirror. But like the previous post. He will have to face his Master someday. I may not have his money, but I can hold my head up.
old chicken farmer

United States

#9 Apr 28, 2009
It is no small wonder that Lonnie "Bo" Pilgrim doesn't seem to care about the welfare of the independent growers that invested so much to make him a success. But there is a tremendous swell of opposition to Pilgrim's Pride products and Pilgrim Pride in general that may take this old greedy selfish man down yet. It seems that independent growers still raising for Pilgrim's Pride are frantically trying to find other intergrators. The Lewisville and Nashville facalities owned by Pilgrim's Pride are having a tough time holding onto their growers. Seems that growers in these areas are dumping Pilgrim and signing with Tyson. They are afraid that Pilgrim will do the same to them as they have in other areas. Could be that old Bo may have trouble getting people to build and invest in poultry houses to grow for him again. I hope Bo has to eat his own damn chicken. BOYCOTT PILGRIM'S PRIDE products.
exhatchery worker

Gainesville, GA

#10 May 3, 2009
I would like to know about the workers for all these places.They have money to live on,pay there bills or even take a vacation.Has any body even considered them.At least the growers can use their farms for something else vand still make money.Even the growers don't pay the workers good just because they are farm labor.How many growers stood up for a employee that got fired for no good reason after they decaded 12.5 years to them.So how do you go home to tell wife and kids there won't be no food or can't even buy a flower just make her feel better.Even to buy your kid a toy. douglas ga
Think about it

United States

#11 May 3, 2009
You just don't have a clue do you? The growers are in debt up to their eyeballs trying to keep up with the updates Pilgrim's wanted done. They go in debt and then they are still cut off. Not only do they not have an income, they owe thousands and thousands of dollars. Some of these farmers live on land that has belonged to family for generations. It is terrible to think of losing everything, especially family heritage. A lot of the growers are older. They are past the age that an employer would likely hire even if they were able, physically, to do the job. The farmers are using their farms for something else, most of them have cows already, but that won't pay all of their debts. You worked and lost your job, but how much do you owe for the building and equipment you worked with. I feel for you, but it does not seem that you understand what the growers are going through. Try to see it from both sides.
Ex hacthery worker

Gainesville, GA

#12 May 3, 2009
Like in Goldkist cases the farmers had control of the company when it was a co-op and they got greedy and went public with it.My old supervisor and I said it wouldn't be long before long it would be sold.Feel sorry for them yes I do .But it don't change nothing.I my self have donated my time to fix stuff off the clock to get their chicks hatched and all during that time my mother was in Jacksonville hosipital in bad shape.But without the workers you still don't have nothing.
old chicken farmer

United States

#13 May 6, 2009
This is the time for all those being affected by the decisions made by a selfish, greedy, and self-satisfying founder (Bo Pilgrim) and the board of directors to unite to bring about the demise of this company. I too have worked long hours without the benefit of any overtime pay or ANY kind of benefits, (medical, 401k). And at the end of the year have to PAY, not receive, income and social security taxes. The tremendous debt necessary to build poultry houses along with the constantly expenditures associated with required updates makes an independent grower a low income candidate. The University of Arkansas agricultural department done a survey that showed a startling trend. 95% of independent growers that depend on poultry production alone are living in poverty without the benefits of any health insurance. And with the closure of plants and no chickens in these expensive houses, independent growers are looking at the possibility of becoming homeless. Finance companies require that you put up your car, truck, house, and land (everything you own) in order to get money required to build these houses. Not only am I out of a job, I may lose everything I owned and worked so hard for that was paid for until I tied it all up to go into the chicken business. Bo Pilgrim has ruined so many people's lifes and has left a tragic legacy. I hope everyone will stop eating Bo's chicken. BOYCOTT PILGRIM'S PRIDE products.
Georgia Mc

Hampton, FL

#14 May 7, 2009
We have been raising chickens for 19 years we have never been able to pay off the farm because of improvements all the time. so here we are in our 50's still in dept. Trying to sell the farm but can't because of the shape Pilgrams is in no one wants to buy it. We bought a farm in Tenn. before everthing went bad in the chicken farming ind. Now because of gas prices no help can't sale we are about to go under can't pay for two Houses and can't sell never enough money to pay for everything. We don't know what to do any
more any body out their want a pullet farm just let me know We are going to Tenn to raise pumpkins for a living. Help BO we need help
carolyn c ellijay ga

Cartersville, GA

#15 May 10, 2009
Georgia Mc wrote:
We have been raising chickens for 19 years we have never been able to pay off the farm because of improvements all the time. so here we are in our 50's still in dept. Trying to sell the farm but can't because of the shape Pilgrams is in no one wants to buy it. We bought a farm in Tenn. before everthing went bad in the chicken farming ind. Now because of gas prices no help can't sale we are about to go under can't pay for two Houses and can't sell never enough money to pay for everything. We don't know what to do any
more any body out their want a pullet farm just let me know We are going to Tenn to raise pumpkins for a living. Help BO we need help
if every one would stop eating chicken for a few months maybe ,pilgrims pride will go out of business.I was fired JAN 12 ,while on medical Georgia law,I cant do anything about Ellijay is getting rid of there last 2 american chicken catching crews.and using contract crews.( illegal mexicans).if every one would stick together,and just plain stop eating chicken.maybe they will shut down.
old chicken farmer

Warren, AR

#16 May 10, 2009
It's time to put ole Bo Pilgrim in the same shape he has left so many people around this country, HOMELESS!! I can't stand the sight of a Pilgrim's Pride truck with that damn old man's picture on the side of the logo. He is responsible for so many independent growers losing their cars, trucks, land, farms and even their homes. Bo Pilgrim's bad management decisions has cost so many so dearly and he continues to invoke suffering on growers in El Dorado, Ark.(as well as in other areas) by holding onto facalities that instead of putting them up for sale at a fair market price. Pilgrim's Pride is determined to manipulate the price of chicken by removing a substantial amount of chicken from the market. This bunch of ruthless crooks should be put in jail. Pilgrim's Pride has no regard for their workers or the people that invested so much to grow chickens. I will not buy any Pilgrim's Pride products and will not eat at any place I know uses their products. KFC, Applebee's, McDonald's. Please help bring this tyrant down. BOYCOTT PILGRIM'S PRIDE products
Chicken Plant Employee

Ellijay, GA

#17 May 14, 2009
I can't believe this man claims to be a christian. If I buy chicken at the store, I always look for another brand. I WILL NOT eat chicken from Pilgrims Pride. To all the growers, I am sorry for what has happened to you due to the company's bad business decision. I worked at Gold Kist before Bo bought it and it was a better company. Yes they do hire illegals to work but that is because a lot of the white people are lazy and don't want to work. I once said that I would never work in a chicken plant but I'm there and it pays the bills. Too bad Tyson didn't buy us out.
old chicken farmer

Wilmar, AR

#18 May 19, 2009
I am encouraged by the stand others are taking in regards to the purchase of Pilgrim's Pride products. Everyone that feels they have been treated with total disrespect from Pilgrim's Pride should BOYCOTT their products and let others know of the tactics this corporation has employed. The fact that this fiasco could have been avoided is unescapable. Instead of selling some of his assets in order to avoid bankruptcy, Bo Pilgrim chose to greedily hold onto facalities and in the process put many families in dire financial turmoil. Bo Pilgrim just didn't CARE how many families lost their homes, jobs, and farms. Bo Pilgrim was only concerned about what Bo was going to lose. He didn't want to let go of anything and was content to see all those that worked and invested so much lose everything. That my friends, is the plain truth regardless of the excuses Pilgrim uses. BOYCOTT PILGRIM'S PRIDE products.
Another Old Farmer

United States

#19 May 20, 2009
This disregard did not start with the bankruptcy. For several years, Pilgrim's has insisted on upgrade after upgrade for the houses. If you did the upgrades, you were further in debt and still faced with this. If you did not go into debt further, you were cut off. They claimed you were not growing a good bird, but you could not when they sent the sick chicks to you. They knew how to make your averages go down so they could get rid of you. But Bo sits in his mansion while growers are losing everything. I just do not understand how someone could treat people this way. All I can say, he will have to answer to for it someday and all the "prayer towers" in the world will not help him then.

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