Pilgrim's Pride Cuts 230 Jobs After S...

Pilgrim's Pride Cuts 230 Jobs After Sale to JBS

There are 129 comments on the ABC News story from Jan 5, 2010, titled Pilgrim's Pride Cuts 230 Jobs After Sale to JBS. In it, ABC News reports that:

Pilgrim's Pride Corp. is cutting 230 corporate and administrative jobs, the chicken producer said Tuesday, just over a week after it emerged from bankruptcy protection.

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canceled grower

College Station, TX

#1 Jan 5, 2010
sounds like JBS is going right to the heart of the problem.

United States

#2 Jan 5, 2010
Admin has always been the problem. When I was in Central Receiving and my pass card unlocked every door there, I witnessed a lot of shady crap going on. When I was on the continuous improvement team, I witnessed even more. Don't do as I do, do as I say.

Fort Worth, TX

#3 Jan 5, 2010
Sad day for our town. We will now become Little Mexico. All the white collar jobs are leaving. Witnessing the death of the small town.

Fort Worth, TX

#4 Jan 5, 2010
I know there are a lot of sour grapes on here from the farmers. The farmers definitely got a raw deal, but there are many that were in the corporate offices that were working folks just like them. They are out in the cold now too. Don't be so quick to judge a building full of people. If you want to blame a few, I can understand it, but don't blame everyone in that building. Many are left to try to sell their homes and uproot their families and move just like the farmers. Those families are in the same shape as the farmers. Are there any Christians on here? wow, some of the tones used by people aren't very christ-like. Just an observation
another cancled grower

Alachua, FL

#5 Jan 5, 2010
This is for TexT: Nobody at cooperate was upset when hundreds of farmers were cut off by the overpaid executives, but now you want tears for the people being laid off.Pilgrims cooperate created part of this problem by hiring too many office workers when they did not have too, so cutting from the offices is the first thing that should have been done before any farmer/grower was cut. keep in mind, the company can keep going without a full staff of overpaid executives, but they wil not survive without chickens being produced and sold. Thank you JBS, keep cutting the wastful spending in the offices.
canceled grower

College Station, TX

#6 Jan 5, 2010
I hate to say I told you so but what goes around comes around. With all the towns and communites they distroyed its their own fault. I guess BO will have to eat henretta "his chicken" or draw food stamps. As far as the mexicans they have mt pleasant and pittsburg as far as us canceled growers care. They closed down or restructured 13000 growers. Why should any of us feel sorry for them? They promised some buyouts and did not finish paying them,others they just cut off cold. They nor bo needs to expect any mercy from us or god.
canceled growers wife

College Station, TX

#7 Jan 5, 2010
In reply to TexT I do feel bad for anyone that has lost becase of pilgrim pride but... Unless you have had to stand in a food bank line just to get something to eat for your children just to be given a pilgrims pride chicken you can not understand what these proud growers and their families have been through. The growers put their all into their farms. You on the other hand are talking of having to sell.. at least they have homes to sell. The growers that sound like sour grapes have lost everything and then some. Your talking of a small town death. Well where the heck do you think all the growers farms are, you cant really believe that all these farms are in a city!And as for christ-like behavior, I feel the growers have shown uncommon restraint in these times. That comes from having morals not just claiming to be a christian when it suits you. So please dont get onto the growers and preach to them unless you really have been living the way they have had to, You Dont Have That Right or Havent earned the right.
canceled grower

College Station, TX

#8 Jan 5, 2010
These very same people closed nine plants,canceled or renegotiated 13000 contracts and layed off more than 10000 workers still feel sorry for them text? Check it out on jbs pilgrims pride.
old chicken farmer

Wilmar, AR

#9 Jan 5, 2010
WOW!! Sounds like JBS has a very kneen sense of how to run a business. From what I understand the CEO, Don Jackson, has already left for Colorado. I still remember those in Mt. Pleasant, Tx. being so callous toward growers that had their contracts cancelled. Well the devastion that Bo Pilgrim orchestrated has finally hit home. And one must not forget, independent growers are in a unique situation unlike hourly paid workers. There IS NO severance pay, there is NO unemployment checks for growers. And what savings they had was put up for poultry houses along with the car, truck, house, tractor, and the land. Everything but the shirt on our back was in many cases tied up in order to secure these poultry house loans. So as tough as those that were laid off from ex-corporate headquarters, you just lost a job, you are fortunate. Anybody feel like eating Pilgrim's Pride chicken now? BOYCOTT PILGRIM'S PRIDE chicken.
Christian Cult Expositor

Hawkins, TX

#10 Jan 6, 2010
Late Breaking News Flash:
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canceled grower

College Station, TX

#11 Jan 6, 2010
And the meek shall inherit the earth. A men
Freethinking Infidel

Hawkins, TX

#12 Jan 6, 2010
To Christian Cult Expositor

My sentiments exactly. Most cultures have provided a fanciful, larger-than-life deity for others to worship and copy. There are now over 120 differing denominations and counting. When we learn the differences they tend to be minor, yet denominations fight for their own interpretations to be accepted as the "True & Divinely Inspired Word". Many Christian religions send their obtuse and odious members to try to convert everyone to their unfounded way of thinking or else. The sheer fact you even have to 'believe' or 'have faith' in some epic godman of ancient lore and allegorical fable is already defeatest, having faith is wanting to believe but having no proof, reason or logic.

I dare contend that we are all atheists in actuality. Rational-minded freethinkers like myslef just believe in one fewer god than the Christians do. If they could just ever comprehend why they dismiss all the other possible gods, perhaps then they will understand why I dismiss theirs. Religion does three things quite effectively: Divides people, Controls people, Deludes people.

I have examined all the known superstitions of the world, and I do not find in our particular superstition of Christianity one redeeming feature. They are all alike founded on fables and mythology. The presence of those seeking the truth is infinitely to be preferred to the presence of those who think they've already found it.

Of course You can't convince a believer of anything; for their belief is not based on evidence, it's based on a deep-seated need to believe.

Alas, The Moral of this sad story is: Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day; teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime; give a man religion and he will die praying for a fish.
canceled grower

College Station, TX

#13 Jan 6, 2010
time to go fishing for someone who knows this is neither. this is only about right and wrong. please keep on topic or dont post we dont want your religious beliefs or disbeliefs.
Henrietta Chicken

Hawkins, TX

#14 Jan 6, 2010
To canceled grower

You obviously are a member of the fascist thought police!
canceled grower

College Station, TX

#15 Jan 6, 2010
nope just a fried chicken fan. only not pilgrims chicken.
MP native

United States

#16 Jan 6, 2010
Sorry to keep the "off topic" going but :

"The above story sounds uncannily similar to the story of Jesus, or ISSAH, his real name. Except Mithra and his religion took place over two thousand (2000) years earlier than ISSAH, or Jesus, which is a Greek name replacing his real name, meaning angel.- ISSAH or Jesus died due to natural causes three hundred (300) years before the Jews made him into a mythical religious figure and the Son of God, just like Mithra.-"

1) His name was "Yeshua".

2) Jesus is an ENGLISH form of the Greek "Iesus".

3) Jews (other than the Messianic) do NOT recognize Jesus Christ as anything more than a prophet at best.

If you're gonna spam forums , at least get a better source than Wikipedia.
canceled grower

College Station, TX

#17 Jan 6, 2010
It is really to bad 230 more people had to loose their jobs just for you to poke fun at someone else even if they did deserve it.
Released Grower

High Springs, FL

#18 Jan 7, 2010
One man's zealot, self-righteous belief of being able to do no wrong due to divine guidance got us in this mess.

Lets keep religion out of the discussion.
canceled grower

College Station, TX

#19 Jan 7, 2010
I read on jbs pilgrims pride that bo is still on the board and that he is happy that he can continue with his philanthropy. If he is going to help people why dont he think of all the growers whose lives have been distroyed by him and his company. I would think that if he wants in those pearly gates he would at least do that.
MP native

United States

#20 Jan 7, 2010
canceled grower wrote:
It is really to bad 230 more people had to loose their jobs just for you to poke fun at someone else even if they did deserve it.
Was that directed toward me ?

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