INVESTORS are betting they'll need to crank up furnaces as temperatures drop.
By Dwight Baker
January 25, 2012
Natural gas price rebounds from 10-year low
Homeowners should eventually see lower bills

The price of natural gas futures rose Tuesday for the third straight trading day, adding 3 cents to finish at $2.55 per 1,000 cubic feet. The futures contract dropped as low as $2.32 on Thursday, the lowest since Feb. 25, 2002. Natural gas rose this week after one of the largest producers, Chesapeake Energy Corp., announced it would slow down production this year. And weather forecasts showed a chilly mix of rain and snow from the Southwest to the Great Lakes. More than half of homeowners use natural gas for heat,
And INVESTORS are betting they'll need to crank up furnaces as temperatures drop.

Aubrey McClendon CEO Chesapeake Energy runs his operations, as did John. D. Rockefeller. Price asked for a got depends on creating and control demand. AP will not report that for the Rothschild family owns them and they likewise bet on everything under the sun but they are always hold four aces. So that is what we have got to deal with the rich bet on everything as if we are fair game. Turn on production when prices are high turn off when prices are low.
So the speech last night that was needed did not touch on the betting frenzy that allows these BEAST of MEN as BIG OIL and GAS tyrants to control our basic necessities known as commodities. Once those markets were under control and for years it worked but then it got changed.

So are We the People in a run to take back control of these types of betting strategies? I SAY SO.