The new C15 acert engine

San Bruno, CA

#126 Feb 25, 2008
i am sad to read about c15 problems if you are o operator wooah to hard ,KING TO BILL is the new name

United States

#127 Feb 25, 2008
Just checking out external bolts on my acert and #%^*!!! every bolt on my rocker box housings were loose! Glad I caught it before something bad happened !


#128 Mar 1, 2008
Any consequential damaged caused by a failed component that is covered by ESC is also covered by ESC. (as long as it is a CAT part) The dealer should be very clear about that.
old hand

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#129 Mar 5, 2008
check the engine color of the oldest inventory on most any large paccar truck dealers lots, then check the engine color of the new stock trucks the transport people are delivering to the dealer... the color is not the same. If you are buying new cat, insist 5/5 or 5/700 ESC Plus is included.
old hand

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#130 Mar 5, 2008
if you are buying a used cat... their advantage warranty is probably the best, and most affordable used engine warranty in the business. it comes in several flavors and goes out as many as 300,000 miles. get the version that covers the most components. even if you decide against the warranty, insist the engine qualifies for the warranty (it needs to pass a series of tests) or find another used truck.

Asheville, NC

#131 Mar 9, 2008
as a tech who works on the c-15 accert non bridge engine,i am delighted with it's performance.the most important thing to remember is to be consistent in the valve lash settings during running the overhead.another thing is to adjust the injector hight to the lowest setting on the tool.also keep in mind the c-15 gets the best fuel economy at 1300-1500 rpm anything above 1550 just burns more fuel.Turbo lag,the time it takes the sec turbo to spool up can be adjusted out some with a little,very little adjustment to the waste gate .good luck hope this helps.

Richmond, CA

#132 Mar 10, 2008
low rpm ,low sulfur =acid sulfuric i see in alots crown pistons common ,[email protected]####
Nick Chicago IL

Aurora, IL

#133 Mar 11, 2008
You said it brother, im working on a 3406 right now, but its direct injected, in a D400 dump truck, its a hell of an engine, Caterpillar is the leading manufacturer of heavy equipment and engine technology, Cat pinoneers almost ever advancement in the development of diesel engines, Caterpillar is the only engine you can run without lots of restrictions in the exhaust and still meet emission requiremwnts. Every manufacturer has problems with a design at some point, but all the problems you are complaining about is most likely related to poor maintenance, I see it every day, so if you have any problems, bring in your truck to you local Caterpillar dealer, because we have the best technitians in the industry and training programs, Caterpillar has the best parts access, almost every part can be shipped to your dealer in 24 hours, we strive for the fastest repairs to reduce customer down time, compare that package with any other manufacturer and its apples to oranges,
Nick Chicago IL

Aurora, IL

#134 Mar 11, 2008
I have a 05 Pete with a C-15 Acert. The upper turbo on the hot side is leaking.tightened the clamp up but still leaks. Does anyone know if there is supposed to be a gasket of some kind in between the cold and hot sides. thanks

Yea mike, sounds like you have a leak coming from your turbo oil lines or from the bearing seals leaking, if you have lots of smoke in the exhaust or oil in your intake then you have a turbo failure, and you can order a new cartrige or remanufactured turbo from your dealer, its an OR-**** number, hope that helps you


#136 Mar 15, 2008
I'm with Nick, Cat C15 engines are the most advanced and will continue to beat the competition in the future. The Cat dealer network is the best in the industry and no one else even comes close to the quality of service.

Louisville, KY

#137 Mar 21, 2008
CXT wrote:
Im running a 06 T-800 KW with a C-15 475...I find it good lugging in low rpms but im not impressed with the poor fuel milage. 45psi of turbo boost doesnt seem to make any more powerful. The old 3406 Cats sure put this C-15 to shame
What kind of MPG are you getting. I have 20 new engines with 60000 miles and average 5.1
Jimmie Kendall

United States

#138 Mar 26, 2008
I have 07 Columbia with pre emission twin turbo 550. Runs much better than my former 500 detroit and .6 better fuel milage. Problem 11 visits to shop for fumes in cab. 7 new turbo chargers, and problem bets worse every day. Cannot fix, and everyone blames someone else. Goina lemon law the truck. Causing health problems. any others with this problem, please contace [email protected]. Thanks, Jim

Port Barre, LA

#139 Mar 26, 2008
putting an accert c15 cat in a 40 ft eagle bus.whats anyone think will it work with a 740 allison fuel milage speed ett?


#140 Mar 29, 2008
Jimmie Kendall wrote:
I have 07 Columbia with pre emission twin turbo 550. Runs much better than my former 500 detroit and .6 better fuel milage. Problem 11 visits to shop for fumes in cab. 7 new turbo chargers, and problem bets worse every day. Cannot fix, and everyone blames someone else. Goina lemon law the truck. Causing health problems. any others with this problem, please contace [email protected] Thanks, Jim
My first question would be, has the exhaust manifold been replaced? I have seen a few manifolds that leak exhaust at the slip joints. Upon disassembly, find fretting corrosion on the contact surfaces for the joints. Best repair is to replace all three sections of manifold with new slip joint packings. Other than that, ensure all other exhaust piping after the turbos, is not leaking.
ADT engineer


#141 Mar 30, 2008
C15 is a real pain in the rear...
ADEM 4 controller... with tons of bugs...
Flashable injection units....
A bunch of solenoids and crappy things...
The former c-15 was a beauty but new C15 sucks
Cathouse mouse

Ogden, UT

#142 Mar 30, 2008
I got a 2007 379 Pete with an '06 C15 Acert 13 speed 336 rears...The only thing I have found to make thing thing get 6+ mpg loaded and 8 mpg empty is Motorkote oil addtived and Motorkote fuel addtived at every fill up. Before it was getting in the high 4's loaded.
Donald Sisto

Norristown, PA

#143 Apr 1, 2008
LAA55 wrote:
Has any one been having blow by issues with there C 15 twin turbo engines This engine has about 50.000 miles on it and is blowbying.
I have a 2005 Pete w/a C-15, at 150k miles it started to consume oil, gal/day & developed blowby. Kept getting worse,our Cat dealer claims motor got dusted,$20k to rebuild & it's 3 mos. out of warrantee. We tear the motor down in house to find 3 of 6 cyls. have cracked compression rings, the other 3 cyls. you can still see crosshatching in liners(no dirt went through the motor). Buy all new liner kits from Cat, to find the same rings in new kits. The parts dept. tells me of a tech. service bullitin that recomends replacing the rings with a stronger redesigned ring, which we purchase @$32. ea. So if the motor had failed sooner Cat would have covered the repair cost but since we did it in house they would not even compensate us for the parts, even though they had knowledge prior to our problem that there was a flaw with rings the motor was originally built with. Not to mention one cylinder's liner projection was .004 too low and was starting to show signs of cavitation.
Cat's pathetic response " sorry we can't help you" That will be the last Cat motor I spec. in a truck.

Lynwood, CA

#144 Apr 1, 2008
if the liner was four thousandths low then what does the top of the block look like in that hole. if it is erroided or tapered off in one area it will not be long and you could blow a head gasket in that same hole. needs to be with in one thousandths all the way around.

Oakland, CA

#145 Apr 1, 2008
i think this was another motor under water for 2 weeks victim of katrina new orleans and ,this tractor was at half price,brand new many fld,petes I've seen them with the same problem, for exam. when they told you was a dust,for example when you leave an empty cup of coffee for three days that dust that you see in the cup, can you imagine the salitre,dirty, chemics, this was as a sand paper that eats the orings/scrach and the liner.

Stephenville, TX

#146 Apr 2, 2008
chesty puller wrote:
I love CATS!, I'm a heavy truck mechanic and if it
wasn't for CATS I'd be out of work, probably 19
out of 20 engine repair jobs that come through the
door are blown up CATS!! Keep up the job security
I am a heavy duty mechanic as well and cats put my kids thru school and putting them thru college now!!!! Keep building Cats!!!

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