Jobless rate soars

Jobless rate soars

There are 10 comments on the CNN story from Sep 6, 2008, titled Jobless rate soars. In it, CNN reports that:

The unemployment rate soared to a nearly five-year high in August, topping 6%, as employers trimmed jobs for the eighth straight month, according to the latest government reading Friday that came in weaker than ...

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carmino seranni

Mount Pleasant Mills, PA

#1 Sep 12, 2008
I just bought a cup of coffee in a store(mini-mart)..I paid one dollar and twenty-seven cents for it!! Now, do you know how much a billionaire pays for that same cup of coffee?? He pays one dollar and twenty-seven cents for his coffee!! In other words, there is something wrong in Never-Never-Land!! I know that is probably a communist statement or something, but that thought is going to be put to Fannie and Freddie. You cannot build alllll 300 thousand dollar houses, because the people in the U.S.A.(and we have it good here) do not all have the same incomes even with a husband and wife both working, unless they both have good jobs!! And the builders still keep building taj mihal houses!! A different thought: a man said, on the w.w.w. that Monday, September 8, 2008, the U.S.A. became a more communist nation than communist China, because that`s what a communist country does they keep their companies from failing by nationalizing them!! I would like to mention some of the (threads) that are to my right...44,000 jobs cut in private sector....Personal income falls...Wholesale prices hit 27-year high...AND believe it or not this is the most popular thread (Student Auctioning Her Virginity at Brothel!!!)
Enough, I AM CARMI
carmino seranni

Hazleton, PA

#2 Oct 7, 2008
Today, the standard and poors part of the stock market is around 986 points!! I read somewhere where the 401 retirement fund is down 2.1 trillion
dollars!! So, you were going to retire?? The dow is down, today around 500 points!! And America is bowing down to Dr Jose Miranda who says he is the anti-christ!! You proudly get tattooed with the devil`s number "666"...Also, America is killing babies in their mother`s wombs...You are on drugs, sex, booze...You even listen to your religious leaders tell you that all other religions other than Christianity are pagan religions!! You also bow down to Wall Street, harass people who aren`t "TRUE" Americans...Please, when my confessor Angels come and visit you, do not try to lie...They know everything about you before you tell them and they are going to be warrior Angels with swords and they are going to judge you by shria Law, which is almost the same as the Torah law!! I have a guestion for the U.S.A. government...Am I still a trainee?? Enough, I AM CARMI
carmino seranni

Luzerne, PA

#3 Oct 12, 2008
I may have fixed my notebook...I do not know yet, I have to use it for a while yet!! I think this is going to be about the unemployment rate going
higher, maybe in the whole world!! Do you remember
when the woman washed Jesus` feet and put an expensive hair ointment in his hair...and Judas complained to the woman that the ointment costed alot of money and the money could have been used to buy food for the poor!!...And Jesus said to Judas:" The poor you will always have with you, but you will not always have Me!! In the Kingdom of God on the Earth, there will be no poor, because, as Jesus said: "Everyone will have his own fig tree"!! Now do you know who is on the Earth? And I do not have a Bible in front of me to get my words from...I just do not know chapter & verse!! A message to my Islamic children: "Please try to read or become familiar with the Judo-Christian Bible as I have read the Quran...If you do not read the Judo-Christian Bible, you will not know & understand the Quran!!
For example, who is Abraham?? The Quran doesn`t tell any of the story of Abraham`s life!! And Abraham is the human father of the Jewish-Christian-Islamic people!! When I was in high school, the American History Book said (I used to wonder how the American Indians got here before Columbus)(Today is Columbus` birthday) and the history book said no-one knew!! Now, a couple of years ago, 2 Mormon men were handing out the Book of Mormon...and I took one and read it like I read the Quran!! In the Book of Mormon, it says that in Israel the Jews were fighting some coun try again and they had their backs to the Red Sea
(or the Mediteranean Sea)...It was going to be certain death for all of them!! Well God spoke to them, through a prophet or whoever, and He told them to build large ships (boats??) and He gave them compasses (before there ever were compasses)
and He told them to sail due West...and you know what was due west??....America!! The American Indians are JEWS!! All God`s Love, I AM CARMI
carmino seranni

Shickshinny, PA

#4 Oct 13, 2008
I read someplace while I was just on line that Mr.
Obama is going to try and styfle free speech in the
U.S.A.!! If he is elected, either candidate(McCain also) and I cannot speak out, I will be getting a lawyer, which I now have anyway!! On November 5, 2008, I will look into"free speech" in America!! Did you see what I did to the "alleged apparitions"
that were supposed to be going on 16 miles from my hometown?? I ordered them stopped!! And they stopped!! And that was Our Blessed Mother Mary!! Who am I?? How many of your loved ones all over the Earth were taken away(To Heaven or Hell??) on the Jewish Day of Atonement??(I think that`s what the Holy Day`s name was.) And that is what is wrong with the Earth`s economy. People are missing!! Last Friday, I met a woman who spoke to me and she had an accent. I asked her if it was a French accent and she said it was not. She said she was from Israel and in a short time she was going back!! Well, I wished her good luck, as I am typing this blog, I am thinking I missed an opportunity for someone to take me to Israel!!
It says on one of this sites top browser lines this message: "Jobless rate soars."..I am going to stop typing for awhile..I AM CARMI
carmino seranni

Albrightsville, PA

#5 Oct 22, 2008
I do not know if you know this or not, but Heaven can take over you computer and I think satan can,
but heaven may (DOES) have more control of it..So beware what you read!! Yesterday, I was on a religious site I like, and a young man came on the screen from a video I put on and he was talking about THE NEW WORLD ORDER...he said:" The new world order is already in place!! And, in the future, they are going to try and control your actions and thinking!! The new world order is lead by followers of they have tie-ins with masonry...Learn the story on what is on the back of a one dollar bill...The Washington monument means something!! The area formation of St. Peter`s square in the Vatican means something...the throne chair of the Queen of England means something!! George Washington was a Mason!! Is George Bush a Mason?? About the high rate of unemployment in the U.S.A. and probably around the world is that "PEOPLE ARE MISSING"!! One of the Roman Catholic Churches hands out 1500 boxes of weekly envelopes and only 500 are used!! Where are the other thousand?? Let us see if this gets posted? Enough, I AM CARMI
carmino seranni

Pocono Lake, PA

#6 Oct 23, 2008
It is another working(??) day for me at 7:23 a.m.!! I put the question marks there, because this (typing at my own speed and no boss or Quota)
does not seem like work to me, after all my life unloading 18-wheelers, working the end of the assembly line or cleaning toilets!! This Topix, I think is going to Hartford, Connecticut!! Yesterday, if you add-up the losses on all 3 world stock exchanges(Asian, U.S.A. and European) the world exchanges were down, at one point, 4000 points!!! At the end of the day, the total 3 world stock exchanges were down around 1500 points!! And my Angels are still going around hearing confessions(even to my Islamic children!!). Nobody did anything wrong, did they??
For example, 3.5 Billion babies aborted...even the fathers may be in trouble with MY Angels?? You can hear a pin drop in my apartment...I only hear the notebook keys as I type!! I would like to give a message to Mr. Mahoud, the President of Iran...because when you were at the United Nations Building in THE U.S.A.,and Heaven showed you in a blue light (AURA)...I am being told by the blue light that you are the one I am to speak with and you are the representative for all of Islam who I am to speak with!! When my Kingdom of God Church has money I will be flying to Iran!! The Old Testament Bible says:"I will hold you up on wings of eagles"!!...So, therefore, I am no-longer afraid to fly nor afraid of anything!! I do not wish to write anymore. I AM CARMI
carmino seranni

Bushkill, PA

#7 Oct 23, 2008
They are in my apartment today fixing something.
There are alot of people out of work in the U.S.A.
and probably all over the Earth! I will tell you about hits to my web-site....In one month, I may have had 600,000 hits to my web-site! Now, I am not set up on my site to get donations!! If I was getting a 5 dollar donation on each hit(click) I would be making 13 million dollars! Now Mr. Obama made 150 million dollars in September, 2008 and they said his average donation was 89 dollars!! Now if my 600,000 hits got 89 dollar donations each hit, I could make 53 million dollars and I am not going to be a non-profit Church and I am going to pay my taxes and also help my family..
I am going to stay in this apartment, but I might have to pay more rent!! Enough, I AM CARMI

Raleigh, NC

#8 Oct 29, 2008
Welcome to the wonderful world of hyper-inflation, brought to you by your very own Congress.

800 Billion Dollar Foreign Banker Bail-out,
20 million (plus) illegal aliens,
highest unemployment rate in decades,
highest debt in decades (Congress kept raising "debt" ceiling),
Congress rating at 9%,
and whom is to blame?

Look in the mirror!!
You want change in Washington, vote out your incumbent Congressman or Senator.

Houston, TX

#9 Oct 29, 2008
I want US to get universal health coverage.
Moral hazard theory that this GOP health care is based on is fundamentally wrong. People will not go to hospitals more just because they do not pay for it directly. People will not run get some chemo even if they do not have cancer just because its “free”. Moral hazard theory is a Fraud. Increasing number of people even with some insurance that fall into high ticket illness go bankrupt . Let alone that do not have any insurance at all. System is created for profit maximization, not health care. Peoples lives are not a commodity to be made profit from or traded on wall street . It is not a mark of civilized society let alone number one country that we claim to be. It needs fundamental change, not cosmetic ones. Plus it will level the field for business in US to compete against other countries that have socialized healthcare in term of costs.
Thus a huge philosophical disagreement with Republicans. So I will advocate we change to Universal Health Care or medicare for all.
Instead we are busy bailing out wall street gamblers.

Houston, TX

#10 Oct 29, 2008
UHC (Universal Health Care)can be like Medicare but for all, delivery can be through “private” hospitals. So people are free to go where ever they like. Just that any doctor with a license has to accept UHC paying the bill to be in business. Countless surveys have found that most people that have Medicare like it . This will also free up business like auto industry for example from providing health care .
Europe , Japan , China all have UHC thus have competitive advantage , UHC in USA will just level the playing field. If you do not want jobs being shipped out demand UHC. Thus UHC will be a good boost to the economy and promote healthy citizens .

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