I believe most Americans don't have a clue as to the way our money system really works. Most do not understand that the present deep recession was only caused in part by derivatives. How many Americans understand that the Federal reserve is a cartel made up of private banks that (not federal in the least).

The Constitution limited government spending and capped the extent of government waste, our founding fathers knew that if bankers ever got control of our money we would become a nation of debtors.

Today this is the case every dollar printed into circulation and borrowed by congress has debt attached to it slowly destroying the American dream.

We did not have to take this route but we as Americans slept at the switch, we failed miserably and allowed control of our money to enter into the hands of those that would enslave this nation with national debt. Every American should see and understand the history that led up to our enslavement. Three videos that will change the way you see america that are free to watch on google videos and else where.important issues for all Americans.

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