The NY deceitful liberal Dems Senators Kristen Gellibrand, Charles Schumer and NJ senators Frank Lautenberg and Bob Menendez were up in arms rushing to blame the British oil corporation BP for the release of the Libyan islamic terrorist murderer al-Megrahi .
However, the memo that was revealed from the White House was the support of the African Muslim scholar Obama of the release of the murderer of more than 250 American in the Pan Am flight over Scotland city Lockerbie in his continue effort to release murderous Islamic terrorists from prisons in Gitmo and around the world.
However, Obama lied through his teeth few days ago claiming that he was “surprised and disappointed” like the victims of the Libyan Islamic terrorist al-Megrahi that exploded in the sky as bomb exploded and took down the aircraft.
Evidently, Obama proved time and again that he care for the Islamic world and especially Islamic terrorists that killed scores of innocent American women and children more than he cares for the American people and our US troops when he supported the release of the murderer with lies about the numbered days that left for the islamic terrorist to live due to his fake illness.