Aquinas wrote:
We've got a history major in the group as well - the guy who says Reagan pardoned Charles Keating. Quite impossible, since Reagan was long retired and Bill Clinton was president when Keating was convicted. Amazing what people can throw on the message boards. Tom Petters is a first class jerk, but he preyed on victims who were blinded by their own greed - they thought the rules of prudent investing did not apply to them. Too many people put too much faith in too high investment returns. They put ever larger dollar amounts into Petters Company to get the phantom returns Tom Petters promised. Tom deserves prison time, but those who lost money also deserve their fate. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is people.
I personally know a friend that was asked to invest. He lived by what his father taught him ant that was "if it is too good to be true... well you know the rest. Yet there were others that were not wise investors, they were widows that had not invested before and a friend told them to do it so they did. Yes some were just greedy and maybe didn't even care if it was legal money but some were naive and clueless.