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United States

#1 Jan 11, 2006
People are dropping

Philadelphia, PA

#2 Jan 18, 2006
Geri wrote:
People are dropping
They have treated their store management poorly and are now reaping the benefits. Another class action suit because the company illegally works their employees to death, firings to save
the company severance packages are common, the stores in our area are like morgues and lightly stocked. I have heard that all of their Furniture District Mgrs. were called to corporate headquarter - given a banquet one evening and then all were fired the next day! Is anyone familiar with that? The new CEO has a track record of putting his companies into bankruptcy before moving on. A Big Lots flier announced he had come out of retirement to save Big Lots. Information I find on the net shows him putting a southern furniture company into bankruptcy and then coming to Big Lots - a company ripe for the same thing.

Zanesville, OH

#3 Jan 21, 2006
Geri wrote:
People are dropping
Is this Geri B.?
man fish

Wyoming, PA

#4 Feb 27, 2006
I know for a fact all their Furniture District Managers were called to a meeting and were fired. This was an attempt to save money by eliminating the furniture division from corporate on down. Only store furniture managers were left in that chain. By doing this, Fishman "raised the ring" and eliminate the salaries of 36 corporate jobs, as well as support, such as secretaries, company cars, company cell phones, and district management offices. Store level management bonuses have also been eliminated with the new strategy of bonuses based on how much a customer spends instead of how many customers spend. It's all smoke and mirrors designed to save money by robbing from the employees to provide Steve Fishman with an even bigger bonus. Big Lots also disconected their toll free phone lines. Yep, this sure sounds like a company doing the right moves.


Austell, GA

#5 Mar 3, 2006
I have been a manager at big lots for 3 years and yes they work thier managers like slaves and do not care about reg associates this company is really headed south if you want to know the truth get out while you can

United States

#6 Mar 8, 2006
I have been with biglots for 6years as afurniture manager
now we dont know when our jobs will be cut.
Funiture employee Edwin

Fresno, CA

#7 Mar 14, 2006
Hmmm this is some good information. thx
King Of All Retail


#8 Mar 23, 2006
I have been in retail for 15 years and a Store Manager at Big Lots for 5 of them. They are the greatest company to work for as a Store Manager because they empower you to be successful.
Eliminating the Furniture DM's was a great move and long overdue as it was a complete waste of payroll. Now that the FSM's report to the Merch Manager, the hourly rate for that position needs to be reduced to the level of CSS. An FSM's position in the store is well below the Associate Mgr, CSS, OC and FT Stock associates.
Here's to hoping Stevie F continues his profitable decision making.
man fish

Falls, PA

#9 Mar 28, 2006
Hey King. Are we talking about the same Steve Fishman? Didn't he trash three businesses before coming to Big Lots? Doesn't he only have a BA from Columbia College? Aren't CEO's supposed to have an MBA to handle a job like that? Maybe they got Stevie from some business closeout like the rest of their closeout stuff at a closeout price. Now THAT'S a company money saver! Since Steve saved all that money on worthless DM salaries, then you should get a bigger bonus this year, right? AAANK! Wrong! Since you think firing all the furniture DM's is such a good idea you won't mind losing your job along with the rest of the store managers. I'm sure the assistant managers can handle the job without you at half the cost. Way to go Steve! That'll save the company lots of money.

You're either a corporate mole or a pompous ass. Which is it?
King of ALL Retail


#10 Mar 30, 2006
Sorry, I missed the latest manfish posting but it is BONUS time of the year so I was shopping for them new-fangled plasma TVs, what the hell - it's Big Lots dime.
ANYWAY - I apologize to you, fishy, that I like my job. I apologize that I agree with the direction that our CEO is taking us. While your theory that 'Steve Fishman was put on this earth to run as many companies into bankrupcy as possible', is quite thought provoking, it's a little far fetched. Maybe, if you were to focus all your 'Fishman Rage' on more deserving targets, say - terrorists, pedophiles, politicians, etc; you might better society. Or, you could just ask the doctors to up your dosage of L-Dopa.
Just trying to help.
You're out.
Human resource nightmare

Utica, KY

#11 May 31, 2006
When did the associate manager position become un postable. I work at a big lots store were the associate mgr retired. others were interested in the position. Associates were told this position would not be posted. but low and behold, the position was offered to the OC who stepped down from Am to marry an associate. He has now been bumped back up to a member of mgmt. The handbook clearly states in the code of conduct this should not happen. Did the policy change and corporate forget to inform the little people. How is it that a husband can balance and supervise his wife till?????????
skipped over employee

Alpena, MI

#12 Jul 11, 2006
ive worked for biglots now for 5 years after the second year the associate furniture manager was relieved of his job it took me 2 more years to get it after the position came available ,,, mean while the whole time my self and others in the stoor was worked full time hours with no benifets no vacations then to be cut of hours till they quit. well i stuck around so i finally got that job when the DFM finally was able to get sombody to put their foot down and gave it to me over the SM's head, them the DFM lost her job , i feel for her, then shortly the SFM lost hers , now im told that fishman got rid of SFM's now that i want this. any now the SM is trying to higher another person for the job. but here is my complaint ,,ive been there for 5 years saw 8 or more employees advanced , jobs never posted,and now im finally full time i get 32 hrs a week and the rest of the part timers get 33 36 nd 40 plus hours , human resorces???? thats a laff they should give the DFM back ther jobs and take the human resorces and the ethics dept instead . This is BY FAR the only place that advances you only if they like you ,, and im not afraid to sya the store is in alpena michigan
tired of biglots

Ruidoso, NM

#13 Jul 28, 2006
I have been furniture manager of Big Lots for 5 years, and I can honestly say that it now "SUCKS". Yes, they did fire all
but a handfull of furniture DM's,and put the closeout DM's in charge. It should of been the other way around. Fire all the closeout DM's and keep the furniture ones. If the company is wanting to go forward and make furniture their No #1 department in sales, then why put closeout DM's in charge who don't know a thing about furniture. Mine thought that you could order the furniture inventory book on line, with the rest of the supplies!! The human resourse team for our area is a joke. They no more care about us than the skum on the bottom of their leather shoes. Our store is having problems with the manager(closeout), and when you call the HR dept. nothing gets done. Our manager is allowed to hire her friends
and pay them well over the min.wage scale. When I was able to hire my own people I couldn't get them anything else but min.wage. No matter how much experience they had. Now the HR dept is worried about the lawsuit, and treating us furniture managers bad. We can not clock other employees in or out, we
can not come in an hour before opening to get our paperwork and things done like we use to, except to do their PIA counts.
Little be little we are being lost in the crowd. We get crappy pay for all that we do. Even though furniture is the money behind the sales, we do not get any of the bonus that
the store manager and assts. get quarterly. We only get it if
furniture department hits THEIR goal for the quarter, even though the store wouldn't get it without furniture. The whole company is a joke now. Back in 2000-2001 it was a good place to work, not they only care about making profits and working everyone to death. They want you to have sales but yet each week your payroll is cut. How can you run a furniture department on 100 hours or below, and you are getting 40 of the hours?????????? Hopefully something good will come out of the lawsuit, furniture managers against them.
special treatment

Ruidoso, NM

#14 Jul 28, 2006
I have worked for biglots for 10 years, as an asst.manager
in charge of merchandise. We needed a associate manager for the store, and it is SUPPOSE to be posted (any full time position is),well the store manager decided to hire a good friend of theirs instead, then she posted it. It was only up for 24 hours though. What I can't figure out is that the store manager called the HR person and was able to get their
"friend" at least $4 more an hour than min.wage and this person does not even have ANY retail experience, none!!!!
And if that wasn't bad enough, this manager is able to hire
all their friends, work them the hours that THEY want, not what is good for the company or to make sure that wehave the
coverage that is needed for sales. And these friends all make well over the pay grade that they are suppose to get. They are all able to go to lunch together,even with the store manager. And I would like to know where in the big lots hand book or anywhere else does it say that store managers DO NOT have to unload ANY trucks, or put out any frieght??????????
Ours does not do anything. And yet when reporting it to the
HR office, again, nothing is done. I was told that is was none of my business!!!!! I am sorry I thought that working for biglots made store problems my business. Guess this just
goes to show biglots is only looking out for their own.


#15 Sep 23, 2006
1064 SAD

Auburn Hills, MI

#16 Oct 14, 2006
They are working on getting read of people that work hard. And been there four years. An starte clean.
steve f

United States

#17 Oct 22, 2006
all you people who work at biglots and complain about how unfair everything is i have a very simple solution for you all----QUIT

Stevens Point, WI

#18 Nov 18, 2006
steve f wrote:
all you people who work at biglots and complain about how unfair everything is i have a very simple solution for you all----QUIT
why should we quit when it was once a great place to work?I have been with big lots for 4 years now,I started as stock/recovery three mo. later was promoted to assoc.mgr. still working hard, don't get me wrong i get paid a decent hourly wage,however I have never seen our store mgr. break a sweat. While all the other associates are running their asses off, she's decorating the store.and she gets paid the big bucks complete with bonuses all for decorating????? Where is the incentive to keep working hard, harder than upper managment??????


#19 Nov 23, 2006
Big LOts was once headed in the right direction. i do not know exactley why we changed, but sooner or later i feel we will return. If you are having a problem with your managers, please discuss the following points, if you agree with them. We all have to be going in the right direction to survive, but at the moment we have no effective leader at the helm of the good ship Big Lots.

For a company to perform at its peak ability, all employees must have the chance to develop. Human beings have a deep seated need to learn. Some learn better than others. There are some people who feel that they have no need to learn. They really do have a need to learn, and they do, but don't realize that fact. Then there are people who can't learn enough.

Empowerment as a philosophy is the basis for implementation of the engagement principal. For a worker to be engaged, he or she needs to feel good about themselves, as well as the process involved. An employee will not generally feel good about themselves if they consider the environment to be negative towards them.

When a company spends its efforts at trying to determine what a worker does wrong, instead of what is right, the worker feels inferior.

As leaders in the retail industry, we need to take a proactive approach in growing our organizations. We can best do this by sharing as much information with the people who work with us as possible. While we obviously cannot share every scrap of information, we can at least share the material they need to learn. They not only need to know where they have been, but where they are going as well. They need to know the best path to travel on their journey to greatness.

You need to trust your employees to do the right thing, and they need to know that you trust them. They also need to be able to feel that they can trust you.

These are just a few brief talking points. Maybe we can get a dialogue started to improve a great place to work?

Frankfort, OH

#20 Dec 16, 2006
King Of All Retail wrote:
I have been in retail for 15 years and a Store Manager at Big Lots for 5 of them. They are the greatest company to work for as a Store Manager because they empower you to be successful.
Eliminating the Furniture DM's was a great move and long overdue as it was a complete waste of payroll. Now that the FSM's report to the Merch Manager, the hourly rate for that position needs to be reduced to the level of CSS. An FSM's position in the store is well below the Associate Mgr, CSS, OC and FT Stock associates.
Here's to hoping Stevie F continues his profitable decision making.
Speaking of wasting payroll, Steve Fishmans salary needs to be cut! Then maybe Big Lots can afford to give the stores hours to actually do the crap they want to get done. Big Lots is a joke.

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