The White Buffalo is the Jewish Sume...

The White Buffalo is the Jewish Sumerian Sun Goddess Belet-Anat or Durga

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Man from Atlantis

Florence, SC

#1 Mar 9, 2011
At first they could make out only a small moving speck and had to squint to see that it was a human form. But as it came nearer, they realized that it was a beautiful young woman, more beautiful than any they had ever seen, with two round, red dots of face paint on her cheeks. She wore a wonderful white buckskin outfit, tanned until it shone a long way in the sun. It was embroidered with sacred and marvelous designs of porcupine quill, in radiant colors no ordinary woman could have made. This wakan stranger was Ptesan-Wi, White Buffalo Woman, also called Ptecincala Ska Wakan Winan. In her hands she carried a large bundle and a fan of sage leaves. She wore her blue-black hair loose except for a strand at the left side, which was tied up with buffalo fur. Her eyes shone dark and sparkling, with great power in them.

With Durga or Lilith great Sun Goddess I she help make the sun rise after Necomancer and Sin-Eating event in early Sunday Morning 10 August in 2003( Star Tistrya) both Durga as the Hindu called her and Jews and Sumerian called Lilith she follow my from Tallil Air for Base in Ur Iraqi in the Gulf War in 2003 King Fard International Airport where she came to me in my dream and had intercourse with and cause me to wake with very major "Wet Dream) in Cox and he follow me back in American in Kalamazoo 1991 and did not started to appear onto the New Milleniuem in 1999 and again Tuesday August 12 in 2003 on Rasha Bhandan when the star Sirius was at it highest point. Varuna is her to and did appear in 2003 all part the Asuras or Indus Valley civilization were conquer by the Semitic 4000 years ago. Durga, Varuna, Shiva, were all there as Asuras because me and my royal family lineage

We came from Rag Mag or the elite of the Magi and Persian royalty this why on Raksha Bandhan week in August of 2003 I saw Varuna or the Cosmic Order of things as he called himself in the form or Angel in glowing Phurperous light. The light touch me and bless me three times and I then perform the ritual of Sin-Eater for Millions or lost Asuras, who souls were in in purgatory and gave them absolution so the could inter heaven. Then later that week the Gods started to appearing; first I push a shopping Kart down to the end the store, where there was nobody there and I turn around and I saw a very tall women who look like Argentinian Tennis Star Gabriela Sabatini because was very tall but this women saw was much Taller about 7 feet or more, Stern face, She had same Jewish beautiful features like Gabriela who of Jewish descent too. Her nose was especially Jewish like mine. She was dress combine of a Indian Maharani with gold and silver embroidery and bejewel I don't if she had crow or not be she also had dress like the Native American Pocahontas with Native American dress with fringes on the arms of the dress and fringes on the bottom of the dress made out animal or beaver skins with beaver skin boots with Durga earring in her nose. Now, long before I taught it was the Hindu Goddess Durga but the Description that I describe before and the one down below is exactly what I saw in that store what is describe in the Anahita Yasht and person that wrote that description of Anahita in the Yasht actually saw her like I did. Now I just read about Anahita in Avestan Yashts just a couple of days ago and this is what I saw that day. Anahita or Durga who are the same both are married Varuna or Ahura Mazda.
Man from Atlantis

Florence, SC

#2 Mar 9, 2011
126.'Ardvi Sura Anahita, who stands carried forth in the shape of a maid, fair of body, most strong, tall-formed, high-girded, pure, nobly born of a glorious race, wearing along her.... a mantle fully embroidered with gold;
127.'Ever holding the baresma in her hand, according to the rules, she wears square golden earrings on her ears bored, and a golden necklace around her beautiful neck, she, the nobly born Ardvi Sura Anahita; and she girded her waist tightly, so that her breasts may be well-shaped, that they may be tightly pressed.
128.'Upon her head Ardvi Sura Anahita bound a golden crown, with a hundred stars, with eight rays, a fine ...., a well-made crown, in the shape of a ...., with fillets streaming down.
129.'She is clothed with garments of beaver, Ardvi Sura Anahita; with the skin of thirty beavers of those that bear four young ones, that are the finest kind of beavers; for the skin of the beaver that lives in water is the finest-colored of all skins, and when worked at the right time it shines to the eye with full sheen of silver and gold

The Sun Goddess Whope or the White Buffalo is Belita or Belili the Jewish Sumerian Sun Goddess, who is called Anath or Anahita by Persians and Durga by Tamil Hindus and Virgin Mary by Christians. She have many difference Incarnation one you can see the Persian description of Ardvi Sura Anahita, then my description of her in Kalamazoo Michigan and Lakota and Algonquin area who is my ancestor from Ur Sumeria in Iraq near Talil Air Force Base when I was soldier in 1991 where I re-united with Ardvi Sura Anahita and brought her back to Kalamazoo, and She appear August 10, 2003 at a Miejer Shopping store on Gull Rd. and the Native American were aware of her and they knew that was the White Buffalo of ancestor from when the Na-Dene migrated to the Middle East 14,000 years ago and settle in Sumeria with X2a who created J1 haplogroup in Marsh Arab or Sumerian Jewish and L3 with Ethiopians with N haplogroup. The Persian discription, My discription in Kalamazoo, the Lakota description is all the same. She is the mother all Socialist Aryans with X2a and J1 haplogroup in Sumerians Jewish and mother of Latoka and Algonquin with X2a and I am direct descendant of her I was Sept 19th day of the Birth of the SUN and All Souls Days and I gave Absolution to All the Aryan and Lakota and Algonquin spirits both good and evil and living and dead.
Man from Atlantis

Florence, SC

#3 Mar 9, 2011
For the loves of King Solomon,(who was supposed to preside over the whole race of Genii.) with Balkis, the Queen of Sheba or Saba,
Bilquis, also called Bilqis or Balkis, was the legendary Queen of Sheba. In the Bible and the Koran, she met with King Solomon of Israel. Tradition also says that she bore his son, Menelik I. She was also believed to be half-jinn, and was reknowned for her beauty and for her wise leadership. She was called Makeda by her own people. The Queen of Sheba, Bilqis, was half jinn
I am directly descendant of Solomon and Sheba who preside of race of Genii or Jinns. The Queen of Sheba was half half Jinn or Genii or Fravardin who is half Human and spirit of Fallen Angel the same The Queen of Sheba who was Fravardin or Belita or Belit-Anat or Anahita descendant and Both Solomon who is HLA-A2901 with Belita and Solomon HLA typing which pure Sumerian Jewish fom Ur and HLA-B4201 HLA-B4201 which pure Ethiopian from the Queen of Sheba who was Fravardin the Genii or Goddess Sham the Sun Goddess.
Daniel who is descendanto Solomon and Sheba or the Genii or Fravardin was called Belethazzar or Belita the Sun Goddess and Hazzar or protect the King of Belethazzar or Belit protect the King or a descend of the Sun Goddess Belit or Belitu and the Persian Kings from Cyrus the Great who descend of Jamasp who Daniel Son and Cousin of Zoroaster who married
Porochita his niece or Zoroaster Daughter, so from Bahman to Yazdegerd is the descendant or Solomon and Sheba or Fravardin genii or Sham the Goddess the protect human king and the Kalderash gypsies with J1 which originate in Marsh Arabs or Sumerian also with HLA-A2901 which originated in Sumeria with Jews or Marsh Arabs who are pure Sumeria that spread to Syria to Ethiopia along the Red Sea in Ethiopia and Yemen where Queen Sheba who is J1a the same as Yazdegerd III and all his descendant from Isfandiyar to Bahman to Mahabanu his daughter in Karachi or Deval in Sindh Province in Pakistan to the Kalderash gypsies who the Banu Sasan or direct descendant of Yazegerd III threw his daughter Mahabanu in Deval or Karachi In Sindh Pakistan with J1a, I am a direct descend or all from Hungaros Kalderash gypsies in Spain or Afro-romani in St Martin Parish in Louisiana. I wrote on the Zoroastrian Miracle when I as Soldier in Talil Air Force Base in Ur Iraq when I met Belit-Anat and supernatural married her same Tammuz and I brought became to the US and in August 1o , 2003 at the time of Tishtrya appear alls the Aryan Sun Gods or Fravardis appeared started first Belit-Anat or Anahita or Durga then next Ahura Mazda or Varuna. I was told I was there family and I was Fravardin or Tammuz because family Royal Gypsy, Persian, Jewish, Ethiopian and Sumerian Royal lineage to Solomon and Sheba and Fravardin the Geniii or Belita and we called Belites or the Jews that worship Sun or the Aryan Sun Goddess Belita or Anahita.
Solomon descendants the Banu Abs or Rashaida tribe
The Jewish or Israel not Judah have been racist in accepting people Ethiopian and Jewish origins and it goes to back Aaron and Miriam refuse to accept Zipporah, who was Moses wife in Ethiopia who was not from Midian but Ethiopia and her name was Adonai and Moses have mixed race childern with her the second most important time Israel or Right wing Jews have mulipilated history is when the Queen of Sheba who ruled Saba and Ethiopian had son who Ethiopian name was Menelik but his Jewish name was Rehobaum or Rehobaum who they said his mother was Ammonite or Amorite name Naamah that is true the is the Jewish name for the Queen of Sheba who was Amorite from Saba in Yemen who tribe control the camel trade from Saba to Ammon threw the desert Mountain trail. His mother was Queen of Sheba and she had These genes. Solomon carry the Pure Jewish HLA typ ing HLA-A2901 they Queen of Sheba who was black Ethiopian carried HLA-B4201 and DRB1-0302 and DRB1-0801 found in Jews.
Man from Atlantis

Florence, SC

#4 Mar 9, 2011
Since the fact that Ethiopian are 95% Rh negative with 47% O- 27% B- and 26% A- and they have no AB- that came from Yemen. So they also pass they B- Blood type they tribe of Judah and the Benjamin tribe
Rehobaum or Menelike fled from Judah to Ethiopian.

Rehobaum or Menelike fled from Judah to Ethiopian. They says that Rehobaum mother was Naamah the Amorite which is a lie. There is nothing show of Rehobaum birth in Judah or anywhere but there is proof of Menelik Birth with Queen of Sheba. There is also evidence of when Rehobaum or Menelik a came of age at 7 years old he went to Jeruselam where Ethiopian name of Menelik was called to Rehobaum. The Ammorite were Ethiopians and they worship the Sun Goddess Shams who the Queen of Sheba worship hence there was hatred for the Ethiopian or Afro-Asiatic Queen of Sheba who was the living representive of the Sun Goddess Shams or Shamash or mixed race like all Ethiopians and they was also

hatred from son Menelik because he was Solomon first and favorite son, which Rehobaum is also called Solomon first and favorite son who become King of Israel and Judah, which was reject by racist Israeli who refuse to have Afro-Jewish King like Rehobaum or Menelik, they have civil war and which Rehobaum lost because Jerobaum of Israel and Shishak the black Ethiopian Pharaoh who sack Jeruselam, so Rehobaum or Menelik flee his Kingdom of Judah and his family with battlion with Ark of the Convenant give to him by Zakok the Levi priest, because both Shishak and Jerobaum want to pocess the power of the Ark, Rehobaum or Menelik flees to Ethiopian re-establish his Kingdom in his mother land of Ethiopia who was the Afro-Asian or black asian Queen of Sheba. The Banu Abs or Murad are blackskinned Arabs like the Queen of Sheba who are Ethiopian in origins from both sides of Red Sea in Ethiopia and Yemen the Rashaida or Banu Abs are from Saba and they have HLA-A2901 & HLA-B4201 at 3.7% in Sudan where they later settle from Hejaz and Saba where ancient Jews were know to have lived. Also HLA-A2901 & HLA-B4201 are both found in Palestinians 2.4%, Iraqi Jews like my biblical ancestor Daniel, My Persian Jewish ancestor Sassan, Karachi Parsi ancestor and Hungaros Kalderash Spanish gypsy ancestor from Murcia and Majorca.
Man from Atlantis

Florence, SC

#5 Apr 11, 2011
White Cloud has not yet reportedly been DNA-tested. So, whether or not White Cloud is indeed full bison will determine whether Hiawatha is the seventh, or eighth, living White Buffalo. The White Buffalo, Miracle, born August 20, 1994, died September 19, 2004, and Medicine Wheel, born May 9, 1996, died March 27, 2005.

A female named Miracle (not to be confused with Miracle Moon), was born at the family farm of Dave, Valerie, and Corey Heider near Janesville, Wisconsin on August 20, 1994. Her fur fully transitioned to brown as she great while buffalo matured, and she gave birth to four calves of her own before dying of natural causes on September 19, 2004. Sioux tribal members had continually visited their farm since the birth of Miracle.

Miracle Moon the White of Buffalo of the Lakota Dead on September 19th the Day of the Dead my Birthdates is September 19th and Geshtianna or Belili or Lilith or Anat-Belet is Virgo born September 19th and Egyptian Osiris in Djed of Pillar or Osiris recarnation in the Sun God the Man-Child Horus who Sumerians called Dumuzi or Tammuz the Man-Child Sun God.

20 September
[same date every year] MEXICO Kukulcan Snake God in Chichen Itza [Yucatan]- see the snake shadow appear during the first equinox in this spectacular Mayan pyramid complex, plus varied entertainments. A couple of days before and after too.

20 SeptemberQuetzalcoatl - means "Feathered Serpent", a panmesoamerican god of life, the wind and the "morningstar".
The equated Venus, which they called the Dawn Star, with their god Quetzalcoatl, the "Feathered Serpent

The myths of Quetzalcoatl (Aztec), or Kukulcan (Mayan), tell of a being who ascended upon a raft of serpents into the Heavens and became one with the Morning Star, or Venus. In the Mayan language.

Asshur Osirus, Atum, Tammuz, Aztec Quetzalcoatl and Mayan Kukulcan, Archangel Michael who is Mithra were all Sun Gods born around the between 16th September to September 20th but the ideal date was my birthdate September 19; which is birthdate which is the Third day of Sarcifice to the Sun God after the 16th, which is 17th, 18th 19th, which is the Symbol or the Sun and Prince of Heaven to Egyptian and Chaldeans. The Persian Darius change the date of 16th September to 29th the day he defeated the Medes King Cambayses II, who worship Marduk not Ashur or Ashura Mazda

Thus, in Babylonia, it started on the new moon closest to the spring equinox to honor the sky god Marduk; the Akitu nearest the fall equinox in Assyria honored the high god Ashur; and Akitus were held on both dates each

Mesopotamia or the Akitu Festival come from Ur, Nanna´s city. Thus, Ur fixed the celebration of the vernal (Spring) and autumnal (Autumn) to the months in which they occurred, the first and seventh months of the year, called respectively (March-April) Nissanu and (September-October)Tashritu . The Sun is born in early Autumn Equinox and the Moon is Spring Equinox.

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