Whope or Isthar the Neotenous Nephilim or Fallen star or Angel

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Man from Atlantis

Laurinburg, NC

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Mar 25, 2011
Whope is the Lakota Sioux Goddess of Peace. She is a Star Maiden. Her father is the Sun, Wi, and her mother is the Moon, Hanwi. She married Okaga, the South Wind, after being wooed by each of the Winds.

Whope is strongly associated with Turquoise. Turquoise is used for healing, bringing rain, and personal protection

Goddess Whope Her name means “Meteor.” Sometimes she is called ”Falling Star”

The Biblical tradition says the Nephilim or "Fallen Ones"
were on the earth before the Flood and afterwards, but they
appear to be missing during the Flood. They were the elite
"Mighty Ones" or "men of renown" who are called "giants" and
who were the offspring of the "Sons of God" or Fallen Angels
who raped women. A spirit who has sex with a woman was also
known as an Incubus, the male counter-part of the Succubus,
which was the role traditionally accorded LILith. Thus, the
Incubus would be Lucifer or H'ILL.

It appears the confusion about the nature of LILith may
relate to her dual nature, part woman, part angel. She may
be the offspring of a Fallen Angel, inheriting characterics
of both her parents. That would mean her brother Lucifer or
H'ILL is also a hybrid--son of a Fallen Angel and an earthly

Asteria is also the Goddess of falling stars,

Lapis Lazuli: Lapis was sacred to the Egyptian goddess Mut, the Mother of All, and to the Babylonian goddess Ishtar

Athirat (Ugarit),´Asherah (Hebrew)Miners working for the Egyptians in the Sinai called Her the Turquoise Lady

Ishtar’s name means “star”, and she was also known as Istar, Estar, Ishara, Ishhara, Astar, Atar, Attar, Athar, Athtar, Irnini, Absusu (in her role as a promiscuous goddess),

Belili or Lilith or Belitu the Sun Goddess is called Ishtar meaning Star Morning star the star the East Asian Aryans Venus the Sun and Evening star the of Western Semitic Arabs or Africans or Moon Goddess. Isthar is because she is Eurasia Women is Nephilim or Fallen star or Angel from the East she is mother all Aryans and she is Jewish and she fell in Sumeria with haplogroup X2a and mtDNA 16192 coming from Na-Dene Lakota but they origin came from Austro-Melanesian who worship Bila the Sun Goddess and Cannibal and Vampire who suck blood. the Australian Aboriginal Sun Goddess is Bila, is Kali india when was still black when mixed with Native American she became Eurasia and became Durga, Belili or Anahita or Lilith in India, Sumeria and Persia. and this how she look now
http://wendellwallace.files.wordpress.com/200... This same Lakota Goddess Whope who is the Fallen Star, Maiden or Virgin like the Virgin Mary, who both Saint and Sin as all humans, she half human and half spirit of Fallen Angel Cherubim which is Angel Child or Women-Child being Eurasia she youthful and beautiful because she is Neotenous as are most Asian and Native Americans. and Caucasian are less Neotenous then Asian and African unless mixed with Asian and European are less Neotenous. And the world is now being taken over by Neotenous Asian, Neotenous Animals like Rhesus Monkeys or Old World Monkey and Marisupals who also Neotenous and Oceania people also Neotenous and they are black so Neontenous has nothing with color, it have do with species. For 12,000 years the African adult species along with certain none None-Neotenous Caucasian have bully and totally dominated all Nentenous Asian species which indian Native Americans in all the Americas who basically Neotenous Man-Childs and Women-Childs or Adult Kids. I am 41 years I have all or most junvile charatheristic we have naturally retain our beauty and youth forever but curse is we kids in adult world so we lack maturity or balls to on more Maturize Adult races like African and some the Europeans who Eurasian descent.Our Gaurdian is Anahita or Isthar or Belili who Lakota Whope she protect us from the Adult World because she is beautiful Adult-Child just like us.
Southern Girl on the moon

Hanmer, Canada

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Judge it!
May 12, 2014
Great information. ;)

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