Why I am the white Buffalo

Why I am the white Buffalo

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Man from Atlantis

Florence, SC

#1 Feb 14, 2011
However, neither of the two Evenk X haplotypes showed mutations characteristic of the Native American clade X2a. Instead, one sequence was a member of X2b and the other of X2*(fig. 2). Thus, one possible scenario is that several X haplotypes arrived in Siberia from western Asia during the Palaeolithic, but only X2a crossed Beringia and survived in modern Native Americans. Alternatively, the presence of two phylogenetically different haplogroup X mtDNA sequences in this particular subpopulation of Evenks might be due to recent gene flow. The Native American–specific clade X2a appears to be defined by five mutations, three in the coding region (8913, 12397, and 14502) and two in the control region (200 and 16213)(fig. 1). The transition at np 200 was seen in virtually all previously analyzed Native American haplogroup X mtDNAs, whereas the transition at np 16213 was absent in some of the Ojibwa described by Brown et al.(1998). We surveyed our Old World haplogroup X mtDNAs for the five diagnostic X2a mutations (table 2) and found a match only for the transition at np 12397 in a single X2* sequence from Iran. In a parsimony tree, this Iranian mtDNA would share a common ancestor with the Native American clade (fig. 2). Yet, the nonsynonymous substitution at np 12397 converting threonine to alanine cannot be regarded a conservative marker, as it has also been observed in two different phylogenetic contexts—in
haplogroups J1 and L3e—among 794 complete mtDNA sequences (
The Royal Jewish Zoroastrian descendants carry both J1 like Yazegerd III who I and Afro-romani or Kalderash Hungarian gypsies is descended from and the Zoroastrian or Parsi also have X2 and J1 and the Jews who the Parsis descend from Iraqi Jews like me I have both Kalderash gypsies, Parsi and Iraqi Jews blood and DNA and HLA Antigen Tissues Typing and Belet-Anat or Whope the Sun Goddess or White Buffalo appear in Kalamazoo Michigan and Lakota and Algokian area.; to for me the white Buffalo. I am the white Buffalo and I have said more then onese. She both my mother and ancestor that reunited with in 1991 in Ur Iraq or Sumeria and Marsh Arab our people rose up agaianst Semitic oppress of Aryan Sun Socialist people and it spread the Kurds, Shia and Amerindians in Latin America and North with Berber X2 haplogroup people or Aryan Alantean people and Aryan Sun worshipping have taken control the banks around the world and has give Native American New life in all the Americas.
np 12397 in Lakota with X2a have 19063 the same in Marsh Arab or Sumerians, J1 with 19063 also Sumerian have K2 16192 which came Austro-Melanesian then to the Lakota and to the pure Marsh Arabs or Sumerians or Pure Jewish. Belites and the Jews descendant of Sun worshippers like Belita the Aryan Sun Goddess the Mother or all Aryan Jews. She is have human and half as the Arabic say Jinn or Genii or Spirit. Solomon and the Queen of Sheba are her ancestors and Queen of Sheba is called half human and half Jinn or Balkis or Belita
Man from Atlantis

Florence, SC

#2 Feb 14, 2011
When Roman Catholic missionaries first came among the Lakota, their stories of the Virgin Mary and Jesus became associated with the legend of White Buffalo Calf Woman. The syncretic practice of identifying Mary with PtesanWi and Jesus with the chununpa continues among Lakota Christians to this day.
The story of PtesanWi is associated with the white buffalo.

With Durga or Lilith great Sun Goddess I she help make the sun rise after Necomancer and Sin-Eating event in early Sunday Morning 10 August in 2003( Star Tistrya) both Durga as the Hindu called her and Jews and Sumerian called Lilith she follow my from Tallil Air for Base in Ur Iraqi in the Gulf War in 2003 King Fard International Airport where she came to me in my dream and had intercourse with and cause me to wake with very major "Wet Dream) in Cox and he follow me back in American in Kalamazoo 1991 and did not started to appear onto the New Milleniuem in 1999 and again Tuesday August 12 in 2003 on Rasha Bhandan when the star Sirius was at it highest point. Varuna is her to and did appear in 2003 all part the Asuras or Indus Valley civilization were conquer by the Semitic 4000 years ago. Durga, Varuna, Shiva, were all there as Asuras because me and my royal family lineage

We came from Rag Mag or the elite of the Magi and Persian royalty this why on Raksha Bandhan week in August of 2003 I saw Varuna or the Cosmic Order of things as he called himself in the form or Angel in glowing Phurperous light. The light touch me and bless me three times and I then perform the ritual of Sin-Eater for Millions or lost Asuras, who souls were in in purgatory and gave them absolution so the could inter heaven. Then later that week the Gods started to appearing; first I push a shopping Kart down to the end the store, where there was nobody there and I turn around and I saw a very tall women who look like Argentinian Tennis Star Gabriela Sabatini because was very tall but this women saw was much Taller about 7 feet or more, Stern face, She had same Jewish beautiful features like Gabriela who of Jewish descent too. Her nose was especially Jewish like mine. She was dress combine of a Indian Maharani with gold and silver embroidery and bejewel with blue Torquoises, I don't if she had crow or not be she also had dress like the Native American Pocahontas with Native American dress with fringes on the arms of the dress and fringes on the bottom of the dress made out animal or beaver skins with beaver skin boots with Durga earring in her nose. Now, long before I taught it was the Hindu Goddess Durga but the Description that I describe before and the one down below is exactly what I saw in that store what is describe in the Anahita Yasht and person that wrote that description of Anahita in the Yasht actually saw her like I did. Now I just read about Anahita in Avestan Yashts just a couple of days ago and this is what I saw that day. Anahita or Durga who are the same both are married Varuna or Ahura Mazda.
Man from Atlantis

Florence, SC

#3 Feb 14, 2011
126.'Ardvi Sura Anahita, who stands carried forth in the shape of a maid, fair of body, most strong, tall-formed, high-girded, pure, nobly born of a glorious race, wearing along her.... a mantle fully embroidered with gold;
127.'Ever holding the baresma in her hand, according to the rules, she wears square golden earrings on her ears bored, and a golden necklace around her beautiful neck, she, the nobly born Ardvi Sura Anahita; and she girded her waist tightly, so that her

breasts may be well-shaped, that they may be tightly pressed.
128.'Upon her head Ardvi Sura Anahita bound a golden crown, with a hundred stars, with eight rays, a fine ...., a well-made crown, in the shape of a ...., with fillets streaming down.
129.'She is clothed with garments of beaver, Ardvi Sura Anahita; with the skin of thirty beavers of those that bear four young ones, that are the finest kind of beavers; for the skin of the beaver that lives in water is the finest-colored of all skins, and when worked at the right time it shines to the eye with full sheen of silver and gold. Then later that same Afternoon around the time of Raksha Bandhan and Holiday for the Varuna or Ahura Mazda and Chief of the Asuras or Ahuras. I was driving in a car about a block away from my house and I saw a ebony black skinned man with old caucasian feature like me but grey striaght hair and much much darker then then men he had ebony black skin like the ancient Elam-Dravidian did. with a Stern face with grey hair comb back like Brahmin priest with a greek like Toga or Arjuka that the Priestly King wore in the Harrappa Civilization with very large Thick very ancient book in his right hand carry on his right side and he was wearing saddles. That was the Wise Lord Varuna or Ahura Mazda.

These are the Zoroastrian Miracles. I got to reunite with my royal Persian ancestors and Anahita and Varuna or Ahura Mazda they have visit me everyday every since in spirit form.

the Persian or Sumerian Goddess Belita or Belet-Anat or Anahita is originally from the Sioux Native
America tribe she is the Sioux Sun god Wi and When Roman Catholic missionaries first came among the Lakota, their stories of the Virgin Mary and Jesus became associated with the legend of White Buffalo Calf Woman. The syncretic practice of identifying Mary with PtesanWi and Jesus with the chununpa continues among Lakota Christians to this day.

Whope is is the same disciptation as the Persian Goddess Anahita or Belet-Anat and the She is the White Buffalo or Sun Goddess and her son who half human and half spirit was called Tammuz or Horus and the White Buffalo is born in September 19th or 20th
20 SeptemberQuetzalcoatl - means "Feathered Serpent", a panmesoamerican god of life, the wind and the "morningstar".
The equated Venus, which they called the Dawn Star, with their god Quetzalcoatl, the "Feathered Serpent

The myths of Quetzalcoatl (Aztec), or Kukulcan (Mayan), tell of a being who ascended upon a raft of serpents into the Heavens and became one with the Morning Star, or Venus. In the Mayan language.
Man from Atlantis

Florence, SC

#4 Feb 14, 2011
Feast of Frawardignan can fall either in April, August, or September. April, September, August; 19th day of Frawardin, the first Zoroastrian month
name-day feasts, which refer to yazatas or spiritual beings, the 19th day of Frawardin honors the spirit of those who are living, dead, and not yet born. Mah (month) Fravardin, which corresponds with the 19th August of the Kadmis and the 19th September of the Shehenshais.

These are the reason why I am Fravidin or Dumuzi
1. my birthdate is 19th September same as Fravardin according to Shehenshais Parsi Caleneder
2. Feast of Frawardignan is All Souls day, for the living, dead , not born yet and both Good and Evil Aryan spirits
3. Fravardin is like me a power Sin-Eater or Redeemer that can give absolution to Aryan spirit in heaven, hell and on Earth both Good of Evil
4. Fravardin is the same as Dumuzi the Child or Man-Child that has the ability Necromancy Aryan spirits from Hell because with the help the Magi or Occult
has the ability to descend into hell and give absolutions to all Aryan spirits both good and evil both Aryan as Fravadin or Dumuzi Sin-Eater born All Souls Day
19th September the day the Sun was born or Aryan including Egyptians who worship the Sun God Osiris who reborn and Man-Child Horus after descending to
hell to liberated Aryan Souls which the Egyptians called the Djed of Pillar or Marriage between Isis and Osiris and Consummate the Marriage the same Belita
The Sumerian Sun Goddess also called Belit-Anat who the Persian called Anat who both mother Belli-ili or Lilith and sister of Dumuzi or Tammuz the Sun God
and she called Geshtianna his Sister who descend into hell from March to September and Dumuzi from September to March.

5 Fravardin at the end of the time of Zoroastrian Universe after 12,000 judges all Aryans good or evil and give the all Absolutions because they are Aryan who
worship the Sun Goddess and Gods and they not Semitic who worship the Moon God and Gods and Goddess they do not get Absolution they go to hell! Same
we have done for 12,000 years until now.

6. I have J1a haplogroup in my family blood like from Hungaros or Kalderash gypsies from Spain who like other Kalderash gypsies claim Noble Iraqi Jewish
Man from Atlantis

Florence, SC

#5 Feb 14, 2011
BAL04 +4216q +10394c -13704p -16065g +16517e 16069 16126 16145 16261 16519 73

Baloch 16069,16126,16145,16261,16519, 73

Karachi 16069,16126,16145,16172,16261, 73 145 152

Anatolian 16069,16126,16145,16172,16183C , 16189,16222, 16235,16249,16261 73

Baloch 16069,16126,16145,16189, 16222,16261

Chechen 16069 73

Anatolian 16069,16126,16291, 16311

Anatolian 16069,16126, 16519, 73, 185, 188

Baloch 16069,16126, 16193, 16214, 16519 73

Baloch 16069,16126, 16193, 16519, 64, 73

mtDNA haplotypes in Slovak populations include Roma gypsies

69 126 145 222 235 261 271 73 263 295 309iC J1a E(2)
69 126 145 222 235 261 271 73 263 295 309iC 315iC J1a E(1)
69 126 145 222 235 261 271 290 73 263 295 309iC 315iC J1a E(1)
69 126 145 172 222 261 73 242 263 295 309iC 315iC J1b1 W(1)

Theses are mtDNA from Kalderash Siaewi

The Iraqi Jewish mtDNAs
within Hg J1 had the hallmark of control region haplotype 16069-
16126-16145-16222-16261-73-263 -295 and

69 126 145 222 235 261 271 J1 13 (18. 0 1 (4.0)

18% in Polish Roma Sinti Roma and 1% in Spanish Roma and also from in Cuba

J1a 69 126 145 222 261 in Yemen and Yemen Jews.

J1a that came from Yazdegerd III is also show in Iraqi Jews, Yemen Jews, Banu Sasan or Kalderash gypsies from Burgaria, Hungary, Poland, Spanish and France Kalderash gypsies and Baloch tribe and Karachi gypsies called Kaloro or Karaci from originally from Karachi Pakistan Uch and Multan as the Banu Sasan or Dom and Rom gypsies.
Man from Atlantis

Florence, SC

#6 Feb 15, 2011
Y-DNA J = Afro-Asiatic

Y-DNA J1 = Semitic
Y-DNA J1a = Amorite
Y-DNA J1b = Arabic
Y-DNA J1b1 = Mehri Arabaic
Y-DNA J1b2 = Maltese Arabic
Y-DNA J1b3 = Egyptian Arabic
Y-DNA J1b4 = Lebanese Arabic
Y-DNA J1c = Aramaic
Y-DNA J1c1 = Assyrian Neo-Aramaic
Y-DNA J1c2 = Judeo-Aramaic
Y-DNA J1d = Akkadian
Y-DNA J1d1 = Babylonian Akkadian
Y-DNA J1d2 = Assyrian Akkadian
Y-DNA J1e = Amharic
Y-DNA J1f = Hebrew

Y-DNA J1g = Phoenician
Y-DNA J1h = Tigrinya

Y-DNA J2 = Egyptian
Y-DNA J2a = Old Egyptian
Y-DNA J2a1 = Middle Egyptian
Y-DNA J2a2 = Coptic

Y-DNA J3 = Berber

The Queen of Sheba was Ethiopian Amorite from Saba not Berber from North Africa. Beside Balqis or Belita she was called Namaah the Amorite who Ethiopian Camel trades from Saba to Ammon; hence called Amorites. The Sabean had Camel trade with Solomon Saba to Ammon in the desert mountians trails from Saba to Ammon. Solomon who also had trade with Phoecians where J1g is also seen.

Scarborough, Canada

#7 May 3, 2017
My mtDNA haplogroup test is X2 and I am an Assyrian from Nineveh Assyria...

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