It is great news for the American people when the number of US oil and natural rigs is increasing by six on a weekly basis and by 138 since last year.
President Bush was right to remove restrictions on offshore drilling and to increase the available area for oil and gas drilling in Alaska.
Bush is cooperating with McCain with the pushing of new law that will give State that drill for oil and natural gas offshore and elsewhere in continental US and its waters up to 37% of the oil revenues.
This means that tens of billions of dollars will be staying here in US and not going to the radical Islamic terrorists to finance their attacks on US troops and interests.
Oil revenues from US oil domestic production will flow billions of dollars to US states’ treasuries and US companies will be invested in US for building roads, bridges, schools, hospitals.
In addition, they will bring hundreds of thousands new high paying jobs to the American people and will save the US economy from recession that is desired by the anti-American US liberal socialist Dems.
Defeating the liberal Congressmen in US Congress that keep trying to prevent US oil production will lead to US energy independence with trillions of dollars flowing to the treasuries of US States and to bank accounts of US companies and their employees.
This will enrich the American people and improve US economy and national security instead of sending the money to the hands of the radical Islamic regimes, Russia and Venezuela that are US worst enemies.