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daniel cournoyer

Sunnyvale, CA

#1 Feb 9, 2006
i got a subscription to ballys. i went three days in a row then tried to cancel, because i was moving back home and just didn't have the money. its been three months and they're still charging me. then their "phone techs" call me and say i can,t cancel, because i still live 12 miles away from a bally's.
in my opnion DO NOT sigh a contract with bally's unless you are willing to pay for the months you don't go. you fucks!


#2 Mar 24, 2006
You dumbshit, why would you sign a a contract to buy ANYTHING that you couldn't use, or couldn't afford. How is it the fault of bally's that you are stupid.

United States

#3 Mar 26, 2006
dont sign a contract if you dont want to follow the rules in the contract retard
Bally Total Fitness Sucks

Pittsburgh, PA

#4 Jun 1, 2006
A couple of months ago I signed up for some personal training at Bally's Everett, WA location. I had been a member for a few months and had just run a marathon and a few halfs and wanted to improve my times etc. What a huge mistake. After training ONCE with the trainer, he got fired. No one else was available to take me on immediately because apparently requesting a fixed schedule (Mon and Thurs) is something they don't know how to accomodate. So the training manager, Larry, said he would comp me some sessions until Evan returned from his family leave issue. Some comp sessions those turned out to be. He consistently showed up 15-20 minutes late. He would consistently reschedule me even though I had already showed up for our regularly scheduled session. He would consistently cut the session short by 30 minutes. I of course saw no results. Then, I get the news that Evan won't be returning so I am stuck working out with Larry again. Did I mention he has love handles and a beer belly? So the sessions with him end up being same as above. Finally, they hire a new trainer who supposedly has 12 years of experience. Well my first session with this flake, Sean, was 20 minutes. During this time he proceeded to tell me about his most recent arrest for assault (and is it just me or does anyone really want to talk while working out. I want you to show me and tell me what to do and stand quietly and count). When I confronted Larry about the short session he confirmed the sessions are supposed to be an hour and I wouldn't be charged for the initial session because Sean was just seeing what my fitness level was. The next few sessions are less than stellar with me hardly breaking a sweat and telling Sean that. After four sessions he eventually had me do a workout on Monday May 29, that was difficult and actually left me sore. Then I show up today and he is not there despite the fact that after working out with him on Monday I watched him write my name in the training book for today. I confront the manager Larry and he tells me that Sean said he didn't have any sessions scheduled today and he had been in court this morning. When I point out that somehow my name has been mysteriously whited out and given my LE background, I am well aware that an initial appearance for an assault charge is not going to take all day, Larry lamely states that he will comp me some more sessions. After reiterating the above and telling him I want to cancel my membership contract and my training contract he hands me an outdated customer service telephone number to resolve my issue. Of course the customer service office was closed by then and of course I have to resolve my conflict in writing anyway. The resolution is that I will spend I am sure many hours writing letters to try and cancel my remaining sessions and my remaining contract at the gym. It is unbelievable in this day and age that this level of customer service exists given all the competition out there. While I work on cancelling my membership you can bet I will post complaints everywhere possible and tell anyone who will listen about my negative experiences with Bally Total Fitness.
Angry in Illinois

Birmingham, AL

#5 Jul 11, 2006
Bally's screwed me a number of ways. I moved and the closest location takes about 40minutes to get to in traffic after work and so I tried canceling my plan and they wouldn't let me. Then I asked if I could transfer my plan to another person (I have heard of people doing this and advertising on ebay). They told me that I didn't have a plan that allowed me to transfer (but when I signed up they led me to believe I could easily). I had my payments withdrawn from my debit card and my card expired last month. This month they labelled my payments as Delinquent. So I called and they charged me for last month's payment and this month's payment (even though I didn't owe this month's payment for another two weeks). They have the worst customer service imaginable and I still unfortunately have payments with them until the end of the year. I know there was a suit filed against them in CA but there needs to be one here in Illinois.
angry in florida

United States

#6 Jul 20, 2006
i signed up for bally because they had little drawings saying that you'd won so many free visits, and i got one week. they pushed me into signing a contract, and when i decided i wanted t cancel, they told me i needed to visit the club 12 times in one month,then write a letter telling them i wanted to cancel my contract. then came the hurricanes. three of which hit close enough to west palm that the club was shut down most of the month. i wrote them a letter telling them about my situation, but they refused to deal with it. i'm going to take them to small claims cout next. i hate bally.

Dardanelle, AR

#7 Jul 25, 2006
I had a Bally membership years ago and I can't begin to tell you the horror stories about that. But recently, Bally was advertising a position that was right up my alley. I called about the position and was hired by a jerk named Dalton in the Houston area. I was to do club and air conditioning maitenance. Everything seemed O.K. at first, but the climate changed rather rapidly after that. They change their minds about policies faster than you can change your underwear. When I tried to get parts from local distributors, Bally hadn't paid the bill from previous purchases and many parts accounts were closed. Then this idiot would pitch a hissey fit about why the broken item was not fixed! I CAN"T GET THE PARTS, NUMBSKULL! I certainly was not going to use my money or accounts to supply them with parts. I never knew if I would get paid back. It didn't take long to figure out many of the bills never got paid. I had to use my own tools and if I needed a specialty tool, I was expected to buy it out of my pocket. This company is screwed up from the top to the bottom. The senior management was investigated for securities fraud and middle management has their head up their discharge end. I had to finally just quit and walk out. I then decided to check and see what kind of reference they would give me.(Obviously, I didn't trust them) Had the wife call and pose as a prospective employer and they said I was terminated! Stay away from this thieving company as a customer or employee.

Flushing, NY

#9 Aug 5, 2006
I am a member of Bally's for almost 15 yrs, last year, I was too busy to go workout, anyway, bally's sent me notice that I needed to pay before membership expires. This is a lifetime membership I got, I always paid cash every year when I had to renew the membership. Since I didn't have time to go, and I was real busy, I didn't think much of it until more than one whole year had past. They sent me another notice saying that since I didn't keep up paying, now in order to reinstate my membership, I have to pay my usual yearly membership fee plus a penalty while is around 60 bucks more which totaled to $170. I know that some of my friends have received special deals if they wait till summer if they also "owed" ballys for a year or two because they didn't go. I thought I would hold out, I was going to go and ask if they could waver the penalty. But as luck has it, they sent me a special deal for members who still want to reinstate and the price was $99 for one year, Gee, I was already paying $110 for my yearly membership before and was increasing every year, so now with this, I jumped to it. I went and paid and show them this special notice. I thought everything was cool until last week, they sent me a notice saying that my $99 was applied to my $170 and still owe the remainding? WTF! What happened to the new special which I was paying for??? I also want to add that lifetime membership means that you have to keep paying every year until you die!It means they will never stop charging you and if you don't pay because you don't go for one year, they will just add that among to you plus penalty. It doesn't mean you pay a large amount and you don't have to for the rest of your life. They should change the name to lifetime paying membership.

Los Angeles, CA

#10 Aug 30, 2006
Yes, I was also ripped off by their supposed 30-day money back guarantee. Even though I followed all the rules, they are coming up with argument after argument. We are now in negotiation through the Better Business Bureau, and they're still being difficult.

Chicago, IL

#12 Sep 21, 2006
Bally's sold my membership to Crunch without my knowledge. I guess it was because it was only a 100.00 a year renewal. I tried to explain to the idiots I spoke with that there was no Crunch Gym that was easily accessible to me and my Bally's membership was really just a back-up for when I was out of town. So I got the "It's all legal" speech from the "Associate" which led into the fruitless, "Is it ethical" diatribe. What was I thinking? This person was only smart enough to get a job at Bally's to begin with? Think it can't get worse? Guess again. I called Crunch. I think that the people who pass the stupidity test with A's go to the front of the line at Crunch. This moron tells me that she sees that I am delinquent $100. I explain that this is the 100.00 I am attempting to pay to renew my Bally's membership. Her reply? If I don't pay the 100.00 to this gym I never joined and really can't use, she will turn it over to collections. I was momentarily stunned. Was it possible that this moron thought that I would actually acquiese to this ploy? As it stands now,I am foregoing my membership with Bally's. In part, it makes better sense for me to NOT pay the 100.00 and simply pay a guest fee or get a 30 day free pass when I am out of town. As far as Crunch goes, I am now a fugitive from the collection agency whom I welcome speaking with. Is it any wonder Bally's is going under?

Sykesville, MD

#13 Sep 28, 2006
Some of you guys sound like children, the way you reply to people with "you shoulda read the contract, retard!" Apparently we all think Ballys sucks for our own personal reasons. If you guys want to be asshats about it, then I would pose the question why did you go to Ballys? And why would you be on a forum meant for complaints when "you shouldn't have been surprised that it sucked, retards!"??? Please grow up.
I've also been "screwed" by Ballys. But I'll save my story for a forum that doesn't have assclowns like the ones above (not all of you, just those rude responders).

West Springfield, MA

#14 Oct 2, 2006
Um well people should be warned about bas biz tactics however you should review the contract ultimately you are signing your name and you are not a child so regardless of how sucky the empty promises are you are in charge of reading the contract. I however have not joined bally's yet but I think that it seems like a money making club/gym type of place like any other gym bally's just wants to get their money for what you promised you'd pay... read read read the contract you are signing your names to hello?
Bally is Filthy

Abingdon, MD

#15 Jan 4, 2007
I belong to the Ballys in Whitemarsh MD. IT IS FILTHY AND GERM RIDDEN. I used to see the same piece of thread on the floor for 4 months in the womens locker room. If someone cleaned or mopped it wouldnt be there. It got to be a contest to see how log it would be till I did not see it anymore. The locker rooms smells like hell, fungus and mold. I cant stay on the elyptical too long because when I get near my limit I take deeper breaths that choke me from the stagnant smell of sweat, I dont even think they have an exaustor ventilation system. Not to mention I caught some wierd rash on my top arm and ringworm since I started working out again. This is the only place I could have gotten it from. It's a no brainer.

Their upstairs water fountain did not work FOR OVER 3 YEARS. They just finally got it fixed. They used to have an FM band you could tune into to listen to the TV's while on the bikes and eliptical. I asked the front desk people who did not have a clue and kept dropping inuendoes like dont expect anything out of this place but the equipment. They pretty much insinuated the place is totally mismanaged and cheap.

I had the same sales tactics thrown on me at the Whitemarsh, MD location. But I know better and will not hesitate to sell someone to Pack Sand if they are stupid enough to try to b*llS*it me. This was by the manager who is still the manager there, real JERK. I had no intentions for going for the deal he offered, then he started talking loans. I told him I do not need to finance it, if I was going to buy the membership, I would pay cash. He went nuts and started trying to convince me to fianance. I told him what a lousy sales man he was and if he wants to sell memberships learn how to talk to people becuase I could see right through his B_llSH_T. Then I walked out. YOu can buy Ballys memberships through someone else if they have a transfer clause. So that's what I did. I got a lifetime for under 1K with NO annual fees. The only reason I pursued the Bally's membersbip was because it was the ONLY Gym around. Not anymore, they have a ton of competition with BETTER run companies.

My membership can be transferred one more time. I am looking into going with a better run anc CLEANER gym. I have several choices now. I know someone that goes to Lynn Brick who say it is very clean and they have disenfectant spray bottles at every station. Everyone brings towels and wipes down the machine when they are done. Never a wait for a machine. There is also Golds Gym, but I dont know anything about that place. There are others. So now we have options.

To the Aholes, MR Clean and bobo above that were nasty and name calling the other people that got ripped off. Normally you would not think someone would be slimy enough to do the things Ballys and their employees do. And these people probably did not have any other gym to go to. And some people are more convincing. That does not mean you should try to rip them off. Any legit company would have have tricky contracts like Bally's.
Bally is Filthy

Abingdon, MD

#16 Jan 4, 2007
Last sentence should read Any legit company would NOT have tricky contracts like Ballys
4567 shit ballys

Decatur, GA

#17 Jan 8, 2007
They fold!They rip you off and tell you when it is to late to do anything about it!
Bullshit Ballys

Decatur, GA

#18 Jan 9, 2007
Hope your company folds!

Whittier, CA

#19 Feb 4, 2007
The Bailey’s in Rosemead CA was shut down because a health inspector found the pool to have an excessive bacteria count.
In the afternoon there are some gang bangers that hang out there and there has been some serious fights in the locker room. The staff does not do anything about this problem.

Webster, NY

#20 Feb 6, 2007
I signed up for a membership to Bally Total fitness at the Crossgates mall with my boyfriend. We were greeted promptly by an employee there named. We specifically asked that we only be signed up on a monthly basis. Then when it came time to sign the contract we were very rushed and he was covering parts of the paper with his hands. My boyfriend spotted that he was writing in 36 months and said we would not sign it if we were obliged to be members for that period of time. He assured the both of us that we were not in a contract and that those 36 months only guaranteed us the same rate for that period time. When I tried to read it he pulled it away from me and distracted us later getting me to sign it, while constantly repeating that I could cancel whenever I wanted. My boyfriend, a witness to how he conducted himself and what he had told us also received his membership on that day. I later called the headquarters and filed a complaint about a personal training session. When I called to file this complaint I learned that I was in fact in a three year contract. I stated my case and was told that I would get a return call regarding both issues. I called again three months later to inquire about the situation and the complaints were listed as resolved without ever discussing anything with me. I went on to file both complaints a second time, again no call backs. Just recently I called them a third time. Their response to me was either pay us $1288 dollars to get out of the three year contract I never wanted to be in, in the first place or continue to pay for this for the next 3 years. They never seemed to question that they might have crooked employees who collect commission by dooping potential members into signing long contracts. Bally's only response is that they have my signature and are holding me to the three years. I have recently read the Balley’s reform act for New York and was not provided with a follow up to make sure I understand my agreement as required they only called to check my billing information; there was no discussion of my contract. Nor did I meet with a senior sales member who explained my contract to me, being that he told me I could cancel whenever I wanted. It was also stated in the settlement made by the NY attorney general that they must periodically check for bad sales practice. Even when I filed my complaint it was ignored. Furthermore, they did not give me on thing they promised me in my contract other than use of their gym why is it that they can get away with breaking their end and I am stuck to mine. They promised me a diet plan and later told me short people can't be on a diet? They promised me personal training but claimed that I used all of it when I did not go once, so they three in one free session (apparently free still 200 out) with a trainer who ran off to hit on girls and gave me 5 mins of his time. Nor did I get a body fat analysis, etc. It burns me that large cooperation’s can get away with whatever they want break their own agreements while screwing us over. Never have I dealt with such a crooked business and I thought I had seen the worse.

I have written a letter to the better Business Bureau, and Attorney General. I have also written letters to local newspapers and news stations consumer divisions in attempt to trash their name. I don't know if any of this will do a thing but worth a try. Perhaps I have too much time on my hands but I see it as a matter of principal. After all I did manage to get the City of Albany to stop towing cars in a four block radius of my house with only 3 hours emergency parking notice. No one said Albany would ever give me my money back but I got it back, and they no longer tow. So I feel anything is possible here. Anyhow also starting a group on myspace for any of you interested in joining. Will keep you up to date on progress and if there is in fact a way out, or for anyone else to list any helpful advice or rant.

White House, TN

#21 Feb 8, 2007
Bally's is the world's worst corporation! I had signed a contract in 2000 after seeing they had free yoga classes. I thought instead of paying for a gym and yoga, why not go somewhere that they offer both. Two months after I signed up they dropped the free yoga classes and started charging extra money on top of the monthly fee for any yoga classes that were offered. They would not let me cancel and I signed the contract so they had me by the short hairs.
It angered me everytime I had to pay that monthly fee so I saved my money and paid it all off (two years early). A year and a half later when I was buying a house I noticed in my credit report that Bally's was still on there! The imbeciles didn't bother in over 18 months to notate that my membership had been paid off so it was lowering my credit score. The only good in this is that my mortgage company had me and a national Bally's rep on a three way call where she gave Bally's and this woman the tongue-lashing they deserved. The representative totally tried to back track and dance around the facts asking if I was sure I paid off several hundreds of dollars in membership fees. Luckily I had saved my dated receipt from Bally's in their own letter head and gave my broker a photocopy. After all of annoying Bally rep's backtracking and never taking responsibility for the companies inept work ethic, she assured us that this would be taken care of. After this conversation the mortgage rep said she had seen this before and part of her job is getting tough with irresponsible companies like Bally's.

They still tried to get me to sign up again after it expired with all kinds of dishonest tactics. Once I got a letter saying someone had used my card and I had to renew to keep from paying the fine. It was absolute Baloney and a scare tactic used to get members to sign up again! Unbelievable! I then demanded that any kind of account or association with them be dropped.

Here's the kicker... almost 4 years later today I get a copy off all three credit reports and guess who is still on there. It is shown as paid off but also says that I have an account with them.

There are so many people who have had nightmare stories with them. They have built up some BAD karma.

Don't be another victim.

Santa Cruz, CA

#22 Feb 14, 2007
I was just told by a Bally's rep that I can't cancel my Bally's membership unless I can prove that I live 25 miles away. Well I lost my job and live 24.1 miles away from the next nearest gym. I'm totally screwed. That is so unfair, and I was told when I first joined that I could cancel at ANY time for just $52, no questions asked. Why do I get told one thing from a Bally's rep and something else by another? On top of it all, it will take them 30 days to even respond to my cancellation request.

I am so upset about this entire incident and plan on reporting this to the Better Business Bureau for their practice of unfair business tactics. In addition, I will tell my friends not to join because Bally's Fitness practices unfair business.

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