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Pottstown, PA

#101 Nov 15, 2007
A BBB Customer No More wrote:
Interesting what BBB sales associates have to say about working at BBB. I was just at the BBB in Woodbridge, NJ today and was trying to make a couple of purchase but couldn't because when I tried to seek assistance from the sales associates they were either holding personal conversations amongst themselves or on personal phone calls. After spending ten minutes trying to find an associate who could assist me I decided to leave. On the way out of the store I asked to speak to the manager and informed her of what happened. I also told her this was my second incident of the same kind within the same amount of months. She acted as if she could care less about my disappointment. No wonder the sales associates at BBB are discontented if their leadership in management is acting this way. And corporate BBB wonders why their profit margin is shrinking????? Suggestion to the bigwigs at BBB...get out to your individual locations and see how customers are treated by sales associates and management.
These talking employees are probably the ones we are trying to get rid of but can't! And to you customer...There are alot of good employees in our store. Excuse me have you every shopped at a LNT store? You will be completly invisible!!!
Sorry your experience in Woodbrige wasn't up to our standards. Come and visit us in PA, and as long as we don't have the high average of call outs like we usually do, I would love to help you.

Newport, KY

#102 Nov 16, 2007
Thanks for your comments...I now know that I have no desire to work at Bed Bath and Beyond, or shop at Bed Bath and Beyond.
Wowed in Jersey

Anderson, IN

#103 Nov 17, 2007
I was only looking for a portable bed when I clicked on to this site. I'm so disappointed to hear about all the negative experiences. It does sound as though it is just another example of the way life goes. You have to have to take the bad with the good. You don't, however, have to shop and I certainly can take my business elsewhere having read what I have read. I think Walmart may have what I'm looking for... but maybe BBB owns them or vice versa. Who knows in this day and age. In any event, if someone is unhappy and feels mistreated it would behoove you to find another job and not make too much of a commitment in your time. Lastly, being late and calling out is not a sign of dependability and that's what every employer wants.

Since: Nov 07

Bensalem, PA

#104 Nov 17, 2007
vlm wrote:
Thanks for your comments...I now know that I have no desire to work at Bed Bath and Beyond, or shop at Bed Bath and Beyond.
I just want to remind everyone that forums like this one are a place to vent and are not representitive of the majority of the employees or shoppers at BBB. As a 6 year employee with them, I am proud of the overall record that our store has demonstrated not only to its employees, but also to our large community of satisfied customers. We have customers who come in repeatedly to the point where we are on a first name basis with so many of them. We receive positive comments each day from satisfied shoppers who take the time out of their busy day to stop to write a note on the customer comment cards we provide at our service desk.
Complaints are taken very seriously and when we become aware of one, we are expected to formulate an action plan to satisfy that person in a timely manner. That information is forwarded to district managers who follow through with the store managers. So you see, while you may think a complaint is falling on deaf ears, a report is being generated to which response is mandatory.
Our customer service performance is constantly being evaluated. The use of secret shoppers provide us with a monthly scorecard rating various areas of skills that include the number of times a customer is greeted and offered assistance, the depth of an associate's knowledge about our products(we receive classes), and cashier training. This valuable tool enables us to spot areas that may need improvement. Believe me, consistantly bad scores brings the wrath of corporate and we don't like that!! I can't tell you how many times I have gone into other stores and have greeted people out of sheer habit!
Regarding disgruntled employees: Everybody has'em at some point somewhere. Retail by its very nature is demanding. We open our doors on time each day whether or not our employees are late or call out. We take out the trash and clean the toilets, sweep the floors, climb the ladders, fill the shelves and lift the boxes. I don't care if you are black, white or sky blue. These chores are done by everyone, even managers.
Slackers, whiners and malcontents are not tolerated for long and excuses are looked upon VERY intently. As one person wrote "Bed Bath and Beyond is not right for everyone" and this is true. Another thing is true: Good workers tend to stand out by their very nature. And in many cases can be rewarded by getting better hours or more pay. But everyone gets the same chance when they start out.
Spread The Word

Dallas, TX

#105 Nov 18, 2007
I have read most of the poted comments and the same theme seems to be consistant that Bed Bath & Beyond is a bad company to work for in any state. I worked for BBB for five years in the role as a Dept Mgr.In my time at BBB I saw alot, I saw fist fights happen, one between a store mgr. and an employee, and the district staff did "selective" interviews in thier investigation, I was not more that three feet from the fight and was never interviewed, but lets just say for some reason the store mgr. didnt get fired, the second fist fight was never investigated but it was reported. The theme for promotions was not how much experience you have, not how much education you have or not what acomplishments have you made, but how many hours can you work, I have sixteen years retail management experience and have always been taught that time management is the sign of a good leader, the old saying "Work Smarter Not Harder" does not appply to BBB. I discovered that BBB was a very very bad place to work very soon after being employed, so I enrolled in college, went nights, weekends and took online classes and worked very hard to get my B.A. and not long after I graduated I was called upstairs to a meeting in the store managers office, and was asked to participate in the newest "Rule" that everyone had to ask to go to the bathroom, that was the straw that broke the camels back, and I quit in my own special way. I saw and experienced alot more than I mentioned in this blog and I could share much much more, but what good would it do, the best thing I can recomend is do as I do, Tell everyone you know, all of your family members and everyone you come into contact with not to shop there and if you have to tell a quick short story to credit your request, and one day BBB will be hurting, Just Remember "What Comes Around Goes Around" the people that were too spineless to stand up for the right thing and stand up to thier bosses when they knew what they were being to told was not right, These people will get thiers in the end, you may not be there to see it, but trust that the right way will always pervail.
doesnt matter

Lithonia, GA

#106 Nov 18, 2007
The race thing is a crock. It is an over used excuse. BBB would not risk their values by stooping to this. If you are late, that is a problem whether you are white, black, red, or GREEN! Calling in late- is still late! That means someone else has to pick up your slack whether it is a valid reason or not. They are a business and the business needs come first. That was their expectations at hiring. No, I have never been affiliated with BBB. However, these ethics apply at any establishment. Blaming management is the easiest excuse. The problem is still an excuse. By the way... I agree with Tricia AOL. It is not a charity. So, on that note... I am going to go shopping there!

Eugene, OR

#107 Nov 19, 2007
I was planning on applying for this store despite its bad rep here locally. I get online and found these comments, so I changed my mind. I could never tolerate any sort of prejudice, my mom raised us to respect our fellow human beings. Im not better than any other person.We are all equal. Not to mention the attitude of the "happy" BBB employee's comments. They all act as if they are sneering and mean. Immature..

Pittsburgh, PA

#108 Nov 21, 2007
i am glad i work for a doctor

Hayward, CA

#109 Nov 21, 2007
Saraj wrote:
If you still truly work for BBB, why dont you call the 1800 Network number (you should know what that is) or contact your District HR manager? Those are the people who can help fix the problem instead of emailing complete strangers who can do nothing to help you.
Because there is no 1800 number, you dumb twit! Otherwise, everybody who works for this shitty company would be calling in. And yes, it is racist!

Hayward, CA

#110 Nov 21, 2007
I worked for this company, and the management treated me like I was a disease they didn't want to catch! For all of those who supposedly love this company, and have worked for them for years, they are either lying, or they are licking someone's butt crack and are therefore the store management's pet! Believe me, BBB is not looking for great employees, only abusable ones!

I have not received my last check from them! Guess what? This company is a lawsuit waiting to happen.

Hayward, CA

#111 Nov 21, 2007
Confused wrote:
There probably is some racism (both ways) in a company as big as BBBY. However, whenever people jump to the conclusion that they are "victims" of racism, policy, age, etc., they fail to take responsibility and grow from the experience.
Another thought: Most of the negative responses on this posting are clearly written by people to didn't care to learn the English language. That would be a good place to start.
Thank you for showing your racist attitude. And by the way, I speak perfect english, I am a graduate student, and I was still treated badly! And I have over eight years of retail and corporate experience. You are full of shit, and you have probably never done a hard day's work in your frigging life.

Hayward, CA

#112 Nov 21, 2007
Get over it wrote:
I read your message have no sympathy for you. The issue here is about work ethic, which after reading your posting, you seen to have little of. Your personal problems are not the companies or the managers' problem. If you accepted a position and agreed to work the hours, then make it happen. Stop blaming others for your problems and look inward at your own work ethic. Take responsibility for your absences and tardiness instead of blaming others. When you miss work or are late, ultimately it effects the customer you are supposed to be services. I work in the healthcare field and serve the patients I work for. You should be thankful you have a job with flexibility. Try changing your attitude- look for solutions to your challenges. Life is going to throw you far tougher challenges.
You obviously have poor eyesight, or a heart of coal, because work ethic is not the dominating theme here. It is partiality to certain employees, unfair and unsafe working practices, and discrimination, for whatever reason, against hardworking employees. Keep your Lord of the manor speech for someone other than the serfs, asshole.

Hayward, CA

#113 Nov 21, 2007
Pam---Michigan wrote:
Stop whinning and screaming discrimination! In 2 months you have called OFF and LATE....shame on you! In 15 yrs. I've missed 5 days, 4 were funeral days and 1 sick. No shoulder to cry on here young lady, life is not a free ride, get with it and do an honest days work. All jobs have there ups and downs...roll with it chick!
I was never late for my shifts, constantly polite, said hello to everyone, made eye contact, and the only thing that could ever be said about me, was this: I hesitated to put myself into an unsafe working condition on a ladder, the same type that the training video said not to. And when I pointed that out to the manager, they said to just go ahead and do it, that it could be done. Unless you have worked in those exact same conditions, don't tell me that it is my own fault. You've obviously never had to kiss ass to eat!
A happy one

Chicago, IL

#114 Nov 21, 2007
As with any job, there are days when I hate working for BBB. But people like you, who call in sick or are late, are often the source of my frustration. When people call in sick or are late, everyone else has to work twice as hard to pull your weight. I work customer service and was recently promoted to a Front End Lead, and there have been numerous days when I've either had to come in early, stay late, or even work a double shift because someone didn't show up, and no one else wanted to come in. And please don't pull the race card. It's about work ethic, not race. If you are lazy, then the company doesn't need you. Sure things happen, and sometimes there is nothing you can do about it. There were a few rare times when I was forced to call in because of circumstances beyond my control, and my store manager had no problem with it. She knew that I was a hard worker and that it wasn't like me to not come to work, so she knew that it had to be a legitimate reason. If you don't like to work hard, the company doesn't need you. All you do is make more work for everyone else.

United States

#115 Nov 21, 2007
After reading all of this, not for sure if I should even shop at BBB. Sure if most retailers would offer better salaries and benefits to ALL of their employees, wouldn't have high turn over. Keep in mind, high turn over KEEPS your salary expenses down by never having to give raises. Bad press only keeps good applicants away from these retailers. Looks like BBB has some serious issues to solve, or be more selective as to the markets they open stores.
Detroit Michigan BBB

Hattiesburg, MS

#116 Nov 21, 2007
You call in late and sick? And then pull the race card? You are pathetic and you make excuses for yourself. You haven't set the bar very high when in comes to work morales and being a dedicated employee.

Ypsilanti, MI

#117 Nov 28, 2007
Ice Queen

Beverly, MA

#118 Nov 28, 2007
I work for Bed Bath and Beyond and I have for 3 years as a manager. I agree you should not be calling out late or sick unless you really need to. But also this company is terrible to their employees.
A full time hourly associate gets just 3 sick days a year. 3 then they do not get paid if they are out longer.
Any employee who is out for more than 5 days is put on a leave of absence!
They have little or not compassion and do not care about anyone unless they work like a dog.
Managers are required to work 5 10 hour days and are often forced to work more.
I have seen managers with children who needed to leave on time to get their kids told they could not leave or punished for leaving when they were supposed to.
I have been in my coat to leave and told I must stay to finish something.
They are worse then Walmart when it comes to their employees but somehow stay out of the news.\
It would be great of someone exposed how terrible they are.
I have two weeks left to work for them and them I am happily going to another company that gives their part time employees health insurance and sick days!

Lakeland, MI

#119 Dec 3, 2007
you are so right! That comapny only cares about money and YES all the upper management is sleepping around with other managers in the company. If you are not screwing them they WILL screw you. I was terminated due to I COULDNT TAKE IT ANYMORE......Sick and tired of all the bullshit and happy I am gone.
Potential Part-Timer

Horseheads, NY

#120 Dec 7, 2007
Does anyone who works/has worked for the store know what the selection criteria is for keeping new hires on after a store start-up? I want to apply but am interested in knowing if I'll "fit in" beforehand. Thanks.

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