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Middletown, MD

#41 Sep 4, 2007
Cheryl wrote:
Iworked there for 10 days, breaking my back to put the store together and after it was finished, given the boot for no particular reason. I was never late, worked hard and did my best and did everything asked of me and then some.
Kept busy the entire time I worked and asked for more work as soon as I finished the task assigned to me.
I will never shop at one of these stores ever.
I quit my previous job only to be turned out on the street, while they kept all the young 20 somethings who's only tallent was crawling up the managers behind.
I would love to see how long they last when it is time to haul down the heavey pots and pans top stocked.
Just guessing, but perhaps it was your spelling:


#42 Sep 5, 2007
Hey Thor in Nevada:

First of all, how long have you been with the company to call yourself a "true insider"? Should I check the associate directory to see if you even currently work there? Secondly, if you were to compare BBB's numbers to its competitors (most notably LNT) you would see that BBB is nowhere close to "dying" as you put it. I have spent 15 years now working hard and treating my associates with respect, and I recently got transferred and a lofty raise to go with it. At least in the district I work in, hard work does pay off. Sounds like someone else who feels they are "owed" something.
As for everyones' comments on store openings, every retailer over-hires for openings, and usually has to subsequently lay people off, because most can't substain that type of payroll. Only an A volume BBB employs more than 50 people. Sometimes the decisions are difficult, but we all should know that payroll is the most controllable expense a company has. Maybe you were fired because of availability, or maybe you demanded full time hours and benefits, when those positions are few and far between in retail sales. If you have a legitimate claim, go to the EEOC and complain. And, learn to spell. When I review applications and someone either cannot spell or cannot follow the instructions on the application, I immediately file it. You must remember that that is an indication of your ability to follow directions and be detail-oriented. I cannot tell you how many times I have seen "white, female, Baptist, 44 years old" or something similar under the portion of the application that asks to list any organizations or activities you participate in, NOT including those that indicate race, gender, age, or religion. Stupid!!

United States

#43 Sep 5, 2007
What a great way to represent the company
Tricia... "Should I check the associate directory..." and "Maybe you were fired because of availability, or maybe you demanded full time hours and benefits, when those positions are few and far between in retail sales." ... this is exactly the tone future BBB prospects should see before applying.
Folks, this is just one example of the kind of management obsticles you'll run into while employed with BBB.
I'm going to throw out some facts in the next few weeks for all of you about BBB that i'm sure you(and the BBB spin doctors) will find very interesting...stay tuned!!


#44 Sep 6, 2007
Gosh , I am sorry I stumbled up on this sight !
I was going to apply for a job at the New BB&B opening here soon .
I must say though , it is very bad to miss or be late on any new job (2 months ,Geez )! Young people just do not know how hard it is to get or keep a job these days . Waite till you've been around awhile , you will truely look at your JOB differently then ( I should hope so anyway )!
old beach bum

Vashon, WA

#45 Sep 6, 2007
You folks really burn my butt. Half of you cannot read,write or spell correctly and yet you b..cth about management. You wanted the job. You were told what was expected of you. So, shut up and suck it up. No one owes you anything. You made choices in your life so deal with them and don't blame someone else. If I were a manager and you were with the firm for two months and had repeated "problems" showing up as directed I would simply fire your sorry azz. End of story. Screw ups on your part are not emergencies on mine.

Willemstad, Curacao

#46 Sep 7, 2007
The thruth is:

MANY companies, not everey company do NOT care about employees. Make me the MONEy, that is what is important to most of them. For the ones who think life is a bed of roses and in your 1st year you never reach your job late, PLEASE WAKE UP and smell the JAVA and with that get a REAL Life and GROW UP.
I was working for a company, and I told The Management Team about many things that could go better. Well They DO NOT care. They fired me and my other colleges. One thing I am Happy, is that they did NOT HEED my warnings and now today they do not exist no more. I had nothing to do with it.
You see dear either you suck up, or you look for a new job, but one thing I can tell you, many businesses are like that. Managers only care if it happens to them. I had a car accident (with severe whiplash) which I did not provoke, and I heard all those remarks of, I am faking it, I need attention, etc. Well about 2 weeks after my car accident my manager nearly lost her only Child in an car accident, and then YES we had to UNDERSTAND her situation.
You see girl, DO NOT DO TO OTHERS WHAT YOU DON'T NOT WANT DONE TO YOU. If you know you are doing jor job right. Keep doing your work. I was a darn hard worker. I was earlier than my manager at work, but still got fired. She got fired too after 2 months. Did my job and hers as a matter of fact. And I DO NOT SUCK UP.
You can complain, they might take you seriously or they might use it against you. P.S.: Your best friend can be your worst enemy without you even knowing it!!!
As University Graduate I can tell all of you this: The best you treath your employees, the better it is for the company. But workers should meet half way too. But there will always be rotten apples, not that I am even suggesting let alone saying you are one.
One thing, You said you are a student, well keep studying and reach as far as you can go!!! I wish you much luck. Hard work and persistance DOES pay off. If you only knew all the things I pass through. I am not a worker of BBB and with the Lords will I will never be.
Ft Myers Blues

Cape Coral, FL

#47 Sep 8, 2007
After over 14 years of high volume retail mngmt I was recruited by BBB ofr $10k higher base salary then I was recvng when I had over 200 employees working with me. I stayed for about 3-4 months and it was the worst experience in retail I have ever had. The only reason that company stays afloat is their high margins. They don't reward seniority from what I saw, they only expect them to do whatever they say as they dangle a carrot in front of them for promotions. They higly unorganized and their clearance system is a joke. They only give so many mark down dollars to the stores each month, so the back room is filled w/clearance products. They preach safety during the day, but the night crew climbs where ever they want, making it very difficult to get product during the day w/out breaking safety procedures. I found the store manager to be clueless on what she was doing, the store ran on auto pilot for the most part. The night stocking crew almost never finishes the freight unless an assistant manager is their to push them. Although I did work w/a couple of very smart assistant managers, it seemed in this particular store if your not a woman, or willing to put 60 hours in a week, your not moving up. I am just glad I found better in life.
Brad H

Oxford, MI

#48 Sep 10, 2007
I've worked at Bed Bath & Beyond since 2003, and while it may not be the most spectactular job available...I really like my job. I've been a part time associate due to school, and have been to work on time almost every single day - save being in the hospital, a flat tire on the expressway to work or being stuck in a snow storm up state. My Store Manager cares for his associates, as did my last one as well. Not every manager is going to be "good people", its a fact for every retail store. But those that care and strive for the best are great.
To Cheryl that complained about getting the axe after setting up the store, that happens at every single BB&B when it is being built. I moved downstate to set up the current store I'm at, and even though I was basically guaranteed a position - everyone that was cut just didn't fit in. You have to be a diligent, friendly individual. Sometimes, they might just find something they dislike - they can't keep all 40 of the employees that they hire to get things set up. We kept 25, and after Christmas (a month after the store opened) we were down to 20. Now, we're down to maybe 8 or so - the best of the best. They told everyone that was setting up that not everyone would be kept - it was stupid of you to quit your job before hand, I'm sorry to say.
If you're calling off or tardy that many times in 2 months, they're not going to pull the race card. Heck, if I was a manager I'd be investigating the issues as well. After so many times, they'd lose trust - it is a business, but you can't fool them too many times or they'll catch on.
I'd love to take up a management position if one opened, although retail is not what I'd like to do with my life - the managers are great, the associates are fun, and customers come pen. If you can't GOT A PEN, 7-5-3 or the silly things they ask of you, you aren't providing the best customer service possible.
Brad H

Oxford, MI

#49 Sep 10, 2007
Err, the customers come first. Not pen. What I'd give for an edit feature.

Bay City, MI

#50 Sep 12, 2007
Do BB&B a faor and get a different job! Believe me - you will be doing them a favor. Bad employees who cannot understand the importance of showing up, on time, and with an agreeable attitude end up costing companies more then these employees are worth. Job performance and employee attitude have nothing to do with race! If you were a valuable employee, believe me they would bend over backwards to keep you! Find a job that suits your skills and temperment
Anony wrote:
This Concerns everyone, so please respond.
I wish I can speak to someone in higher management. I have never felt so unwelcomed in all my years of working. I work for Bed Bath and Beyond (on W.Colonial, Orlando Fl.) and I have to say that the managers that work at the one I am at are very racist and rude. I am a student, a mother and a hard worker. I have called in due to illness, and have called ahead of time to let management know that I was running late. I felt as if I were being investigated for being late, even when I told the manager what was going on. I felt as though my manager didn't believe me. I feel that with this kind of business it's no wonder no one wants to stay long at this store. Many associates have already left the store and more continue to resign from their positions due to the stress of working under terrible management. I have been working for Bed Bath and Beyond for almost two months and none of the associates I work for can say anything good about this store. Many nights I have stayed later then the time I was scheduled, but if I call in late I get investigated like I am a bad person. I wish for something to be done about this or soon there will be no one to work for this store. I am informing whomever reads this e-mail take head to it. I am making a copy of it and sending it to whoever will read it. I am an ambitious person, and if something is not done about the way "certain races" are being treated I will make sure that everyone knows. Thank you for your time sincerely, a Colored Bed Bath and Beyond Employee.
Prospective employee


#51 Sep 13, 2007
I've read most of the comments, good and bad. Haven't seen where anyone says what the pay is like or what the starting hourly rate is for a part time employee (sales associate or cashier). Does anyone know?

Easthampton, MA

#52 Sep 17, 2007
i used to work at bbb and i always hated getting frisked for merchandise before we left work and our purses checked..i just stopped bringing my purse because i felt like my rights were being violated!
Thats against the law. No one in the store has any right to put there hands on you unless its the LP huys with documentation that you passed all points of sale with a product on your person. Company written papers you sign about allowing them to search you is moot in most cases unless it is a security sensative job IE: you have a security clearance for the government. I would bring in a phone with a cammera and video record the event, then go to the press and immediatly file a lawsuit on the company and a personal law suit on the employee who thinks that just because he was told by management he could do it did. One thing that alot of these idiots AKA store managers know nothing about is that when you have a federal law or state law then that automatically superseeds anything a store says. I have had a total of 5 store managers expelled and fiered for violating federal labor laws as well as thinking that there position means they can do what they want. File a written complaint with the EEO in your city, call the DOL and file a complaint with them, video the search they do on you and question the manager about this policy while recording it on video. After the idiot tells you about "its our polocy" make sure you find a lawyer wich wont be hard to with video evidence and stick it to them. I am so tiered of people who are not qualified to be leaders being in the positions they are in and better yet abuseing the employee, Good luck and in case you wonder, yes, I do know what I am talking about as i was a FLEO and studied federal labor law for quite some time.

Easthampton, MA

#53 Sep 17, 2007
INSIDER wrote:
What a great way to represent the company
Tricia... "Should I check the associate directory..." and "Maybe you were fired because of availability, or maybe you demanded full time hours and benefits, when those positions are few and far between in retail sales." ... this is exactly the tone future BBB prospects should see before applying.
Folks, this is just one example of the kind of management obsticles you'll run into while employed with BBB.
I'm going to throw out some facts in the next few weeks for all of you about BBB that i'm sure you(and the BBB spin doctors) will find very interesting...stay tuned!!
This responce is intended for the person who decaired they would(search the directory)
Well not to bust your rump but for someone who works in the field know that your threat of searching a company diectory to find information on an employee without due cause (look in your comapany handbook for managers) is against the law. Second, admitting that you push aside someone due to spelling is a form of discrimination. Many times in reports I field for convicting people in the court of law had a few misspelled word here and there and plese do not try to convince me you must be a scholar to be able to check someone out or stock items on a shelf.......... To the person who this was written to. If you are still employed with the company and have received any and I mean any kind of fishey behavior since this last post or"threat" you may go to EEO file the complaint, file charges against the company at the local court and pay the $25 for a (request of information) This legal document will force the employer to provide a list of names on anyone who had inquiered about you from the date you list and if this person here has done this at all to any degree or passed it onto a company friend to do it you now have a grand lawsuit against the company. next you'll want to file charges on them personally for monitary damages, dont worry, if they dont own a house chances are there are immediate relatives that do and you can sue them in place of not being able to get your $$$ for violation of the PAS of 1974, RTK law of 1981, PRS of 1962 and a host of others. You have the right to write anything you want about the workplace you work at as long as there is no threat of violance, vandalism etc........ If anyone feels like they have a problem and are in fear because someone who works for the company happens to find this post, simply print the page and if you are fired you now have a peice of evidence to land a win in court. Good luck!
gone for good

United States

#54 Sep 17, 2007
It doesn't matter whether you follow your schedule or not, you still won't get a good review, a promotion, or more hours. You can call your DHR or the 1800 number, but they will turn your problem with them around to them having a problem with you. It's your entire fault no matter what proof you have. I suggest you find another job, then quit Bed Bath and Beyond...the company isn't worth working for.
I agree I just quit today, not the best to work for

Sandusky, OH

#55 Sep 19, 2007
BBB ASM wrote:
Bottom line is Bed Bath & Beyond has treated me extremely well. I started in this company almost three years ago and through my HARD WORK and DEDICATION, I rose through the ranks and I am now an Assistant Store Manager. When you work hard and show your TRUE VALUE to a company, they take care of you because you are identified as an asset to the company. If you are complaining it is not because BB&B are a bunch of racists, or they see you only as a number, it is because you WORK ETHIC leaves much to be desired.
I agree with your comment it is all about work ethic.

Sandusky, OH

#56 Sep 19, 2007
Tricia wrote:
Even though this is like beating a dead horse, I cannot help myself but to chime in on this topic. I am approaching my 15 year anniversary with BBB. I am an operations manager, and have seen many hourly associates, and managers, come and go. The truth is that BBB is not for everyone. It is a lot of manual work and the standards are very high. As far as attendance goes, many associates go an entire year with no tardies or call-offs, and are rewarded by the company. If you were my employee and had call offs and tardies already in two months, I would be irritated with you as well. Your schedule is written in advance so you can plan your life. When you call off, don't be suprised when your hours are cut and given to someone who doesnt call in late or sick. We are running a business, not a charity. Also, if you are still employed by BBB, call the 800 Network number or your District HR manager with your issues. They are the only ones who can fix them. It is usually people like you who complain to the whole world except the people who can help you that make everyone look bad. Grow up and act like the mature adult you claim to be!!!
A happy BBB employee
Yeah, you hit it right on the head two months and tardies and absent her track record is a mess already any retailer will fire or investigate you especially if you have not been with them for a period of time say about a year with no tardies or absences. I worked for a company for 28 years was hardly absent and never tardy, when I did get seriously ill I was treated very well I was on an extended leave I still came back to my job maybe because I showed them some respect and came in when scheduled had no excuses for tardieness and planned my life around my responsibility so this I work hard and I show up when scheduled in two months your record should be no missing days and no tardies that to me is not acceptable. Racist don't believe that there are to many laws that protect people from that if that were the case maybe you will need to file suit against them I doubt it was your race I think the way they treat you is because of your attitude and your lack of being responsible as far as I see they are well within there right and I have to honestly say I would be happy to work for a company who took people being absent and tardy so seriously instead of sweeping them under the rug and continue to keep them employed my hats off to Bed Bath and Beyond I respect there business practices more places should take the lead.

Sandusky, OH

#57 Sep 19, 2007
Hmmm wrote:
<quoted text>
Just guessing, but perhaps it was your spelling:

Sandusky, OH

#58 Sep 19, 2007
Prospective employee wrote:
I've read most of the comments, good and bad. Haven't seen where anyone says what the pay is like or what the starting hourly rate is for a part time employee (sales associate or cashier). Does anyone know?
pay has nothing to do with it if you have pride in who you are and take that pride and put it into your work is shows if you just show up don't really take responsibility and are always late and absent you deserve what you get you are not valuable so it has nothing at all with wage in how you should work. When I worked two jobs at one time one payed less then the other my loyalty to both was equal and respectful you really don't get it money is not what you want to achieve it is respect and knowing that you did a good job.
just me

Saginaw, MI

#59 Sep 20, 2007
Well I just had to comment about this. I work 2 jobs on average 68 hours a week. Reasons why don't matter. One is retail and I can tell you. It is important to the entire team of co-workers when someone "calls in" excuse being late or ill. I have worked my retail job for 3 years. I have never called in for the exception of my mothers death. If you call in that shift has to be covered by who ? The person that already has worked his/her shift ? usually yes. Do I get sick yes occasionally and I just take some cold medicine and go to work.... sorry its just the way it is. Its a cool set up, I show up for work they pay me :)
A BBB Customer No More


#60 Sep 20, 2007
Interesting what BBB sales associates have to say about working at BBB. I was just at the BBB in Woodbridge, NJ today and was trying to make a couple of purchase but couldn't because when I tried to seek assistance from the sales associates they were either holding personal conversations amongst themselves or on personal phone calls. After spending ten minutes trying to find an associate who could assist me I decided to leave. On the way out of the store I asked to speak to the manager and informed her of what happened. I also told her this was my second incident of the same kind within the same amount of months. She acted as if she could care less about my disappointment. No wonder the sales associates at BBB are discontented if their leadership in management is acting this way. And corporate BBB wonders why their profit margin is shrinking????? Suggestion to the bigwigs at BBB...get out to your individual locations and see how customers are treated by sales associates and management.

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