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How to get to the top

Oak Park, MI

#466 Jul 4, 2012
Heres a little secret. If you have no management experience, you'll never be a manger at BBB. Even if you work there for 6 years and bust your ass and are better at several things than many of the managers, it doesn't matter. The signs they have that say they promote from within or that there is "room at the top" are complete bullshit. My advice is go work for another company where it's easier to get promoted and then apply to BBBs MIT program. Don't kill yourself for years. It won't get you anywhere. Oh, and don't work in the bridal registry if you can help it. Those employees get a mental beating everyday.

Centerville, MA

#467 Jul 7, 2012
I wonder how many posts does it take for a news story to take off? TV, newspaper, Internet? Take a hint.

Silver Spring, MD

#468 Jul 15, 2012
Do you have experience to work at Bed, Bath and Beyond in Rockville, Maryland?
So tell me about your opinion about it?

Silver Spring, MD

#469 Jul 15, 2012
You guys, don't know what's going on in this company because you never know what are their connection.

United States

#470 Jul 15, 2012
Oh please. Most of not all of these people work for the company including myself. You can tell by the things they are saying. They can't do a news story because employees sign a contract saying they won't speak to media about the company or they will be terminated. Something to hide? Maybe, maybe not.

Humble, TX

#471 Jul 27, 2012
Racist to the xtreme. you get a spit in the face after being here for a full year. Mangers are messy and racist.

Arlington Heights, IL

#472 Sep 3, 2012
toblerone wrote:
We have the same sense of unity at our store... Good for us!
Keep your positive attitude, it's awesome.
Thank you for recognizing that I strive to keep a positive attitude! Other than not wanting to give out benefits,is there some reason why they stopped full-time hiring of cashiers?

Arlington Heights, IL

#473 Sep 3, 2012
It seems insulting at times when mgt is looking for cashiers and yet again the signs are in the window when at least three of us would welcome full or almost full-time in this economy. I suppose they are trying to get someone to take lesser pay after acquiring World Market.

Arlington Heights, IL

#474 Sep 3, 2012
Riddler wrote:
lol operabbb you must think we're all dumb. YOU ARE the Store Manager at that location aren't you? So sad. Just another DM's pet. Please do yourself a favor and get off BBB's D*ck...
I am not the store mgr at Wilmette 064; I am a cashier who isn't always pleased with mgt.. You made me laugh!

Arlington Heights, IL

#475 Sep 9, 2012
I am going to say something positive. My mgt is recognizing us by rewarding us for suggestive selling and for the most part our daily sheets have been positive or at least constructive and not just degrading. So sue me for having hope.
BBB employee

United States

#476 Sep 18, 2012
Ex-BBBY employee wrote:
<quoted text>
OMG!! I worked with Chuck Sutton and his wife at different stores. His poor wife. She is a very nice person. He's gross. You are right, BBB has a culture of people sleeping around to get promoted. Also right about calling corporate. Any unethical conduct you try to report will get turned around on you, like you're the unreasonable one.
I also worked with Chuck Sutton. You are right, he is disgusting!! He will and has slept with anyone from employee to management. I'm suprised they have not got rid of him yet. Must have slept with someone higher up along the way.

Miami, FL

#477 Sep 23, 2012
Careful they might call HR and have a note to file saying Failure to comply with social media agreement which you signed once you got hired. Happened to me lol. Pigs indeed though!
Anony wrote:
This Concerns everyone, so please respond.
I wish I can speak to someone in higher management. I have never felt so unwelcomed in all my years of working. I work for Bed Bath and Beyond (on W.Colonial, Orlando Fl.) and I have to say that the managers that work at the one I am at are very racist and rude. I am a student, a mother and a hard worker. I have called in due to illness, and have called ahead of time to let management know that I was running late. I felt as if I were being investigated for being late, even when I told the manager what was going on. I felt as though my manager didn't believe me. I feel that with this kind of business it's no wonder no one wants to stay long at this store. Many associates have already left the store and more continue to resign from their positions due to the stress of working under terrible management. I have been working for Bed Bath and Beyond for almost two months and none of the associates I work for can say anything good about this store. Many nights I have stayed later then the time I was scheduled, but if I call in late I get investigated like I am a bad person. I wish for something to be done about this or soon there will be no one to work for this store. I am informing whomever reads this e-mail take head to it. I am making a copy of it and sending it to whoever will read it. I am an ambitious person, and if something is not done about the way "certain races" are being treated I will make sure that everyone knows. Thank you for your time sincerely, a Colored Bed Bath and Beyond Employee.
New hire

Pompano Beach, FL

#478 Sep 28, 2012
Does anyone know what the starting pay for a cashier is. South florida in particular.

Staten Island, NY

#479 Oct 4, 2012
BBB ASM wrote:
Bottom line is Bed Bath & Beyond has treated me extremely well. I started in this company almost three years ago and through my HARD WORK and DEDICATION, I rose through the ranks and I am now an Assistant Store Manager. When you work hard and show your TRUE VALUE to a company, they take care of you because you are identified as an asset to the company. If you are complaining it is not because BB&B are a bunch of racists, or they see you only as a number, it is because you WORK ETHIC leaves much to be desired.
I'm happy you're experience with this Co has been a good one, but knowing someone who is in a management position currently & has been for a little over 5 years now, who works ass off for this Co who has been made unlimited promises who has gone through every class & training to move up in the Co who never calls out who stays late who works any shift they ask who works @ any other store when asked who knows the insides & outs of every department & is still in the same position. This person is
NOT the only person going throught this either. They promote up to department & then everything stalls out. They have made promises if you work @ another location further much further away than from where you live its because they are looking to promote you, BULLSHIT!!!!!! no one has ever been promoted with that lie. Good luck!!!! I'm sure you will feel it too. This Co is the worst. You've been warned!!

Since: Oct 12

Location hidden

#480 Oct 16, 2012
Have any of you ever warned your manager(s) about the possiblity of falling stock? Just wondering.


#481 Oct 16, 2012
Of course you're happy with your company, you are executive level and receive a salary. No matter what happens with the economy, YOU GET PAID. IF customers return their purchases, YOU DON"T GET PART OF YOUR PAYCHECK ***STOLEN BACK*** BY YOUR COMPANY TO PAY FOR **THEIR** SO CALLED GENEROUS (WITH THE LITTLE GUY"S PAYCHECK) RETURNS POLICY. This is what happens at MY company ( I do not work for BBB, but this practice is widespread ). Corporate Americca is pure FILTH, and that is coming from a conservative (on nearly all issues) Republican here. We, with decades of work experience, were laid off so corporate America could continue to fatten it's shareholder's multimillionaire pockets on our sweat,
then hired back (now too old to be hired for good office jobs) for jive-ass jobs paying us, not a minimum wage, but a "draw" plus commission, ALL OF WHICH IS SUBJECT TO BEING, AND REGULARLY IS,**STOLEN BACK** FROM US, THOUGH WE DID THE LABOR, to fund THEIR RETURN POLICY. I discussed this issue in detail with the theologically-competent at my Church and all concurred (after being shocked to learn that this paycheck theft, a sin that cries to Heaven for Vengeance) that this paycheck theft constitute these companies as nothing less, and nothing other, than pure, habitual CRIMINALS.
Tricia wrote:
Even though this is like beating a dead horse, I cannot help myself but to chime in on this topic. I am approaching my 15 year anniversary with BBB. I am an operations manager, and have seen many hourly associates, and managers, come and go. The truth is that BBB is not for everyone. It is a lot of manual work and the standards are very high. As far as attendance goes, many associates go an entire year with no tardies or call-offs, and are rewarded by the company. If you were my employee and had call offs and tardies already in two months, I would be irritated with you as well. Your schedule is written in advance so you can plan your life. When you call off, don't be suprised when your hours are cut and given to someone who doesnt call in late or sick. We are running a business, not a charity. Also, if you are still employed by BBB, call the 800 Network number or your District HR manager with your issues. They are the only ones who can fix them. It is usually people like you who complain to the whole world except the people who can help you that make everyone look bad. Grow up and act like the mature adult you claim to be!!!
A happy BBB employee


#482 Oct 16, 2012
And call your District Manager and blah blah blah and grow up and blah blah blah. I dare to tell ANYONE of these rightly-fed-up people, to their faces, to grow up. Try it.
As for going to management to solve issues and blah blah blah, bull. Management is their to do the company's and only the company's, bidding, as is HR. Whatever the outcome, the COMPANY must come out on top, no matter who has to get screwed. I was forced to work alongside a bonafide SOCIOPATH for 9 months who drove me onto psychiatric medications. "Management" would not get rid of her, despite many people showing them evidence not only of her bullying, her lying, her stealing from associates, AND FROM THE COMPANY, as well as evidence of her MULTITUDINOUS FELONIES commmitted on company equipment. Yet still she stayed, as wicked and maniacal and evil as ever, getting even worse by the day. Why? She opened company credit card new accounts (usually half were FAKE applications, a FELONY x 3 each time, by her own claim to former employees, x 200 times or so a year, thats 600 crimes on company equipment yet they kept her. The new accounts made the managers "look good." She also made huge sales figures -- by stealing our completed sales. She devised a way to go into the computer/register, call up the completed sale and, without re-ringing it, switched the sale total (gross) along with all the commission, to HER employee number. Thus her score skyrocketed as did her huge paycheck. This evil bitch would not get let go for any reason.
THEN HER "protector" so to speak, retired. A new manager, with a RIGHTEOUS heart (out of all of them, only he ever gave a rat's ass about this diabolical monster), came in, took our reports seriously, had security tap into her register and WATCHED HER IN THE ACT of FRAUDULENTLY stealing,, for herself, another employees COMPLETED, ENORMOUS sale. Security, and he, caught her dead in the act. She was ordered terminated immediatly. This filth and much much much much worse, had gone on regularly with this monster for nine months, all with managerial knowledge, and not a damned thing was done until our NEW department manager, who knew of this monster from her days in his OLD department, came over. He took it seriously, and her SOCIOPATHIC butt was OUT THE DOOR. But the OTHER management staff, who knew that I had been raising HELL trying to get something done, never forgave me for this, and their harassment of me began as soon as she was "gone." I feel like getting everybody together, gathering all their documentation, and presenting it to a states attorney and having these other people put away for what they put us through. Monsters.


#483 Oct 16, 2012
Again, the company I was describing above
was NOT Bed Bath and Beyond, but I feel for these associates, and I BELIEVE THEM.

Alpharetta, GA

#484 Oct 16, 2012
Ken wrote:
<quoted text>Tell your attorney everything this company has major lawsuits all over the States. A department manager I know had a torn miniscus in her knee and couldn't go up a ladder for 2 months...they forced her to go up the ladder and perform this huge amount of topstock...she blew her knee a ton of money....I could go on forever man, I have hundreds of examples, just don't take shit from this company they are the anti-christ of retail stores.
I'd really like to chat with you as well. Thanks, Ken
BBB employee

Lula, GA

#485 Oct 27, 2012
I work at BBB, We have a black casheir and she is one of the best people at her job than any other person in our store. It must be your store or something because its great where I am. Everyone in our store is friends, do not think they are all bad, because I love my job, I DO NOT mind working with black people... I DO NOT show up late for work, BUT IF I DID, they would understand because I would give them RESPECT. REMEMBER, TO KEEP A JOB, AND TO LIKE YOUR JOB AND YOUR CO WORKERS, YOU MUST BE RESPECTFUL.... Showing up late for work in the first two months is a sure sign of disrespect. DO NOT BLAME ALL YOUR PROBLEMS ON RACISM, EVERYONE THINKS THAT PEOPLE DO NOT GET A LONG BECAUSE YOU ARE BLACK, IT IS SOMETHING ELSE.... YOUR HR NUMBER IS IN THE BREAK ROOM IF YOU NEED IT :D

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