Mr Douglas Flint Chairman of HSBC Holdings Plc
As Chairman has he showed Courageous Integrity or just Cowardice?

Is Mr Flint a man you want to trust being the Chairman of a Global Bank?

Some of Mr Flints quotes

"Nothing is more important than our reputation"?

"Mr Flint was saying last year sorry for our weaknesses" (is this reference to Money Laundering in the USA).

This year he is saying "‘We cannot undo the mistakes"

Mr Flint, however "insisted no member of the current management should be held responsible for "what happened in the past."

As he sits in Canada Square 42 floors above reality, is this man really concerned about HSBC's reputation?

Is Mr Flint not man enough to accept responsibility for his and the Banks actions?
People judge a company for what it has done in the past and what a past HSBC has.

Mr Flint is a big part of HSBC's past, he was the Finance & Board Director when the illegal behaviour was going on.

It is my personal belief and experience that Mr Flint as Chairman has very serious problems with telling the truth, even when he should be telling the truth (what he can?) he will still not tell the truth.

Will Mr Flint be remember as the Chairman who was responsible for allowing a Bank to cheat, stealing their reputation and for ruining so many people's lives in India?

Should any decent society have to accept the unacceptable behaviour of Mr Flint (the Chairman) and HSBC Holdings Plc.

Mr Flint should understand Sorry is only meaningful when a person truly regrets his deeds.

Is Mr Flint avoiding his moral and legal responsibilities as Chairman by not stopping the fraud being committed by HSBC?

Their treatment of people in India, I have found to be horrendous, disgraceful and illegal, it is my personal belief a criminal investigation should take place concerning the behaviour of Mr Flint as Chairman of HSBC Holdings Plc.

Will Mr Flint be remember as a Chairman who showed Courageous Integrity or just Cowardice?

Mr Flint as Chairman you are the MISTAKE and a very bad MISTAKE at that, just ask customers in India about you.

What are the Board of Directors of HSBC Holdings Plc doing, are they showing Courageous Integrity or just Cowardice?

Let the Senate set the fine at $4 Billion or $2 Billion with a 9-12 months Suspension of their Banking Licence and the removal of Mr Flint as Chairman. That would be good start to restoring the reputation of HSBC.

This Link is very concerning: ...

This case was settled by the Bank, how many more Lawsuits did they settle like this?

So why is HSBC doing the same to people in India. ...

Please go to youtube: stop cheating bankers

Regards a concerned shareholder
Michael Mason-Mahon
Mobile: 0044 7834763544