BA loses more luggage then European rivals??
Who is in charge? That's the guy you want to answer questions about lost luggage. Is it being stolen? Just falls behind a beltloader and never seen again? Falls off the cart and disapears into the grass? Airplanes full of bags setting in the desert somewere? Were IS all that lost luggage? Must be home with the baggage handlers. They must take it home with them. Just carry a few hundred bags out to your car everyday and put them in the trunk or back seat. Ya, that must be it. And MANAGEMENT can't figure out were all this lost/delayed luggage could be? Maybe they need NEW managers. OR, limit the amount of luggage a passenger can carry. Limit carryon bags. Increase the staff in bagrooms and the bag runners and more bag carts and equipment to handle the increase in volumn. But that would take a financial bite out of the bottom line. Management does not CARE if your seperated from your bag or THEY would do something about it. There just arn't enough empoyees to keep up with the high volumn of bags. Late bags don't get out to the airplane the passengers are on. Transfer bags are delivered too late to make the connections because there is no employee to do the job. High volumn, low staff, overworked crews, fed up employees that could care less anymore because their pay has been cut and they are expected to do the work of two employees. Attitude, low moral, no/brokn equipment, low staffing, no staffing. And management CAN'T figure it out. DUH