The Global companies use the .cn domain to realize the Chinese localization--Shanghai NET Network Service Co.,Ltd

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Recently, Many companies like .cn domain more than before, such as Google cost large money to buy the and give

a big promotion on the net. Then the Big game company Downjoy got the and also did big campaign for it. Even

the second largest friendship net face-book also register the Expert said that these companies make

use of the .cn domain to realize the localization in China and the .cn domain also follow them to join the


I heared that, now in China the .cn domain have exceeded the .com domain and up to 7 million,and the Google,

Alibaba, and other big companies also register the cn domain name, The CNNIC Director said" No the international

users, No the international cn domain, the foreign company register the cn domain express that the cn domain become

internationalize, and the cn domain number growing speed is realy fast.