Encompassing facts reveals Associated Press is lacking in telling the truth?
By Dwight Baker
Next cold war? Gas drilling boom rattles Russia

Reading mishmash BS is not my business neither should it be anyoneís? Yet some pay big money to keep the caldron of BS turned on high heat. The same big movers in trying to sell the public on ideas that range from invaders of other planets coming to take us out to the Russians are still out to get us are the ones that stand out as being dumb and dumber. Just look around all the big promoters and sellers of information are in on shocking the hell out of those who have itchy ears.

My ears donít itch anymore. Does yours?

Best bet is donít get upset with articles like this WHY Associated press gets paid big bucks to scare the hell out of you or in other cases let the good stories that need to be told lay dormant.