Hollister MIT interview
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Orlando, FL

#1 Jun 19, 2008
I have an interview for a Manager in Training position at Hollister tomorrow afternoon. I'm meeting the manager at Starbucks, since the store isn't even open yet...

1. I've been doing research online- I read that "models" (salespeople) often get hired on the spot or soon after the interview. Do you know if MITs are ever hired right after the interview? How long do you think it would take to get hired?

2. For a new store that's not even open yet, do you have an idea of how many MITs they need?

3. Do you have any advice about the interview? I've had interviews before, but if there's something special I should ask or something, please let me know!

Orlando, FL

#2 Jun 19, 2008
Oh, and when I said that I've had interviews before, I meant not as an MIT or anything, just random job interviews.

Sacramento, CA

#3 Sep 21, 2009
I just had an interview for a MIT position. I was told that she, the manager, would call me back and give me access to the online application and set up an interview with the district manager. I need to know if she was getting me out the door, or, if she'll actually means what she said.

Any information is greatly appreciate. Thank you

P.S. To the above poster I hope this helps: Dress in beachy casual clothes and vans or flip flops. I know for sure this is how they want you to show up


#4 Jan 26, 2010
Probos wrote:
I just had an interview for a MIT position. I was told that she, the manager, would call me back and give me access to the online application and set up an interview with the district manager. I need to know if she was getting me out the door, or, if she'll actually means what she said.
Any information is greatly appreciate. Thank you
P.S. To the above poster I hope this helps: Dress in beachy casual clothes and vans or flip flops. I know for sure this is how they want you to show up
I was told the same thing and she did call me 2 days later and set up an interview for this fri.


#5 Jul 1, 2010
Does anyone know what degree grade is required for the MIT programme i,.e 2:1 2;2?

Windsor, UK

#6 Dec 9, 2011
I have just been accepted onto the Hollister MIT program.
Best to wear the red check shirt they are wearing at the moment (similar if you don't have Hollister- I didn't), dark jeans and converse or flip flops. Don't wear any jewellery or make-up (girls :)) only a little boot of mascara really. They barely wear any at all! No nail polish either. I found all of this a bit hard, but I suppose it's like a uniform in any other job. You just have to look very natural.
There are 3 stages in the interview process (Which I only found out at the end) First with the manager, then district manager, then with another manager ( vm/ district)
I think you just have to show confidence in your role. Have some questions lined up to ask them.
They ask you a lot about yourself, your hobbies, best moment in life, what your best achievement was, a conflict you have had with anyone you work with, how you dealt with it....general things about yourself that catch you out really. I think they just want to see your personality.
I don't think it matters what grade you gained as I wasn't asked, but I did give in my CV (I got a 2:1) I think you just need a degree.
It may take rather a long time to hear back. I think my interview process was pretty short for what I gathered, and that took at least a month.
I'm not sure how many MITs they need, as I never asked that, but I'm guessing it's one per store, as you shadow the general manager. I know you have a conference call with your district manager and other MITs that are on the same schedule as yourselves each week.
I hope this helps a little, and good luck :)

Albany, NY

#7 Apr 17, 2012
I went in for my interview for the MIT position yesterday and after the interview I asked another manager how soon did she have to wait for a call back and she said that she was cool with the DM at the time and he called her back the next day. As for me the DM that interviewed me said that I will get a reply in two weeks. So I am guessing that it depends on the relationship the individual has with the DM good ole politics!
I also asked the DM how many MIT's she was looking for and she said 3 for all the stores that are in the mall and she also asked if I had any friends to refer for an interview, so they really do need MIT's (not new stores).
As for advice about the interview she/ he will ask you to tell about a time that you had a conflict with a coworker or group and had to resolve it and the result? She also asked about my hobbies. Name a time when you had to work on a project with someone of a different gender, ethnicity, sexuality or someone just different from you, and what was the outcome?Pretty much situational questions.

Tarragona, Spain

#8 May 17, 2012
People who wrote about one month ago.. does anybody had any reply??

Southfield, MI

#9 Aug 2, 2012
I went on my Interview for the Hollister MIT Position 2 days ago with the District Manager. This was my 2nd interview.

He sent me some more info. to read up on the position after the interview and got me to go back into the store to chat with the other 2 new MITs to get a feel for the job and to pick their brains.

He also told me to email him if I had any other questions.

The MITs were great and seemed more confident about me getting the job than I was. They were fresh out of school with retail experience just like me. One was like the District Manager had been talking about needed another MIT and the District Manager told me he wanted another one too when I asked.

I emailed him a day later telling him the info he sent me and speaking with the MITs just reaffirmed how much I want this position.

So yeah. It's been 2 days since the interview. 1 day since the email.

Haven't heard anything. Getting very......ya know. Just not thinking I got it.

Why would he send me more info. and have me go speak with the MITs AFTER the interview.

Oh well.....

Houston, TX

#10 Aug 8, 2012
This is the worst job at the worst company you can work for. they are good to make you feel excited about the job but then you start the job and it is worse then hell.

Southfield, MI

#11 Aug 15, 2012
I got the job by the way. :)
Blue Shades

London, UK

#12 Aug 28, 2012
Im goin for the interview on wednesday and reading from the other posts it seems they have a little theme for their dressing. Was wondering if anyone could tell me what it is at the moment and what to expect at the interview to be prepared.
Blue Shades

London, UK

#13 Aug 28, 2012
Plus I have no work experience will this count against me?

Walsall, UK

#14 Oct 15, 2012
Ben.... Why is it the worst job, for the worst company?

Since: Sep 12

Santa Clara, CA

#15 Oct 15, 2012
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Carrollton, TX

#16 Oct 16, 2012
Ben, can u plz tell why this is the worst job option? I was also approached by one of the MIT personnel from Hollister to join them. I have an interview tomorrow, Now I m a little skeptical after reading all these comments here. And I don't have any work experience either. Is this goin to count against me? Help me out my friend.

London, UK

#17 Oct 23, 2012
I went for an interview 2 weeks ago and still not heard anything, they said they would let me know either way in 2 weeks so don't think I have got to the second stage. how long did it take everyone else to find out if they got through to the second interview??

New Malden, UK

#18 Nov 10, 2012
I had an interview for the MIT programme in July and I got told by the manager that I would get a 2nd interview, she said she would get her district manager to call me to arrange a 2nd interview. She even said just to let u know the DM is American so if I hear an American lady on the phone it will b her. Anyway I never heard back, the usual. Tell u, u have a 2nd interview nd not call.

I just applied again now for Gilly Hicks MIT again nd im worried its still the same manager, will b slightly embarrassing. Then a week ago I went into Hollister nd got approached by the manager and got asked to work for them. I still need to arrange an interview with them. DOES ANYONE KNOW IF I CAN GO TO BOTH INTERVIEWS FOR THE SAME POSITION??? im worried they might have the same area manager

Wichita Falls, TX

#19 Nov 16, 2012
Ok I got approached for an MIT position, but before I even apply....is there a drug test? Nothing bad, just pot. I just want to know if i should go ahead and apply and not worry or wait till it's outta my system. I know it's bad, but it happens and I can't go back and change it. I have quit so I won't story about it every again. Any info would be helpful :) Thanks

Los Angeles, CA

#20 Sep 30, 2013
I just had an interview for an MIT position and I had read it takes about an hour, but this one took about 10 minutes and the manager didn't ask me any questions other than why I want to work at hollister and where I see myself in 5 years. He said he has to talk to the DM and see if there are positions available and if there are they will call me back. If not they won't, and he didnt have a time frame either (he said could be two hours, could be a week)
I can't tell if he was just getting rid of me or what, and I am nervous that the interview was so short. Has anyone been in a similar situation??

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