room temp' super conductors can be made by using liquid helium to chill a copper rod and then using a strong retaining warmed sleeve of metal ie strong silver titanium alloy ie shrink fitted in effect and has to be hermetically sealed at both ends of rod or wire flat tape, so that the copper is greatly compressed but still mallable; physical pressure created needs to be approx 20 bar;
note; it helps to have a central copper oxide (non conductive)central core because this acts as a dielectric similar to bismuth which helps stop hysterisis and capacitance. note; to scientists it is the capacitance between atoms especially oxygen that prevents room temp' superconductivity;
When the rod or wire tape is completed as stated then the temp' can be allowed to rise to normal room temperature and the wire tape or rod will have no resistance; this is because the copper atoms are held together so closely no capcitance can take place between the copper atoms fact; happy birthday this information is free from a person who cares for all; not just the chosen ones;