Hi, We have a small network consisting of 1 basestation and clients using the Alvarion Infrastructure. On this network we have put the Alvarion Wireless networking gateways into each clients premises. We are having alot of issues with clients ringing to say they can not connect. Once we check the AlvariCraft (Basestation management system) we look at the clients SU and in the service faults it says ethernet loop. We have to reset the unit from the basestation using AlvariCraft which is simple enough but very annoying. It only seems to be happening to those who have the routers in and are wired from the router to the PC (but not all)? Other clients who are accessing the internet using the wireless feature of the router are not affected. HEEELP it is doing my head in. I have done some research and it says that "Services Fault Status" in the basestation can be either ok or loop. If it is a loop to find the cause and fix it and that a loop causes services to be denyed to the SU. BUT WHAT IS CAUSING THIS PLEASE IF ANYONE HAS AN ANSWER PLEASE HELP.