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Paw Paw, MI

#5955 Aug 20, 2013
They are approving everything!

Yep might not be this fall but beginning of next year. That is how it work in 2012 when they started shutting down office. The approved everything and then boom we were gone.
Employee survey

Tallmadge, OH

#5956 Aug 21, 2013
The real problem wrote:
I have had loans and do have a loan with Springleaf the problem is they don't want to help those that have fallen on hardtimes. Example I also had a loan with Citifinancial when my husband was laid off I called all those that we owed money to , to see what could be done. Citifinancial cut our interest rate in half and set up payments we could afford, not Springleaf. So unless they can do something soon it will go to collections. When the time comes and we are back on track and ever need a loan in the future, we will go back to Citifinancial. It's funny how so many banks were bailed out but they don't want to help us. Hmmm Get back to what made your company successful in the first place, CUTOMER SERVICE~
Did you have unemployment insurance on your loan? Were you offered interest payments? You borrowed the money and signed an agreement to pay it back, life happens and if it charges off, it's not the end of the world. Lowering your interest rate wouldn't make a huge impact either.

And we're not western sky or cash call, springleaf looks like saints compared to them. You get $2500 in your pocket and pay back over $14k over time

Springfield, IL

#5957 Aug 21, 2013
To call everyone a deadbeat who gets beind on a Springleaf loan is ridiculous, and implies that all is fair and stable in society. Corporations have a great deal of power to prey on citizens if left unchecked by the government.
A couple of my favorite quotes:
<quoted text>
I agree that preying on people's weaknesses or lack of knowledge in the personal loan space is not a very socially responsible business. Most of the customers would be better served with a financial literacy class or credit counseling than another loan.
I suspect that Fortress would be happy just to get its money back and get out. This management team has a business history of inflating profits with weak risk management and compliance, securitizing bad paper, pocketing a big bonus for "success", and walking away as the house of cards comes down. The IPO prospectus tells it all - no viable strategic plan, minimal growth, doubling of troubled real estate loans - this is a way for Fortress to sell down its stake, either in the primary or secondary offering. And greater fools will probably buy.”
Like Dope Pushers wrote:
<quoted text>
I was hoping you would ask that question.
"35% loans !?!
You're better off taking the bus and eating out of cans.
Explaining why it is a good idea to take out a loan with AGF/SPRINGLEAF is like explaining why it is a good idea to buy furniture or appliances through Rent-A-Center: The costs just don’t add up.
AGF/SPRINGLEAF will claim that sending them a Cease and Desist letter is ALWAYS a bad idea, but there are definitely situations where it is necessary to do so. My posts regarding this always state that you can still be sued, and I have never claimed someone should not pay their bills. However, they continually try to distort the truth by claiming that I have. One should consider the true reasons why AGF/SPRINGLEAF doesn’t want to be sent these letters.
AGF/SPRINGLEAF wants to be in their debtor’s ear as much as possible, not merely to get them to pay their bills, but to sell them as much debt as possible, no matter how unwise it is. They seek to keep people as uninformed and in-the-dark about their rights as possible. There are good reasons why the Fair Debt Act was passed, and their company has a horrible track record with so many who have worked for them as well.Look at the rude, insulting comments being made on this public website by current AGF/SPRINGLEAF employees posing as laid-off or fired employees and ask yourself if these are the kinds of people you want to be indebted to.
AGF/SPRINGLEAF often solicits people for additional loans that are not within their best financial interestsThese people are not deadbeats, yet AGF/SPRINGLEAF lies to them in order to make them vulnerable to their sales tactics. Not all businesses do these kinds of things. These people have a right to use the Fair Debt Act to get AGF/SPRINGLEAF o leave them alone.
According to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, Consumers being harassed by creditors must cease to do so after being contacted by certified mail by the debtor indicating their desire to only be contacted by mail.If you decide after contacting the debt collector that you don’t want the collector to contact you again, tell the collector – in writing – to stop contacting you. Here’s how to do that:Make a copy of your letter. Send the original by certified mail, and pay for a “return receipt” so you’ll be able to document what the collector received.Once the collector receives your letter, they may not contact you again, with two exceptions: a collector can contact you to tell you there will be no further contact or to let you know that they or the creditor intend to take a specific action, like filing a lawsuit. Sending such a letter to a debt collector you owe money to does not get rid of the debt, but it should stop the contact. The creditor or the debt collector still can sue you to collect the debt, however. "
Black Hill

San Francisco, CA

#5958 Aug 28, 2013
Fortress is getting out of the company what it can. It has no interest in running a company longer than it must to get a good ROI.

United States

#5959 Sep 6, 2013
It's looking up people! Cannot wait!

La Habra, CA

#5960 Sep 17, 2013
Security cameras in branches? What's really going on??

Brandon, FL

#5964 Oct 8, 2013
It looks like everyone is cashing out in the IPO. Fortress will get all its money back and still own a majority stake. Mr. Levine is selling a good chunk of stock that has been given to him and will have a $34 million (yup, 34 million dollars)paycheck when the stock first gets listed. Mr. Anderson gets $16 million right away too. I guess all those layoffs paid off. For them.
In The Know

Evansville, IN

#5968 Oct 16, 2013
Wtf wrote:
Security cameras in branches? What's really going on??
Camera's are just for employee safety. Aimed only at front (and back where applicable) door. Not used to monitor employees.

Drums, PA

#5969 Oct 26, 2013

Atlanta, GA

#5971 Nov 27, 2013
So I guess all the fortune tellers had it all wrong?

Largo, FL

#5972 Dec 2, 2013
hmmm wrote:
So I guess all the fortune tellers had it all wrong?
Guess it depends on who has ended up with the fortune. FIG who bought for pennies on the dollar, and recouped initial investment? Of course. Levine & Anderson who mortgaged the future, boosted short term results, and then cashed out for tens of millions? Yup. Everyone else? Doubtful.
honest john

Tinley Park, IL

#5974 Jan 14, 2014
Another round coming 2nd quarter. Fasten your seatbelts!!!
Springleaf proud

Houston, TX

#5975 Jan 15, 2014
honest john wrote:
Another round coming 2nd quarter. Fasten your seatbelts!!!
why do you write such BS...the company is headed the right direction and actually opening offices....go troll the one main topix

United States

#5977 Jan 21, 2014
honest john wrote:
Another round coming 2nd quarter. Fasten your seatbelts!!!
my source at HQ says the same thing.. round 2

Springfield, IL

#5978 Jan 21, 2014
Where are they starting to cut? In the branch or HQ.

Euless, TX

#5979 Jan 23, 2014
Wondering wrote:
Where are they starting to cut? In the branch or HQ.
nowhere....mark my words there will be no branch closings....there are people trolling this message board to get people upset...let's stay positive and keep growing the company

Los Angeles, CA

#5980 Jan 28, 2014
oh yes, give it a month

Euless, TX

#5981 Jan 28, 2014
Why can't people realize that the company is on firm footing now and headed in a good direction
honest john

Tinley Park, IL

#5982 Feb 7, 2014
Trolls wrote:
Why can't people realize that the company is on firm footing now and headed in a good direction
firm as a cloud.

Bastrop, TX

#5983 Feb 10, 2014
Branch closings going on today in Louisiana....so I guess the company is not at rock solid as you thought....heard more to come

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