this is getting rediculous. I have been keeping an eye on what is going on in Springfield and what the papers are reporting. You would think that a solution had been reached by now. All the finger pointing is over Ameren is still crying they will go bankrupt. If they were going to go bankrupt after quote" we rescued illinois' power companies. Cisel made this comment, then why did they bother rescueing us. Illinois power was around for years and so was Union Electric and Cilco I think the only ones who need rescued is the common people of Illinois who are currently eating the exhortant rate increases while everyone disputes the obvious. Something needs to be done yesterday. There are so many bills about electric rates in the house and senate you would need a year to just weed through them. It is time for our leader to step forward and lead. Governor Blagovich can you hear the cries of your constituents. What good is all your progress if Illinois is turned into a third world country because power companies are ruling the government instead of the people. And Emil Jones if a rate freeze is not the answer than what is. Children should not have to go hungry nor elderly freeze or do without there medications to satify the greed of power companies. When in this country did it become a luxery to be able to cook a meal and sit in a warm home or a cool home for relief from the elements. Voices have cried out but it seems that the government in Illinois is more interested in introducing midwife bills and restricting teen driving than doing anything for immediate relief on an explosive issue that is rocking the very foundation of our state.