CUB, Ameren speak out on rate hike

CUB, Ameren speak out on rate hike

There are 104 comments on the KHQA-TV Quincy story from Oct 12, 2006, titled CUB, Ameren speak out on rate hike. In it, KHQA-TV Quincy reports that:

A campaign to fight Ameren's proposed rate hikes is moving across the state. The Citizens Utility Board's "Don't Get Shocked" campaign challenges consumers to contact their state leaders to complain about the ...

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Zandra E St Louis Il

United States

#82 Mar 13, 2007
Ameren has not made to happy I was already having a time paying the bills that I had.
With the price hike my bill went from 147.00 to 447.00 a month and I can not understand the reasoning behind it.
I do understand that the company has to make money, but what about the family that live on a fixed income to start with.
Something has to be done about the hike if not will have a lot of small business out of business and families on the street trying to pay just one bill. If we as the people the of each state that Ameren is in stand together and fight. This is one fight that we can win.
Sharon from southern IL

United States

#83 Mar 14, 2007
Now correct me if i am wrong here. But, if i understood right. The house of represenatives here in IL. Has just passed for a 3 year freeze on the electric again. The want to figure out alternatives for all of us on this electric problem. And, now it has to pass the senate. So, hopefully things are in the works.
Reply to Sharon

Decatur, IL

#84 Mar 14, 2007
I don't know how they are going to figure out a thing when they couldn't do it 10 years. What's another 3 going to do to them, nothing, but to us, the rates will be even higher in 3 than what they are now
Scott Springfield

Springfield, IL

#85 Mar 15, 2007
I have a pretty good ? for everyone:

Why is it that Illinois doesn't produce enough power for itself? In fact, how come every state doesn't produce enough for itself?

One more ?. I hear more coal plants are in the works all accross the country. Why keep building more coal plants that aren't very clean & not that efficent? When the technology is avaialbe to build hydrogen power plants? These are cleaner and twice as efficient. Some northern European countries have been doing this for nearly a century. And guess what it works pretty damn well.

Wood River, NE

#86 Mar 16, 2007
Ashley wrote:
<quoted text>
I don't care if you guys got to file bankruptcy.I don't care if the electric company goes out of buisness and is shut down.You guys are liars.You don't care about no one but yourselves
im tired of hearing your sorry excuses so how about this forget about both the rate freeze and rate increase and just let everyone pass a bill where your electric bill can't be more then a hundred dollars.there are alot of people in this state so if you tell me 100 dollars a person isn't enough to support you then maybe the people in ameren should be replaced with nongreedy people who know how to run it correctly because whoever is the president and manager of this company right sure in the hell don't know what they are doing.

Wood River, NE

#87 Mar 16, 2007
Ashley wrote:
<quoted text>
Excuse me but if you guys weren't being so greedy as you still are being today there would have never been a rate freeze to begin with now would there?
I wasn't talking just about the government i was talking about you guys running ameren to.

Wood River, NE

#88 Mar 16, 2007
Scott Springfield wrote:
<quoted text>
Maybe the freeze shouldn't have been passed in the first place. This is not what everyone is pissed off about. Let us not forget ameren is providing a service that is neccesary for every man, women & child in this state. For ameren to be in charge of such service and consider their bottom profit line over that of every citizen they provide service for is unacceptable. Do you honestly expect me, or any one else to believe that ameren would have went out of business if they didn't increase the bills 100-300% as opposed to slowly increaseing their prices.
i'm not on amerens side

Saint Peters, MO

#89 Mar 18, 2007
My bill for January increase 250% not just for electricty but for gas and my night light. Out of frustration and general anger, I called Ameren and told them to nix the night light. Three days later 3 JF Electric trucks, who subcontract for Ameren, pulled into my driveway to remove the light. I cannot imagine that 3 trucks were needed. That same evening a gentleman from Ameren called saying he had a disconnect for a night light but couldn't seem to find it. I told him that JF Electric had already been there that day to remove it. Good communications between Ameren and their subs. I wonder what the tab was on this disconnect. This would be laughable if it wasn't such a traumatic situation for people on fixed incomes. We have to stop big business from keeping the general public under their thumb. We need relief before rebellion becomes a possibility.

The threats of laying off Ameren employees may or may not be real, but I've been laid off several times and managed to bounce back. That's what happens when companies get taken over by other companies. Too much duplication so someone get's laid off. Compitition from IP and CIP had to create duplication so there have had to been layoffs before this. Oh, and weren't IP and CIP competition for Ameren. What knucklehead let Ameren absorb them to eliminate competition?

United States

#90 Apr 18, 2007
Ok first off for those who say that ameran isnt bluffing or lieing u are all wrong they alone in one month make enough money from all us illinoisians to take care each one of their executives for a whole year without doing jack ... these lazy bastards take advantage of the innocent and those that cant see it are blind .. if there was other electic companys in this area other then ameran they would be lowering their rates so low to compete with their competition they would be begging back those they have lost by these other companies that are giving them competition .. if its costing them so much money to provide for us then they need to ether find new ways to produce less costly and more effeciant means energy or they need to sell to someone who can make this happen but no they would rather keep to their same habits and abuse each one of us taking as they please legally .. Hopefully in the near future we will have other competitions coming in to give them some competition .. i know if some new electic company came in i wouldnt think twice about changing over.. ameran would prolly be out of business bc even if they would lower their rates even lower than the other competition i know id never consider going back to them they are crooks , cowards and justice shall prevail as what goes around comes around and thats the law of life ...Oh one other thing .. 55 pct incease thats what they say aye ? i think not ... It was costing us 75 to 100 $ avg a month bf the rate freeze and now we have an avg of between 200 and 300 dollars a month .. hmm lets do our math thats mmm over 250 pct ! woooow wait a min didnt they say it was 55 pct increase ?? something here tells me either A. the increase amount is all in my imagination and what im seeing on those bills and paying to ameran are a figment of my imagination or B. im not losing my mind and something here is wrong lieing as the rates are alot higher then they should be even with a 55 pct increase ... Logically id have to say these guys are nothing more then crooks stealing from each one of us and those that say no they are not stealing from us are either A .they work for these crooks and theives or they know someone who does .. or B .. they are so comfortable in their living that at any cost or increase of rates would prolly not matter as long as they had enough to drive around their mercedes... We as illinoisans need to fight back for whats right and quit letting these crooks steal from us .. If i had the time and the patients id go ahead and right what else i know that would throw light on this subject but atm i need to go so maybe ill be back and i can right what else i know but as far as this goes each one of us who feels we have been unjusticely taken advantage of we need stand together and not let them get away with it ...


#91 Apr 21, 2007
not a thing will change the house votes
for a freeze and the senate under Mr jones goes on eater break and forgets about it and nothing is done again
how come GOV Rod has not stepped up
TO TRY TO HELP US but no that would hurt
Emiles feeling


#92 Apr 21, 2007

Chillicothe, OH

#93 Apr 23, 2007
? why cant we use our on power plant we have in clinton IL, I read all the other comments here and no mentioning that, as I'm new to all of this as i pay alot of money out on power... this sounds like ca rates and thats wrong.. I believe there copying from the gas companys, as there getting away with price gauging
rich Herrin IL

United States

#94 Apr 29, 2007
UE the main co of ameren bought all of its competition,prior to the end of the rate freeze,yes they consolidated union electric,cips,illinois power into a power they have a monopoly in the so illinois and missouri.and the threat of bankruptcy is just a ploy.the power outages in california were a manipulation to raise power rates by enron,who controlled the power grid to their reduce the amount of power generated and distributed.end up costing the state of california 300 billion dollars and filled up the pockets of enrons henchmen similiar to or buddy scott cisel,not a friend to the working man.i'm a all electric homeowner and would have been happy with a 30 -50% hike instead of my 120% rate increase.all electric homeowners were not informed of our 100% + increase until receiving our sticker shock bill.

United States

#95 May 3, 2007

Springfield, IL

#96 May 4, 2007
Five long months....
How much longer does our own government expect us to put up with this B.S.!!!!

One more thing, since when did it become more expensive to live in the country as opposed to the city? I moved to the country in Oct.'06 to save money. Now I'm paying twice as much as before. I've considered moving back but, thanks to Ameren my savings and checking have been depleted now I'm back to living check to check. Thank you Ameren & Il. gov. for keeping a tight leash on the general public.
angry father and husband

Marion, IL

#97 Jun 18, 2007
ameren says the rates will go down next month...hmm ill believe it when i see it
btw illinois is by far the most crooked and corrupt state in the country...are the capones still running things?
angry father and husband

Marion, IL

#98 Jun 18, 2007
im from illinois and this stupid things says LA

Maryland Heights, MO

#99 Jun 19, 2007
Scott from Springfield

Springfield, IL

#100 Aug 2, 2007
Does any one out there know if its possible to file a class action lawsuit against ameren?
I suppose it would be for undue hardships and unfair business practices. Undue hardships because I find it hard to belive that I'm the only one who has gone in debt and has been forced to change my way of living completely thanks to the whims of one company. Unfair business practices, because well, I think we all agree on this my bill did NOT go up 35-50% it went UP 270%!!!!! Need I say more. So, once again any one with knowldge about this is it possible are there grounds for such a suit.

Alton, IL

#101 Aug 3, 2007
I compared my rates with my friends in MO today. In IL we are running about 13 cents winter and 11 cents summer. In MO they are about 5 cent winter and 9 cent summer. I simply took the electric bills divided by the KWH in order to include all the BS fees etc. In IL we used to be around the same as Missouri is now before our rate increases. This is crazy! My friends in MO didn't believe it until we compared bills!

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