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#106 May 26, 2010
If I recently graduated from school with a BS degree in technology and I get a job at Accenture, and let’s say I work there for 2-3 years… When I apply to other companies, do they look at this (working for Accenture) as a good thing, a bad thing or it really doesn’t matter?

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#107 Jun 12, 2010
Defintitely it would be a bad thing!


#108 Jun 12, 2010
Consultingsijust slavery wrote:
Defintitely it would be a bad thing!
Oh come on! This is just rubbish.

Look, whether you enjoy working at Accenture or not, having it on your CV is absolutely useful. Accenture has a great reputation, if you're good you learn a lot of highly valued skills, and if you are successful and rise through the ranks quickly you will be an easy sell for any prospective employer.
Siddhant Tyagi

Ambala, India

#110 Jul 21, 2010
Well sir !!
You look like you can guide me well..
I am an Electronics & Communication Engineer and have worked with DELL. I am joining Accenture India as an Associate Software Engineer soon..
What can i do during the training to grasp the max.?
Coz the training is going to go really fast...subjects like JAVA, SQL e.t.c will be somehow difficult for someone like me to grasp and clear the training part..
waiting for your response !
thx in adv.

San Antonio, TX

#111 Jul 26, 2010
I'm deciding whether or not to accept an offer for Accenture as a Consultant in Houston, TX. I have 6 years previous work experience. How much should I expect to be offered? I am not trying to get taken advantage of! I'm also not from TX so I have no idea what a good salary in Houston would be.

Aurora, IL

#112 Aug 12, 2010
What is average starting salary for a contract management manager @ Accenture?
ACN Employee SFO

Chicago, IL

#114 Aug 24, 2010
ACN is a really good company if you are a fresh hire and want to hang on to the company for the next 15 years! However, it's not so good to experienced hires - their experience doesn't really count. Experienced hires are also not considered preferred candidates for promotions. ACN is generally pays good but as mentioned by other people, it is a sweat shop. Worst of all, their promotion process is a total disaster - don't even get me started on it!!!
pat mcCock

San Francisco, CA

#115 Sep 3, 2010
in regards to ACN Employee SFO

"However, it's not so good to experienced hires"
id say that depends. read this bitch: http://www.businessinsider.com/2009/2/sap-clu...

if sap thinks that ACN sucks because of "fresh hire"s, then what the hell is your point dickhead?

"Experienced hires are also not considered preferred candidates for promotions."
yeah probably because they enter ACN with a higher salary than the "fresh hire"s.

you sound like a total dickhead.
pat mcCock

San Francisco, CA

#116 Sep 3, 2010
"Experienced hires are also not considered preferred candidates for promotions."
yeah probably because they enter ACN with a higher salary than the fresh hires who climbed to the same position as the experienced hire.

Chalfont, PA

#117 Sep 19, 2010
fu*kcenture and yuckcenture

Memphis, TN

#119 Oct 25, 2010
They make 80000

Memphis, TN

#120 Oct 25, 2010
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Memphis, TN

#121 Oct 25, 2010
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Memphis, TN

#122 Oct 25, 2010
Accenture originated as the business and technology consulting division of accounting firm Arthur Andersen. The division's origins are in a 1953 feasibility study for General Electric. GE asked Arthur Andersen to automate payroll processing and manufacturing at GE's Appliance Park facility near Louisville, Kentucky. Arthur Andersen recommended installation of a UNIVAC I computer and printer, which resulted in the first commercially owned computer installation in the United States in 1954. Joe Glickauf was Arthur Andersen's project leader responsible for the payroll processing automation project. Now considered to be the father of computer consulting, Glickauf headed Arthur Andersen's Administrative Services division for 12 years.
[edit] Splitting from Arthur Andersen
In 1989, that division split from Arthur Andersen and began using the name Andersen Consulting. Both Arthur Andersen and Andersen Consulting consisted of groups of locally-owned independent partnerships and other entities around the world, each in a contractual agreement with Andersen Worldwide Société Coopérative (AWSC), a Swiss administrative entity.
By 2000, Andersen Consulting had achieved net revenues exceeding US$9.5 billion and had more than 75,000 employees in 47 countries,[7] whereas Arthur Andersen had revenues of US$9.3 billion with over 85,000 employees worldwide in 2001.
Through the 1990s there was increasing tension between Andersen Consulting and Arthur Andersen. Andersen Consulting was upset that it was paying Arthur Andersen up to 15% of its profits each year (a condition of the 1989 split was that the more profitable unit - AA or AC - paid the other this sum), while at the same time Arthur Andersen was competing with Andersen Consulting through its own newly established business consulting service line called Arthur Andersen Business Consulting. This dispute came to a head in 1998 when Andersen Consulting claimed breach of contract against AWSC and Arthur Andersen. Andersen Consulting put the 15% transfer payment for that year and future years into escrow and issued a claim for breach of contract. In August 2000, as a result of a conclusion of the International Chamber of Commerce, Andersen Consulting broke all contractual ties with AWSC and Arthur Andersen. As part of the arbitration settlement, Andersen Consulting paid the sum held in escrow (then $1.2 billion) to Arthur Andersen, and was required to change its name, resulting in the entity being renamed Accenture.
Perhaps most telling about who had "won" the decision was that four hours after the arbitrator made his ruling, Arthur Andersen CEO Jim Wadia suddenly resigned. Industry analysts and business school professors alike viewed the event as a complete victory for Andersen Consulting.[8] Jim Wadia would provide insight on his resignation years later at a Harvard Business school case activity about the split. It turned out that the Arthur Andersen board passed a resolution saying he had to resign if he didn't get at least an incremental $4 billion (either through negotiation or via the arbitrator decision) for the consulting practice to split off; hence his quick resignation once the decision was announced.
Accounts vary on why the split occurred — executives on both sides of the split cite greed and arrogance on the part of the other side, and executives on the Andersen Consulting side maintained breach of contract when Arthur Andersen created a second consulting group, AABC (Arthur Andersen Business Consulting) which began to compete directly with Andersen Consulting in the marketplace. Many of the AABC firms were bought out by other consulting companies in 2002, most notably, Hitachi Consulting and KPMG Consulting, which later changed its name to BearingPoint.
Andersen Consulting's change of name proved to be fortunate as it avoided the taint when Arthur Andersen was effectively dissolved as a result of its role in the Enron scandal.

Memphis, TN

#123 Oct 25, 2010
pyramid scheme is a non-sustainable business model that involves promising participants payment primarily for enrolling other people into the scheme, rather than from any real investment or sale of products or services to the public. Pyramid schemes are a form of fraud.[1][2]
Pyramid schemes are illegal in many countries including Albania, Denmark, Australia,[3] Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, China,[4] Colombia,[5] Estonia,[6] France, Germany, Hungary, Iceland,[citation needed] Iran,[7] Italy,[8] Japan,[9] Malaysia, Mexico, Nepal,[citation needed] The Netherlands,[10] New Zealand,[11] Norway,[12] the Philippines,[13] Poland, Portugal, Romania,[14] South Africa,[15] Sri Lanka,[16] Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand,[17] Turkey,[18] the United Kingdom, and the United States.[19]
These types of schemes have existed for at least a century some with variations to hide their true nature and there are still people who hold that multilevel marketing, which is legal, is nothing more than a pyramid scheme.[20][21][22][23]
Contents [hide]
1 Concept and basic models
1.1 The "Eight-Ball" model
1.2 Matrix schemes
2 Connection to multi-level marketing
3 Notable recent cases
3.1 Internet
3.2 Others
4 In popular culture
5 See also
6 References
7 External links
[edit] Concept and basic models
This section has multiple issues. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page.
It may contain original research or unverifiable claims. Tagged since February 2009.
A successful pyramid scheme combines a fake yet seemingly credible business with a simple-to-understand yet sophisticated-sounding money-making formula which is used for profit. The essential idea is that a "con artist" Mr. X, makes only one payment. To start earning, Mr. X has to recruit others like him who will also make one payment each. Mr. X gets paid out of receipts from those new recruits. They then go on to recruit others. As each new recruit makes a payment, Mr. X gets a cut. He is thus promised exponential benefits as the "business" expands.
Such "businesses" seldom involve sales of real products or services to which a monetary value might be easily attached. However, sometimes the "payment" itself may be a non-cash valuable. To enhance credibility, most such scams are well equipped with fake referrals, testimonials, and information. The flaw is that there is no end benefit. The money simply travels up the chain. Only the originator (sometimes called the "pharaoh") and a very few at the top levels of the pyramid make significant amounts of money. The amounts dwindle steeply down the pyramid slopes. Individuals at the bottom of the pyramid (those who subscribed to the plan, but were not able to recruit any followers themselves) end up with a deficit.
[edit] The "Eight-Ball" model
Many pyramids are more sophisticated than the simple model. These recognize that recruiting a large number of others into a scheme can be difficult so a seemingly simpler model is used. In this model each person must recruit two others, but the ease of achieving this is offset because the depth required to recoup any money also increases. The scheme requires a person to recruit two others, who must each recruit two others, who must each recruit

New York, NY

#124 Oct 25, 2010
Like all jobs accenture have a salary as low as 25000 and at high 55000 starting. The only downside is that you are basically their slave, being sent around.


#127 Dec 1, 2010
What is the salary range in Accenture BPO in Mumbai and Hirarchy in BPO service in Accenture.

Rose Hill, Mauritius

#128 Dec 2, 2010
It would be very much appreciated if someone could advise me the starting salary of a person employed in the HR field at Accenture.
Thanking you for your assistance
Get Lost Accenture

Leichhardt, Australia

#130 Dec 4, 2010
Get Lost Accenture

Leichhardt, Australia

#131 Dec 4, 2010
Go on...be a tiger...sorry become a 'UNSCRUPULOUS CROOK'. Thats the Real selling point of Assventure.

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