Declining conditions at Albertsons in...

Declining conditions at Albertsons in Washington

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North Versailles, PA

#1 Apr 14, 2011
I've worked at Albertsons here in Washington state for a little over 7 years (various jobs) and I have to say that the company that I started working for so long ago has changed to the point where it doesn't feel like Albertsons anymore. It's never been a "wonderful" job, but the quality of products has declined and the main focus of corporate has changed from caring about the customers to caring about how much money they can make in the shortest time. There might be some stores out there that are different, and that's partially why I opened this forum up. I would like to hear from employees (not corporate or managers) about the conditions of their stores. I work between 3 stores right now for 40 hours a week. This is a common practice here in Washington. Most stores won't give 40 hours to their employees because it means that the employee will have a better chance of getting benefits like partial unemployment when the store decides to cut back hours at the end of the quarter. I was a dedicated employee until about 2 years ago when my store director C.G. told me that I wasn't more than a employee number and I will have my hours cut until I do EXACTLY what I was told to do. I was being told to work in different departments and was not allowed to take off any requested time for a surgery for a an injury that happened on the job at Albertsons. The Union would not help me out besides to take $49 a month from me for nothing. I called the Albertsons employee hotline. To my knowledge, nothing has happened as of today. C.G. continues to abuse his employees and there is no reprocussions to his actions. So yeah, I might be little one sided when it comes to the way Albertsons conducts business here in the Evergreen State. I don't think I can work for a company that doesn't give a damn about me or their main source of revenue anymore. I've seen too many violations to count when it comes to Albertsons. And don't think that customers are free from these practices either. We are encouraged to follow and harass customers that look "suspicious" (usually teenagers, black people and hispanics). And to "add one more item", to the customer's order by putting items in their shopping carts when they are distracted. But I guess it's all in the name of making stores more appealing to potential valuable customers and it makes corporate feel good about what they are doing on a DAILY basis.
Radical Tenure

Christmas, FL

#2 Apr 28, 2011
Greetings from Florida the sunshine state! We have some really good Store Directors down here but they are not the problem they do the best with what they have to work with.The source of alot of the dissention lies with the overseers of departments such as Bakery Supervisor.Iwill not use names but D.H. bakery supervisor is single handedly running the bakery business into the ground from discontinuing customer favorites because she wants to bring in a lesser quality item , to being flippant and irresponsible with ads.No one wants to rock the boat and approach her but these same cowards are not fearful to step to the workers and soley place blame on them siting no sales announcements not friendly enough.Im sure if and when they finally dispose of hger everyone will want to be forthcoming with their comments,For now the bakeries and their ads are just like day old bread. STALE

United States

#3 Apr 2, 2012
I have worked for Albies for 9years..Since working at a new location its been difficult. Just like a previous comment about the hours.I work several departments and pretty much have to scramble to get my hours every week
.I also have to deal with shady bosses that won't help me with issues involving job threats and severe rude name calling from department managers.The hotline is no help either. Seems to just make things worse.I use to love my job and go the extra mile but after basically being shown IM not a valuable employee or let alone a valuable person as far as their concerned
its difficult to even fake that friendly smile.I know i have a ground for a lawsuit.Seriously considering it in the very near future. What is that
big poster for in the breakroom for anyway? it should the hotline and your boss will be pissed at you.oh and that our rules only apply to select people.

Auburndale, FL

#4 Apr 10, 2012
We started out finding out yesterday that our store is closing. Not from the managers, but from the customers that management told. It is a wonderful feeling when you find out from a customer that your job is about to be extinct, management didn't even have the courtesy to do that. And yes, the hours. Just enough to not have full timers and not have full time benefits and not be protected. Maybe Albertsons would not be on the fast road to oblivion if they valued their employees.

Everett, WA

#5 Sep 6, 2012
Albertsons needs to be more innovative. When Joe was around things went much better. We should add another dimension to our store, different than anyone else. How about naturopathic medicine department or having weight watcher join Albertsons and have their meeting there. This is the change of habits by consumers to eat better. Add a department like you have butcher block that caters to good health. Open portons of the store to naturopathathic physcians and have them pay for space or weight watcher meetings. Go forward not backward.

Everett, WA

#6 Sep 6, 2012
What does supervalu need to do is do what Lucky did years ago in Washington. They took over Mayfair and had each employee work 40 hrs a week. The employees left that could not work that schedule. This would save medical and retirement benefits because there would be less employees. Don't get rid of the stores. Change their name and give the workers a chance to stay. Lucky was taken over later but they made money until then. Don't put thousands of workers out of a job. Including truckers, coca cola, dreyers and anyone else bringing in stock.
bakery worker

Lynnwood, WA

#7 Jan 28, 2013
I had a full time position but was treated so badly by my bakery manager that I moved to a floating position....I work ALL over and never know what hours I will have the next week....but it is so much better than working for someone who lies about you to everyone in the store. The main store manager and bakery manager first called me and offered me a bunch of shifts they knew I could not I went in to talk to them about it....they pulled me in the office and fed me a bunch of FLAT out lies trying to get me to fact told me I had to take part time hours at GIG HARBOR ( I live in LAKE STEVENS) or I had to quit. So I called my union...who told me that everything they said was a lie...and to just keep working as long as I can find the hours at other stores. They did NOTHING to either manager for the lies or trying to make me quit. Now when people call her for references she lies to them about me...saying I am always over time...and I won't work my scheduled shift... I am going to file a complaint with the union.....see if it does any good.

Bainbridge Island, WA

#8 Apr 7, 2013
ive been working for albertsons for 4 yrs. i got hurt at work, due to repetitious motion in my wrist. albertsons covered 1/2 of the claim, but said they werent liable for the other half. i came to work one day recently, and the store director told me my claim had been denied (which was a lie) he had me sign paperwork saying i was being put on unpaid medical leave due to my own condition. ive contacted a workers comp attorney, and a employment attorney. i found out i need reconstructive surgery in my wrist. they told the doctor my claim was closed, even tho its not. so the doctor wont see me . i called my union, for them to tell me this is a complicated situation. i found a doctor out of the whole loop, and have applyed for my short term disability so i dont loose my medical. now there is a question to why i didnt file this paperwork 4 days after being put on unpaid leave. so im basically fighting to keep my medical, with no money comming in. if i ever thought for 1 sec this was going to hapen i would have NEVER gone to work for albertsons. not to mention my boss has called me names, and harrassed me since day 1. even at 1 point she wouldnt let me use the restroom. she said i had to wait till i was on my break. the union does nothing for us, and that has been several complaints from several employees at my store.

Idaho Falls, ID

#9 Jul 12, 2014
OMG, Let me tell you stories of what it is like being a current Freight BOSS. SEXUAL discrimination. Nepotism, and because I turned down a date from my 3'rd person in charge, he writes me up daily. I go to work expecting his love letters. This is pure EVIL.
Now, I must say that I'm totally independently wealthy, and work for FUN. MY store has ceased to be fun to work at. If they are not careful they just might realize I studied LAW, in my free time.

Idaho Falls, ID

#10 Jul 12, 2014
I tried to e-mail human Resources, this Letter from my Employee account:
Pure MORONS. A management team, the can't even contain the product to sell in one store. YES, they had to rent, a second store to just house/ hide, a management failure. It is an abandoned building. So just lets just see how deep this flaw goes.
None of the management seeks to do anything but text message each other. Picking up even a single box of product is someone-else's job, 24 hours a day. I Am the Freight Boss, and have been for 20 years. I'm not even allowed to go home after my scheduled time of the time. with out even asking for extra hours from my personal life.. It IS DONE UNDER THREAT.
I can't keep up with the pure non-compliance. at store 145 in Idaho Falls. I haven't even gotten to the part about the blatant violations of the employee hand-book. That is enough for now.
If tomorrow is the same, I'll see you in Court.
sexual harassment.
Impossible assignments
Even jelly spread all over my work station, by a manager.
And homosexual references written on my work station . It is strange how when I asked for the security camera footage, They didn't have a camera on the most valuable work station? I can see the camera EVERY day, so don't lie to me, to protect an employee Harasser. This story is Best left to a court transcript, but I am Giving
Albertsons a chance......
I LOVE the STORE, but the young people they make as managers is lacking. I could train 7 year old children to work better than the senior staff at Albertons #145.
ALL REPORTED, and yet my managers still have a JOB, and actively sexually harassing me. I've done everything within the company rules, but apparently my management team wishes for the store to FAIL They don't have any experience.
23 years is what I invested in Albertson's. I even was Alive when Shopping while JOE was alive. When Alberton's LLC bought out super-value, I was told it was going to be like a grocery store when service was EXCELLENT. No time, I need to work, and service customers, so my management team can text message wives at work, continuously. Then I'm given a list of things to do, that includes 3 different shifts work they were assigned, They never even started, and of course my usual 'Love Letter' of what they also expect me to do in addition too what they should have done, BY myself..
I am ONE person. NOT 5.
I also am putting my Foot down, and drawing a line in the sand.
I just wish to work.... I don't need sexual harassment, or petty egos, from 'boies' on a power trip.
I know how to run a warehouse after 23 years, much better than a boy hired by a third person, with 0 (ZERO) days at all even working in a store. 19 and promoted by his best friend after just 2 days?. Can anyone smell Nepotism too?
Expressly forbidden in the Employee hand-book, yet practiced at store 145.

Littleton, CO

#11 Sep 3, 2014
I was bullied and lied about so badly by my manager that our store was shut down due to discrimination. I was stalked online by a boss who thought she owned me and could order me around on my free time about how to vote and tried to fire me for voting for something she didn't like. I worked at Albertsons for 8 years and never had any disciplinary issues. I was harassed so badly at work that I started to dread going to work. I suffered from dehydration because I was not allowed to get water. I ended up hospitalized because the stress and dehydration caused chest pains. It was getting harder and harder to function mentally and physically. I thought I was having a heart attack. I got screamed at in front of co-workers and customers and called stupid for going to the hospital. Then I got horribly bullied after I called human resources when she threatened my life and my job. She was crazy and sees nothing wrong with retaliation. After we shut down, my credit card was hacked and someone also hacked into the company data bases. I don't know who's doing that, but I hope they're caught. It's hell to work with dishonest people.

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