Quiet Rockland just blogged, posted, and published a hand-hewn list of over 1,200 Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) e-mail addresses on its website – and asks that you please consider using them for your own purposes:

The FAA’s e-mail address formula is fairly simple, as you will see on the list.
The ‘minds’ of FAA management, however, are even simpler.

This very weekend, FAA wants America to “celebrate” FAA’s 50th Anniversary as fostering “the safest transportation system in the history of the world”.(Verbatim quote, FAA Acting Administrator Robert A.“Bobby” Sturgell, speech entitled “The Credit Goes To You”, Washington, D.C., August 21, 2008):

FAA and its failed Acting Administrator ‘Bobby’ Sturgell still persist in wanting you to believe that we are somehow in the ‘safest period in aviation history’. As within the last 24 hours, there are Ten (10) more victimized innocent decedents in Moab, Utah whose souls will now testify to you exactly otherwise. Quiet Rockland prays for them and their families. Anyone who is outraged like me at the continuing criminal malfeasance of the Failed Aviation Agency, may consider voicing that outrage directly to the people that comprise that white-collar criminal ersatz federal agency acronymed as FAA, and directly to failed FAA Acting Administrator Bobby Sturgell.