Two die in Rt. 33 crash near Nelsonville

Two die in Rt. 33 crash near Nelsonville

There are 78 comments on the Columbus Dispatch story from Sep 26, 2008, titled Two die in Rt. 33 crash near Nelsonville. In it, Columbus Dispatch reports that:

Two people were killed this afternoon in a two-vehicle crash on Rt. 33 just north of Nelsonville in Athens County.

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Middletown, IN

#61 Aug 5, 2009
Hi Bette,
Thanks for the update. I am also hoping that this the last thing Rodney has to go through. He has been through so much because of that accident. Has his memory improved? How is he physicaslly? Is he able to return to any of his normal habits, hobbies, etc.? I really hope to hear that he is finding something to enjoy after all that he has been through.
Myself, my doctor put me into a case study for a new drug. It seems to be helping. Some tumors are gone. The only side effect is a bad jaw pain but I can deal with it. Thanks for the prayers. I can't think of any other reason for the positive changes.
Best wishes,


#62 Aug 6, 2009
Dear Kym,
Continue to keep you in our prayers daily. We know that miracles happen, expecially to those who believe. So glad to find out some tumors are gone. Hopefully, the rest will also be gone soon.
As of Rod, no, he has some short term memory. We feel since his surgery on his artery, there's been small signs in this direction. He's still not out of the woods. His blood pressure is running low. He fainted at home and put back into the hospital for 3 days a week after surgery. They gave him 2 pints of blood and his numbers got better. But, it's still low but not dangerous.
He's back on the computer, reading all he can about what happened to him & his friends. His goal is to return to school. It's still going to an uphill, year long battle for him. But, he's determined to do it.
May God bless you and your family.
In His Name,


#63 Sep 13, 2009
Dear Kym, Just to update you on Rodney. His short term memory is returning, slowly. He's remembering some addresses and what day it is. These are small steps, but he's continuing upward toward recovery.

We continue keeping you in our prayers, also. Hoping you are doing better. With all our love for you this month.

In His Name,

Columbus, IN

#64 Sep 19, 2009
Hi Bette,
Rodney's progress is slow but every time I hear something new it is a joyous occassion. Thank you for news. It is appreciated.
Best wishes,

Apopka, FL

#65 Sep 21, 2009
It has been almost a year since that horrible accident so many lives affected, I come here from time to time to read the posts, and I praise God for Rodneys recovery and I'm so glad he is recovering, I know its been a long trial for everyone concerned, my heart aches for Jacobs mom I have come a long way in dealing with our own loss and nothing will ever take that emptiness away completely but I know God is our comforter and he is with us through it all. Thanks Bette for all the updates and keeping us informed, and Kym I wish you well, and I hope your doing ok, I know there still are unanswered quetions even we would like to know and it would be nice if Shawn and Jon could tell us, I know Angel died on impact and she didn't have time for reaction but I hate the fact she was alone oh i would like to know if there was a memorial set up on the road where the accident took place, Maybe one day I can come there, just to say a final goodbye. My prayers are with you all and I know something good will come out of this, it already has Rodney's recovery such a blessing he is alive as well as shawn and Jon. I will pray for comfort to Mrs Kym on the 26th, and pray for healing for Rodney, and pray for Shawn and Jon for courage and all the famlies that are involved for peace. Take care and keep on posting. God bless you all.

Since: Oct 08

Sutton Twp, Ohio

#66 Sep 23, 2009
Hello again. This past year has been so hard but I'm sure all the prayers have been helpful in many ways. Thank you everyone.

Someone from that area in Ohio has been sending me cards throughout the year. Thank you for those as well. Timing them around special holidays was a very nice touch as those are the hardest times to be alone.(I suspect it may be someone from the school.)

I have wanted to place some type of memorial next to the highway for quite some time but I didn't feel it was right to put something for Jake without including Angel. I didn't want to step on anyone's toes, or be a painful reminder to the family, by doing something without their permission. I don't know what to place there... angels, a wreath, two crosses (probably Celtic cross for us) or something else entirely.

The last time I spoke with Angel's mom the blood test was in question. Since that time I learned that the test measures any pot inhaled over the prior 30 days. I talked to Jake's friends and one actually had a video of a night they spent together. It is lengthy but I'll forward it to anyone that wants it. It is a party - they blow things up with fire crackers - 2 boys are smoking pot in a cabin and Jake is refusing to go in - says he doesn't want to "reak" so he was staying outside. The boys teased him but he blamed it on me, like I always told him to do, he says, "You don't know my mother. She has nose like a effing bloodhound." Eventually he did go in the shed and the boys played 'Magic' cards for a few hours. The whole time Jake never touched the pot but he was around it for a long time. Anyway, the boys didn't want to give me the video but eventually they thought that it might bring me some peace. My new email is below. Write if you want to see it.

So, yes there was pot in the blood but it was an accumulation of anything up to 30-days old. Jake was an electrical engineer apprentice most of the summer and he was tested constantly and always passed the tests as clean.

I think what is more obvious is that there was no pot in the car. No pot - no one smoking pot. Paraphanela was in the car but the way things flew around there is no telling where anything may have come from. The back pack containing most of it did not belong to Jake but it may have belonged to anyone he went to school with. In fact, the back pack wasn't even found until the car was lifted and moved so maybe that was in the trunk too. I don't know.

Likewise with the beer can - no one had alcohol in the system (that test shows only what was in system that day) but the can that was found came from the trunk (part of the back seat was ripped out - 11 cans remained in the trunk but one flew to the center of the car when the beer box was ripped open - the tab was still sealed shut).

Well, I'm blabbering again but I thought it might be time to talk about that test and hopefully put some suspicions to rest. The bottom line is that this was an accident and neither drugs or alcohol, excessive speed, or erratic driving caused it.

Now, with the anniversary almost upon us, is it the right time to consider a memorial? Either way, I will be there on Saturday to lay flowers out. Would Angel's family mind if I leave something in memory of her?

To Rodney, keep on recovering and I pray there are no further set backs. Jon and Shawn, thanks for being as helpful and kind as you were to me. I hope you are finding some normalcy in your lives.

Best wishes to all.
Kym (Jacob's mother)
[email protected]
facebook - Kymberlyn Tattrie Weber (I'm trying to put the video there too just because I like to see him from time to time.


#67 Dec 22, 2009
Dear Kym, Sending out to you and your family Gods blessing this Christmas season. We pray your doing better.

Rodney had a 3 month check up in Columbus. Dr. there said he's improving well. Though his short term memory isn't back yet, he's doing better than 3 months ago. They will have a battery of tests to be done in the future. The doctor felt that he'll be able to go back to college in the fall. He does want him to go near home at first. He getting more independant, which is good. He did tell Rod's Mom & Dad that they need to realize that in this kind of injury, a 2-3 year recovery isn't uncommon.

His aunt told me his hair has come back and that he had blue put in the top of his hair. No one sent us a picture, though. His sense of humor is in full swing.

The Hynd family has been truly blessed with this recovery of Rod. I'll keep you informed. May God's blessing be with you your this upcoming year.

Since: Oct 08

Sutton Twp, Ohio

#68 May 12, 2011
So much time has past but this accident is still so fresh in my mind. Some lives were lost, some were nearly lost, and all our lives are changed forever because of this tragic day.

Myself, I've survived my own medical issues. I had to. I needed to get back to that place on the road where all of this started... and Jake's life ended. I've moved from my NY farm to a small town not far from Nelsonville.

I am here because I need to build, and maintain, a memorial on that spot. I feel the need to do this to honor Jacob, but much more than that, I hope that is will remind every driver on that highway to drive safely because lives can be lost.

This Saturday, with flowers and paving stones donated from a local farmer, a beautiful memorial garden will be planted.

It is my hope that this beautiful spot on the highway will inspire other drivers to slow down, pay attention, and acknowledge how precious life is. And, with the grace of God, Jacob's garden may help to save other lives.

If anyone reads this, and you are in the area, feel free to stop by this Saturday at 3pm to lend a hand or offer a plant, bulb, or a seed to this garden.

Las Vegas, NV

#69 May 12, 2011
Dear Kymberlyn, What a wonderful thing that your doing. It's been a couple of years since we've heard from you. So glad they still notify when someone posts. I can't possibly imaging your pain, but do understand it. Our family isn't the same, either. Rod still doesn't have his short-term memory back. But, we've got the faith that it will be restored through the love of Jesus. His doctors feel he's making improvement, which is also very helpful. The other two boys don't seem to have any contact with Rod. They have recovered from their physical injuries, but I don't really know about them, just our Rod. Hoping to make a trip down there when we return this summer. The pain is still there, this I do know. But I continue to pray for you, Angles Mom, & another lady I've made friends with through this chapter in our lives. May you continue to recover. Sending my love. Bette

Since: Oct 08

Sutton Twp, Ohio

#70 May 29, 2011
Hi Bette,

I was not sure if anyone read this page any more. It is so nice to see you here. My email address changed so I hadn't seen your response until today. I'm glad you are still reading and writing here. I've thought about Rodney so often. I knew the head trauma would take a long time to heal but I had hoped for better news. I'm sure this is all very frustrating for him, and everyone around him. My best wishes and healing prayers will always remain with him.

Has Rodney been able to return to any type of normal life? Maybe a new dream/goal for the future or is that still only a hope for another day? I feel so bad that words alone will never let him know how badly I feel for him.

How are you doing Bette? It's been a long road for you too. I hope you are well and in good spirits. Your return visit... is that to the Columbus doctor? Please, if you don't mind, would you post any updates you have for Rodney?

Best wishes to you and the family. Kym

North Fairfield, OH

#71 Jun 14, 2011

Cleveland, OH

#72 Jun 15, 2011
Dear Kim, thanks for the kind words, thoughts and prayers. They are truly appreciated.

Now much more going on with Rod. He'sstill in therapy. His left hand & arm seem to be improving. He no longer walks with a cane. But his frustration level is rising. There's so much he can't do that he used to so. He used to be a wiz with computers but they are now more advanced the he can keep up with. Hence frustration. But doctors are still optimistic.

So our prayers now focus on his restoration of his memory. Weather or not we see it in our lifetime is up to God and his wisdom.

My husband & I are planning a trip down at some point this summer. We've not been down ever so we feel it's time. We'd like to see your memorial, also. Perhaps we could meet for coffee when we do.
I'm so glad you posted. It had been so long. Must end. Will be in touch to let u know when we'll be down.

Since: Oct 08

Sutton Twp, Ohio

#74 Jul 5, 2013
It is hard to believe that it has been 4-1/2 years since this tragedy. It still feels like yesterday to me. Rodney has been in my mind quite a bit lately. I hope that means that some normalcy has returned to his life. The other boys, from what I hear, have moved on.

Rodney, if you ever read these notes I hope you know that I am very sorry for what happened to you. I hope your recovery is coming faster now that the brain has had time to heal some more. If there is ever, ever, ever anything that I can do to help you please let me know. Don't feel like a stranger - I've thought of you every time I think of Jacob. In a way, at least to me, you are like family. Please let me help you if there is a way for me to help.{hugs}

United States

#75 Jul 8, 2013
Dear Kymberlyn:

I just received notice that you posted on this site again. I, like you can't believe its been 4 1/4 yrs. Update on Rodney: his sense of humor is still the same. He's had tons & tons of therapy. This years earlier, he had what might be a minor stroke, but drs. can't exactly say so. His tests showed nothing unusual, but his left arm retraced to where it was before, close to the chest, like anyother stroke victim. He would truly love to get better, cause his focus is to go back to school. Problem is, he still doesn't know what day it is or date from day to day. They did numorous tests in Columbus at some point & drs. quit, cause he just wasn't actually isn't remember things. This truly saddens everyone, but we've come to adjust to Rodney for who he is & what he accomplishes. God still has a plan for his live, I positive of. He's such a greatful young man. He & I have had converstions which doesn't show any problem with him. But alas, we have to accept him for who he is now. This is all in God's plan to accomplish something for us or him. He's actually had a tat placed on his arm to remember Jacob. Now the good news: he has had some positive remembering of recent things in the lives of his family. He's remembered our new new granddaughter, Gracie. His older brother & his girlfriend had a baby girl & remembers her name also. So we do see the light at the end of the tunnel. I pray everyday to God that he restores his brain back so he can achieve his dream. I have the faith that this will happen, maybe not in my lifetime, but in His!! Our family is growning, with little ones coming. Some day, one day, Roddy will discover who is really is going to be. I may not be around, but I truly believe this. You can contact me whenever you can. Hope that your life has returned to what anyone can call normal from this tradgy. We've all lost something, but with God's help, the sun comes up again in the morning. Sending all my love to you. Bette
Big Johnson

Columbus, OH

#76 Jul 8, 2013
This is disturbingly morbid.

Fort Walton Beach, FL

#77 Jul 16, 2013
Mr. Big Johnson of Columbus, Oh.:

Yes, you are right, this is morbid & I hope to God that you will never, never, never have to live with such sorrow or saddness in your live. You can only know such until you walk in our shoes, so dont judge those you know nothing about.

Hope that you stay truly blessed throughout your life and the lives of your loved ones.


Since: Oct 08

Sutton Twp, Ohio

#78 Aug 6, 2013
Bette, Thank you for the update on Rodney. I will pray for him every day of my life in hopes that the best will come to him. I'm glad to hear that there are a few improvements but I pray for so much more.

Congratulations on the growing family. I am sure that you, like me, would love to see our boys (Rod and Jake) with a love and maybe a family of their own by now. Oh well, there must be a bigger plan.

I am surprised to hear about Rodney's tattoo! That is the sweetest thing that I have ever heard. I'll take it as a sign that he has forgiven Jacob. That means the world to me. I can't say my heart would be that big if it were me. Bless his lovely soul!

Myself, I'm healing. It took a long time and I beat myself up for many years by blaming myself. It's only recently that I can accept that everything does happen for a reason. Accepting it has helped me a lot. I still live down here near Nealsonville. Jake loved this area the first time he seen it so I feel connected to him here.

The highway where this happened, Rt 33, has been re-routed. If this had been done in 2008 the boys would have been on a divided highway - no head on traffic. Perhaps it will help save others. I don't know. Just wish it were done sooner.

Thank you so much for remaining in touch. It's nice to talk to you. Please share an extra hug with Rodney for me.(tears are flowing just thinking about that sweet young man)

Love and best wishes,

Avon, OH

#79 Jan 9, 2014
I was driving the black car behind the car that went left of center. Not a day passes that I don't think about it and replay it in my mind. I wish I could erase it. I never knew anything beyond what I saw. The unanswered questions have weighed on me for years. Now, at least, I know names and stories since. I'm not sure if reading this thread has helped or made me feel worse, but at least now I'm not so in the dark.

Tell me when this thread is updated:

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