Killers Among Us: Woman left work, va...

Killers Among Us: Woman left work, vanished | The Columbus Dispatch

There are 180 comments on the Columbus Dispatch story from Sep 6, 2010, titled Killers Among Us: Woman left work, vanished | The Columbus Dispatch. In it, Columbus Dispatch reports that:

Detective Jeff Stiers of the Union County sheriff's office with a flier about Patti: "If we get a tip that she's behind the oak tree, then we go look behind the oak tree." View a related video " href="/wwwexportcontent/sites/dispatch/local_news/stories/2010/09/06/coldcase6-art-gcg9p9o4-1coldcase6-jq-5-jpg.jpg" class="lightbox"> View a related video ...

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Spill the beans

Urbana, OH

#152 Sep 10, 2010
therealstory wrote:
I cant read any more of this I have known her and her family for many years and most of you all have got it all wrong! "Hoebag" really? Bubba! you have so much to say and you dont even know her!Patti was a great friend mother sister and daughter and thats how she should be remembered. All this judgemental crap the folks that posted this do not have the brains to figure that this phsyco path conned her because he saw a very trusting person and she always saw the good in all. RIP Patricia Adkins your friends and family miss and love you!And for the person responsable for the death of Patti You should look into your own childrens eyes and remember Pattis eyes as you took her life and hope your child never mets an animal like you.
So who is this Flowers jerk, where does he live, what business does he own, does he still work at Honda & is he still married?

Galloway, OH

#153 Sep 10, 2010
This story is creepy. I hope one day the person will be caught and this young woman's remains, "if she has passed away" will have a decent burial and closure for this family. Not all people are evil, this young woman ran into a evil person in her life. God Bless the family, friends and for her.

Chillicothe, OH

#154 Sep 10, 2010
Spill the beans wrote:
<quoted text>
So did/does this Flowers guy work at Honda? What were his other businesses? I'd like to know so I can avoid him like the plague and make sure not to put any money in his (or his wife's) pocket.
Plus if people know who they are a little social ostracism might turn the screws enough to get somebody to talk!
I don't understand why all of this information isn't included in her America's Most Wanted profile. I've seen AMW profile things like this & even with no proof, they paint the picture. That would put pressure on the married man & his wife. They could put the wife's idea spin on it. She would roll over on him so fast.
Sue Silly

Columbus, OH

#155 Sep 12, 2010
Boy, this subject has been dropped like a hot potato.

Sounds to me that no one who claims to love Patti is willing to share or expose any information that might find her or catch her killer.

If it was my loved one. I would spill the beans to anyone that would listen.

Sounds to me that the family must like the mystery status.

Columbus, OH

#156 Sep 12, 2010
who is the person of interest? that is a legally appropriate to ask it doesnt mean he killed her only that he has been linked ot her by some way? what is his name??

Columbus, OH

#157 Sep 12, 2010
I don't think it was dropped like a hot potato, I just think it ran it's course....What else is there to say?? I didn't know her, only to see her...Knew none of the family....I think that is the case with most of the posters.....I do not know the name of the person of interest, only what has been said here...I would like to see this thread continue on, but if there is no new info, that leaves little to discuss....I still feel the powers that be are on to something, and perhaps we will learn what that might be sooner or later...
Spill the beans

Urbana, OH

#158 Sep 12, 2010
therealstory wrote:
<quoted text>
Drugs, inner city of columbus? wow I lived with her and I can tell you,youre wrong! Patti worked and took damn good care of her daughter thats it that all never saw anything illeagl in our home.I hate when people like you think its okay to pull bs like this outta your back side when a person is gone. no respect at all for her family that has suffered enough with out your made up stories! Her family didnt/doesnt need her money so where your are gettn all of your info I would love to know!RIP Patti!
So tell us what you know about the married boyfriend. Why let him continue to hide?
F O P friend of Patti

Tucson, AZ

#159 Sep 13, 2010
mroseb wrote:
Who are we to judge anyone? Only God has that right! She may have made some mistakes,,,believing in love. But she didn't deserve to die! There are murderers and child molesters in prison who gets to live,yet CHARLIE you believe she gets to die? God will judge YOU!
F O P friend of Patti

Tucson, AZ

#160 Sep 13, 2010
Hondaworker wrote:
I can't believe some of the comments people have the nerve to post on here! I hope that Patti's family or her daughter don't read any of these comments. I don't care that she was dating a married man, no one deserves to die and no family deserves to go through not knowing what happened to their daughter, sister or mother. My heart goes out to all of them! Patti was a very nice person and didn't deserve any of this. I hope they put both the boyfriend and his wife away forever! RIP Patti, there are still some people out here that don't judge and believe that someone should die for dating a married man. It was wrong but she didn't deserve what happened!!! PERIOD!
AMEN!! And Thank a friend of Patti.....I appreciate your comments! If people would put as much effort into having compassion for another person and a families they do making stupid comments..... I am sure the world would be a better place!

Columbus, OH

#161 Sep 13, 2010
Makes one wonder, if perhaps those bashing this poor young lady were involved in her disappearance, or at least friends with the boyfriend who apparently is responsible for it.....Perhaps a disgruntled ex lover of the boyfriend,or perhaps his wife???

United States

#162 Sep 13, 2010
TheGypsy wrote:
Makes one wonder, if perhaps those bashing this poor young lady were involved in her disappearance, or at least friends with the boyfriend who apparently is responsible for it.....Perhaps a disgruntled ex lover of the boyfriend,or perhaps his wife???
Charlie/Charlene = Flowers
animal control

Bellefontaine, OH

#163 Sep 13, 2010
I would be watering my backyard if I were you, the sattalite image is awful.
Perhaps this woman did in fact have drug issues that is are blame for her dissapearance, that is the most logical conclusion when you figure in that in over 9 years none of her honda associates care to even put up a $50 reward err' nutthin!
I rode out 739 tonight and looked over the litl' spread she and her hubby were planning their future. Where's the kid's dad though all this?
That $90 grand was actually unacounted for it seems to me.,and they will never solve this case.
cheeseburger cheeseburger

Columbus, OH

#164 Sep 14, 2010
Lucky wrote:
<quoted text>
Charlie/Charlene = Flowers
Hmmmm makes one wonder....
The Shadow Knows

Columbus, OH

#165 Sep 29, 2010
Rumor has it that will be having a show on sometime in Feb 2011 featuring Patti's disappearance..So Mr. And Or Mrs. killer, they aren't going to let it rest until they get you....You can run, but you can't hide forever....:)
ktown news

Zanesville, OH

#166 Oct 22, 2010
I remember when this happened, but im thinkin, what i had heard the guy was from forest, ohio?? which is still in hardin cnty....wish i remembered his name though?

Marysville, OH

#167 Jan 11, 2011
brian flowers was his name

Charlottesville, VA

#168 Jan 12, 2011
He's a coward whomever he is.
And he'll get whats coming to him.
They have solved crimes and murders 30 years later....he'll one day get caught.

Marysville, OH

#169 Jan 14, 2011
Ms AB wrote:
<quoted text>
I can't believe I walk this earth with people like you, Charlie. 11 years ago I was seriously abused by my husband, now ex OF COURSE! But certain religions state that unless my husband "put me out" for another woman, I had no right to leave him. I would have been dead now if I would have followed my own religious beliefs at the time. So, we can set here and preach the bible and JUDGE Patty Adkins for having an affair with a married man, but you are judging a person. You are not God. What are you thinking? Saying she deserves to die??? Seriously? You are gross. She has a 16 year old daughter and I hope her daughter is smart enough to know people like you are insane.
To me it seems like you are Judgeing charlie and the BOYFRIEND!!!!

Marysville, OH

#170 Jan 14, 2011
dreams wrote:
Hair of the deceased can be found in the metal bed frame under the mattress in her former lovers guest bedroom and under the passenger side seat of his truck. It's attached to the bottom of the seat. It's not on the floor.
Her blood can be found in his home. It's been cleaned up but it still remains. He has relatives or close friends who have some out of the way property. He took her there but he kept something that belonged to her or was part of her. I can't see what it is, but he looks at it and thinks about her from time to time. His wife put him up to the murder not the other way around.
I do not know these people and have never seen them. The man has dark hair and his wife has blonde-ish/light brown hair. He was in love with the girlfriend. His wife was making it impossible to leave. I'm not judging in any way. I have had these dreams for years. They started about a year before this murder. They are very real. I haven't witnessed the murder but I felt that she was happy to go with him. Over come with happiness. She wasn't scared at all until it was to late. The wife taunted her for some time before anything happened. She really didn't think she would be killed until just before. I don't know what happened but it was violent. The wife had blood spatter on her face & was in a stage of complete rage. She made her husband help. I didn't see. He did exactly what he was instructed to do. He didn't ask questions. They were in a room that wasn't well lit. Maybe a cabin or cedar walls, or cement, but there were shadows behind the wife as she stood over her. The victim is sometimes bound to a chair and sometimes bound on the floor.
These are some of the worst dreams I have ever had and I can feel her joy to be leaving with him and I can feel the anger that she was caught. She also felt relief that they were caught. She was thinking as the ordeal began that this was the moment she had been waiting for. She believed he was leaving his wife. She knew the affair was wrong and felt like she had to listen to the wife and when she was done listening she would have him to herself forever. She wasn't afraid. Ashamed,embarrassed, relieved, and hopeful was how she felt about the wife being there. She didn't feel fear until there was no way for her to act and get out of the situation. She loved the man until her last breath. She hurt when she figured out he was in on the wifes plan, but she still loved him.
The dreams are intense and I don't know why I have them. It's like she tries to communicate with me but offeres no answers. I feel what she felt but I never see her during the murder. She never speaks to me or shows me anything that can help. I always feel like I'm missing something and it drives me crazy. The flashes I get are crazy. I'd love to know how accurate the detail is. The guest room has cream colored carpet and a beadspread with purple and light purple flowers.
The wife thinks they've got away with it and the husband still worries they will be caught. The fight a lot and she cleans a lot. They both watch a lot of CSI. She watches for information on how she might stay a step ahead and he watches to see what their downfall will be. He's afraid he may be a victim one day. She like the power she holds over him.
There is evidence in their home and it's evidence that can't be removed. I keep getting that they have moved or thought about moving. I keep going back to the same house though. The creame colored carpet and room are always the same in the dreams. I didn't know anyone involved but I feel like I do after years of the dreams.
I appreciate your very intensely detailed description of your dream, you have not described the man in questions house or his wife. This supports my unfounded knowledge that the entire family is innocent. I can not wait until the real guilty party is found, so the rest of the world can leave my friend and his family alone

Farmington, MI

#171 Jan 14, 2011
melissa wrote:
<quoted text>
To me it seems like you are Judgeing charlie and the BOYFRIEND!!!!
Hey Melissa, I was wondering when you'd make it here. You're all over the other sites with the same defending statements. You claim to know the alleged boyfriend and his wife. Why don't you name him and her? Give some details of their lives. It bothers you that posters are bashing the alleged boyfriend. For all we know he is not the same person you are defending. I think he deserves public support from you.

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