Scandal forces appraisal of gay issue...

Scandal forces appraisal of gay issues | The Columbus Dispatch

There are 90 comments on the Columbus Dispatch story from Oct 1, 2010, titled Scandal forces appraisal of gay issues | The Columbus Dispatch. In it, Columbus Dispatch reports that:

Bishop Eddie Long of Atlanta told New Birth Missionary Baptist Church congregants on Sunday that he would fight allegations of sexual relationships by four young men.

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United States

#69 Dec 22, 2010
This organization functions as a cult .........
Darrell Hampton

Dayton, OH

#71 Jan 8, 2011
Lance G wrote:
<quoted text> Thats the truth people.
Yeah, I got strung out on dope and yeah I went to prison. Now what? No man has ever put his hands or any other part of his body on me in prison or anywhere else. Lance Gibson you are the one following a perverted gay “bishop” who has turned out so many young men it is antithetic. Look at what he did to Tommy while you sat in the pews and did nothing. That poor boy stood up during Sunday service and told what Joe White did to him and none of you came to his aid. Your Bishops from Philly called my house to ask me to come testify against your Bishop. You know this man is corrupt but you choose to make other peoples children available for this pedophile. Like Eddie Long he waits until they reach the age of legality before he sexually abuses them. And…you sit there and allow it to happen as long as you get to be called “Reverend” and collect your offering. You people made me sick 20 something years ago and you make me sick now!

Van Wert, OH

#72 Jan 8, 2011
This is not even about homosexuality. It's about pedophilia, which is completely different and not based on sexual orientation at all, but on power. This is like saying that when a heterosexual man molests little girls, we need a frank discussion on heterosexuality. No, we don't, because it's not about that.

Van Wert, OH

#73 Jan 8, 2011
Stacey wrote:
It would be such a transitional story if we allow all those men and women in this world who previously lived a homosexual life, for however long they lived it, or tried gay sex, tell us why they left that lifestyle and accepted their own man or womanhood. Where is this story? Where are these people?
It is so pathetic for the media, social activists, and pastors to make the conclusion for us that once you go gay or try it that you are categorically classified as a homosexual. I disagree with that notion wholeheartedly. There are so many people that left that lifestyle and have made the decision never to return to it just like any other negative human condition (sin).
We are constantly making exceptions for gays, advocating for them, speaking up for them, and passing legislation for them but totally ignoring those folk that said they've been there, done it, tried it, but left it.
The last thing I want to say is there is this belief now that those people that harp against homosexuality the loudest secretly harbor gay tendencies. That is a total farce! Just because Bishop Long and some of the other world renown preachers got caught doesn't mean anything about someone's stance against homosexuality. For all Christians that believe the Bible, Bishop Long's message is biblically based. There is nothing wrong with his message. You may decide to dislike him but before these allegations came out you believed his message, so don't stop believing it now.
We need people that are gay to have a conversation with those people that were once gay. That's the only conversation we need to have.
"Ex-gays" are a myth. The only organizations who tout this nonsense are extremly religious in nature. They are not scientific and do not provide studies or real results. They simply make claims. They are unable to change orientation, but equate change to someone simply being celibate for awhile. Sexual orientation is not about how much sex you have or who with, but the basic physical and mental attractions. Those are never changed.

Columbus, OH

#75 May 9, 2012
Darrell Hampton is right I use to go to the pool of bethesda.Bishop White has been gay for years.The board of bishops called the meeting on Aug 24,1994 and the young men mentioned told on bishop white the advances he made towards him while he was living with him.In this meeting bishop white was asked were the charges true that were brought up against him he never said a word he just sit there.Why else do u think the church bailed Darrell out did u ever think that bishop white wanted him so bad that he would have done anything for him just like he did for the young men living with him.

Columbus, OH

#76 May 9, 2012
Thats the truth

Columbus, OH

#77 May 9, 2012
People Eddie long is in columbus ohio and the address is 2600 Mccutcheon rd COlumbus ohio 43219

Columbus, OH

#78 May 11, 2012
Joseph wrote:
<quoted text>
there is no such thing as anointed, any one considering themselves that is delusional but then that's what religion is all about delusion and scam.
joe gth

Sliedrecht, Netherlands

#79 May 8, 2013
thetruth wrote:
Now, Daryl Hampton. We all know the truth behind your so called experience. A low life strung out on drugs, alcohol, and perverted. You were also incarcerated numerous times. You were bailed out by the church and the person you're slandering. You were homeless and who took you in? The church. WHAT WERE YOU IN JAIL FOR?? How did you marriage work out? You were struggling with oral sex on your own account. Have we forgotten? I am ceratin that your years in prison didnt take your memory. Or did you have a name change to Darlene because of your many wanted and invited sexual encounters while in jail. Be careful putting your tounge on the anoninted. Isnt your life in shambles enough?? <quoted text>
Are you sure you are talking about the Bishop white that i know? It seems to me that there are two bishop here. People give comments on some bishop long and the oter bishop white. what is the truth?
Eric Bischoff

La Grange, NC

#80 Aug 12, 2013
No way that you are talking about Bishop Joseph White. You must be talking about Bishop Jesse White.

Medina, OH

#81 Sep 23, 2013
Eric Bischoff wrote:
No way that you are talking about Bishop Joseph White. You must be talking about Bishop Jesse White.
I'm talking about Joseph white he is gay and has been gay for years ask him
Darrell Hampton

Dayton, OH

#82 Nov 19, 2013
Bishop Joe White is as gay as Little Richard and he has been all his life. Do you see me hiding my name to avoid liability? You can’t sue a person for telling the truth. Yes, I was strung out on drugs and yes I went to prison one time but the rest of that crap is pure lies. I’m sure Joe White is hiding in the shadows telling his slaves to post this mess. No, I am not, nor have I ever been gay and No man has ever had sex with me. Joe White is the one who created his own definition of what is a sin; He once told me that “as long as a man doesn’t come in another man, it’s not a sin”. Hollering laughing! I was young but I wasn’t stupid! I replied “have you lost your damn mind”?........

Cincinnati, OH

#83 Nov 23, 2013
Jon wrote:
This is not even about homosexuality. It's about pedophilia, which is completely different and not based on sexual orientation at all, but on power. This is like saying that when a heterosexual man molests little girls, we need a frank discussion on heterosexuality. No, we don't, because it's not about that.
Sodomy and elective abortion are the signature activities of queers.

Relabeling sodomy as molestation is a ploy.

Relabeling elective abortion as reproductive rights is a ploy.

Relebeling porn as free speech is a ploy.
d pantz

United States

#84 Nov 23, 2013
Gay religious nuts. No pun intended.

Killeen, TX

#85 Feb 1, 2014
Mr. Hampton:

Calling out someone's name and making accusations that cannot be proven in a court of law is Slandering. Believe me when I say you can be sued for making statements like this online.
If you have a problem with that person, maybe you should take it to court and prove your case. Otherwise, it is not a good idea to bring it up in a public forum. My question to you is: If you have not been associated with this church in many years, what is the purpose of your accusations. If you want to go after a church official, get a lawyer, a witness, and take it to court. Gay bashing and accusing someone of molestation is a serious offense.
The Truth

United States

#86 Feb 15, 2014
Chloe, Please!!! You got some nerve complaining about someone talking about your father when he is running his mouth. The bible says if you don`t want to be judged then Don't judge. Your father started it and, now its free for All to respond back. However, I don't agree with the respondent bringing children into the conversation.
Chloe wrote:
I don't know who you are or where you come from, but I don't appreciate you saying negative things about my father! God is a forgiving God, and He has mercy on us all. I don't know why you call yourself Mister Perfect, because NO ONE is perfect in God's eyes! The things my father has done to me and my brother are in the past, and I'm sure that my father is forgiven of those things. Who are YOU to judge my father for being a homosexual? His sexual preference is his business and NOT yours! And for your information, my father is NO LONGER on drugs!! He has been clean for several years. My father hasn't, isn't, and never will be perfect, but then again, NEITHER ARE YOU!!!<quoted text>
The Truth

United States

#87 Feb 15, 2014
Its so funny how you have the boldness to call out names but, can't say who you are... COWARD!!!
bassman wrote:
<quoted text>
i totally support Mr Hampton and his comments, because belonged to the Pool also. while I didn't succomb to Bishop Whites advances. He would often tell me the devil is in my because I didn't give into him. I feel he is a theif and a con artist and tries to run the church like a mafia organization. He's not annointed, he's just an old gay man getting rich off of sincere people who don't realize they are serving God and not Bishop White. he will go to hell for how he's destroyed peoples lives.
The Truth

United States

#88 Feb 15, 2014
If this Church was part of Longs network the followers would be loaded with gays. If you did your homework you wouldn't of wrote this... Crazy!!!
Reader wrote:
<quoted text>l
Anybody's guess what is going on here. But, I would note that Pool of Bethesda seems to be a part of Long's network.
d pantz

United States

#89 Feb 16, 2014
Reader wrote:
<quoted text>
Well, as someone has pointed out, you are entitled to your opinion, but not to your own facts.
Those who want to declare homosexuality a pathology do not have the backing of those who have researched the mental health of the homosexual population.
what about people who's entire lives, every aspect, is centered on how they get off? That's called being a pervert or a sex addict, isn't it? You could argue that johns paying prostitutes are two consenting adults too (it is legal in some places) but do you want to teach kids in 6th grade that its okay?

Akron, OH

#90 Mar 4, 2014
Who is this truth guy your mad because you know he is a fag.I was a former member I left because your bishop oh I forgot he is a doctor now was asked if he was gay he never said a word. Ask his sisters especially mary butler she left the church for a while because she knew. HE IS GAY ASK HIM.

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