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Abercrombiea s padded bikini for preteens stirs up fuss | The Columbus Dispatch

There are 104 comments on the Columbus Dispatch story from Mar 29, 2011, titled Abercrombiea s padded bikini for preteens stirs up fuss | The Columbus Dispatch. In it, Columbus Dispatch reports that:

Abercrombie & Fitch has bowed to controversy over a swimsuit deemed inappropriate for young girls by raising the target audience to 12 or older.

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San Diego, CA

#85 Mar 29, 2011
ABERCROMBIE & FITCH AND ALL OTHERS WHO ARE trying to sell this garbage:This is not style, these are our Babies,...Mothers, Fathers, of Morals, Standards...Don't let them exploit our Children...don't lead our children, to Sex offenders, who have sick minds already!!!` without trying to entice, these deviates, to our kids...Little Girls are not Sex Objects...Nor are Boys.... they should not be helpless to these Monsters...grab what little bit of Morality is left...and protect our children...Help the Children of terrible Parents who would buy these things for their Children.....In the name of God help the Children...

Hilliard, OH

#86 Mar 29, 2011
re Powell cheerleading mom. As a mother of 2 attractive daughters who wear bikinis, short shorts, sweats nd have even owned an ANF product or 2-I understand a liberal and supportive attitude toward girls, fashion and the flaunt it when you got it attitude. The problem is ANF went to young here-they marketed sex in the context of children. Our culture does not condone sex with children nor does it approve of encouraging young children be enticed or encourage to dress in a sexual manner. ANF likes to be provocative but in this case they went too far. It is not "cute" to put 7 year olds in padded bikinis and not wise to put 11 or 12 year olds in inappropriate swim wear.
Our culture does enough to degrade it's own community standards-obviously the latent sexuality of a young child is not a place ANF or any of us really need to explore. Child pornograghy and sexual abuse is growing worldwide. No one needs to contribute to the problem. A little common sense and possibly a trip to the emergency room this company so generously donates to-may give these execs a little insight into their the reality of a real 10 year old girl as opposed to the imaginary 10 year old girl ANF is designing for.
Look outside your bubble powell. Lots going on but yes-it is a little difficult to take. Oh and I developed early and not until at least 10-11. 5th grade. So iff you are remembering stuff earlyer than that my guess is you had older sisters you hung with a bit too much

Hilliard, OH

#87 Mar 29, 2011
Ancient Greece condoned physical relationships between grown men and young boys. Prior to the industrial revolution once a girl hit puberty a girl was marriageable ( 10 on up) . So historically we treat our children differently-let us keep advancing as a species.
no mensa here

Mount Sterling, OH

#88 Mar 29, 2011
mckeestown wrote:
<quoted text>
what is that supposed to mean? All Cheerlearders are ??????????
mckeestown, the reference wasn't towards your daughter, blondie, read it again.

Zanesville, OH

#89 Mar 29, 2011
Silky Johnson wrote:
A&F never ceases to amaze me. They're the retail version of Jerry Springer.
Did you ever notice that A&F frequently does dumb things, get a ton of free publicity, then say, "we didn't mean to offend..."

They don't seem to care if the publicity is negative so long as they get publicity.

Columbus, OH

#90 Mar 29, 2011
It's called spend a few dollars on advertising and get millions worth of free publicity - regardless if it's good or bad.

Westerville, OH

#91 Mar 30, 2011
From the Powell Bubble wrote:
<quoted text> And wearing a bikini does not mean I have no modesty. I can assure you I have been respected for my intellidence and have reached a lofy postition with my intelligence. I just don't think you have to be dowdy to be smart. I'm betting I am more satisfied in life since I don't have to put people down for an opinion. Hey, Cheers to your momma!!
If you are making a case about how smart you are, it helps when you can spell intelligence correctly. I'm just saying.

Downey, CA

#92 Mar 30, 2011
Huh wrote:
<quoted text>
If you are making a case about how smart you are, it helps when you can spell intelligence correctly. I'm just saying.
To funny! she needs to learn how to spell lofty and position as well! But shes intelligent...lol

Columbus, OH

#93 Mar 30, 2011
kblog wrote:
Ancient Greece condoned physical relationships between grown men and young boys. Prior to the industrial revolution once a girl hit puberty a girl was marriageable ( 10 on up). So historically we treat our children differently-let us keep advancing as a species.
yes, until in some far advanced state of society, we only do necrophilia
From the Powell Bubble

Portsmouth, OH

#94 Mar 30, 2011
Yikes wrote:
<quoted text> To funny! she needs to learn how to spell lofty and position as well! But shes intelligent...lol
OK, so sorry to the spell check Nazi's. Too bad you can't get on a blog and say something relevant about the subject. Oh no, you need to make yourself feel better pointing out an error. IS ok, I'm still making more money than you and been married 30 years. How many times have you been married?? Happiness comes from many things and one is family, self respect and love of others. All intangibles you must not have if you need to put down and attack one for having an alternate opinion. It's only an opinion in a blog not somthing personal to you.

And, for the fat A$$ with the comment about the cheer mom, you are just jealous and miserable.

My point was, though I have not seen these suits, is: "so what if there is a little padding??" It doesn't mean they are wearing a sign saying "SEX" Gawd, only in Columbus....where the goofy farmer still rules.

Fremont, CA

#95 Mar 30, 2011
if you go on walmart or target web site and look for girls tank tops there are pictures of girls in a training bra and panties. we are talking 7 to 9 years old these little girls are. pedophiles everywhere are going to be googling ANF padded bikinis. little girls and boys will be targeted regardless, but should we condone this type of commerce. should we expose our children in every way. some of you might consider your facebook pages, with your little children in bathing suits or night nights etc.please keep your childrens pictures private on these social sites. pornography is rampant and getting worse. my 8 year old daughter, with a more developed chest than her peers, will not be given a bikini until, well, until it seems safe IMO. "Juicy" on anyone a** is trashy IMO. It is very important to teach a child about modesty with in reason. They will do what they want when they are out of the house. I have not gotten to the tween or teen stage yet, but i was once a teen girl. I live in California, from texas,now and the schools allow so much that deviates from how i grew up. boy can have long hair, mohawks and blue dye jobs. girls and boys can have all types of piercings. shorts above the fingertips, come on . it seemed so restrictive when i was growing up. but i understand it now. i am seriously considering sending my child to private catholic school with uniforms for this very reason. I feel like kids fashions these days are too provocative. plain and simple. but really stop buying these things for your child. clear or light nail polish if any, chapstick not lipstick, flushed cheeks from exercise, not blush. children are so amazing when they are not targets for our own self esteem issues. don't invite insecurity into your little girls life by even insinuating that she may need padding or pushup. please promote health and modesty to you children. and please mothers and fathers, teach your sons how to respect women. even if they have on pushup bras and makeup. and mothers, beware of how you speak about yourself and other women in front of your children. they pick up on "i'm so fat, i need bigger boobs, i need lipo or botox, so on and etc. they also pick up on you calling other women skanks, whores, slut etc. most of these women or girls are just modeling society. they may be the biggest virgins or prudes, but they are victims of societal pressures. good luck and boycott ANF

Cumming, GA

#97 Apr 3, 2011
I completely understand why parents would be angry... but I remember when I got a padded bikini at Limited Too a while back... and nobody complained about that? If you don't like it, don't buy it, as simple as that.

Framingham, MA

#98 Apr 9, 2011
uirbu ujmn;tg ji b ekro

Framingham, MA

#99 Apr 9, 2011
hey you there

Framingham, MA

#100 Apr 9, 2011
i like this number

Framingham, MA

#102 Apr 9, 2011
thank you ali
somepeople r fat2keepwarm

London, Canada

#103 Jan 19, 2013
question wrote:
Wouldn't something that is padded actually conceal more and better than just a thin piece of fabric?
finally someone thinks it over

“Paper Or Plastic?”

Since: Nov 11


#104 Jan 19, 2013
Ewwwwww wrote:
Here's the perv:
Chairman & CEO of A&F - Michael S. Jeffries
He even looks like a pedophile.
Wonder how long before the Dispatch pulls this post.....????
This guy is only a figurehead CEO. A&F is a subsidiary of Limited Brands.

Since: Oct 10

Location hidden

#105 Jan 19, 2013
Leanne wrote:
<quoted text>
Wow. Where is this coming from and why would you think it is in any way appropriate or needed here? You're really creepy, Barney, and I can't help but question your interest in an article like this.
Agree. Yucky.

Since: Oct 10

Location hidden

#106 Jan 19, 2013
NurseMeg wrote:
<quoted text>
Thanks, groundhog. I'm sure there are other parents out there who are as equally disciplinary as my husband and I are, they just give in to the whining and crying of their teenage daughters. Not us! The training wheels stay on and the leash is still wrapped around our hands.
Good for you!

It's a tough world to be raising kids in. Less and less viable role models and more and more sensationalism.

In the end, it's in the parents hands. And they can't be lazy. Protect your child. And that means reining in your own behavior also when it applies.

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