At least 13 snared in Worthington her...

At least 13 snared in Worthington heroin sweep

There are 310 comments on the Columbus Dispatch story from Sep 24, 2009, titled At least 13 snared in Worthington heroin sweep. In it, Columbus Dispatch reports that:

At least 13 people were arrested in the Worthington area this morning, charged with trafficking in heroin.

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NotRichInWorthin gton

Chillicothe, OH

#170 Sep 24, 2009
Max wrote:
This is a big problem but these are the wrong people, the problem lies in Columbus and on the west side this is just treating a symptom. These are the users not the dealers.
That may be true, but these kids are probably sh**ing themselves right now, and more arrest higher up the food chain are almost a guarantee. You can bet their attorneys are plea bargaining as we speak.
Real Patriot

Mount Vernon, OH

#171 Sep 24, 2009
TIme for a change wrote:
<quoted text>
My understanding is that heroin is not expensive and that it is very easy to get. Look what is happening in Fairfield and Licking County. It a HUGE problem.
Throwing people who use heroin in jail doesn't seem to work real well, perhaps they should legalize drugs and use the money that they are making and saving by making it legal for rehab.
Before all of you start screaming "that's a lib for you"! know that I have voted republican for that last 10 years and consider myself very conservative. I have done a ton of reading on this topic and what we have been doing is not only expensive, but it DOES NOT WORK. It is time to try something that does.
We tried several years ago to change things, but the then republican criminal governor was against it.
Gramma moses

Columbus, OH

#172 Sep 24, 2009
You young whipper snappers better get off that darn dope! Put down the ready rock and pick up a bible!
Shoot hoops not drugs! Play kick the can or checkers or strip poker... Just lay off the horse already!!!!

Mount Vernon, OH

#173 Sep 24, 2009
was from worthington your a piece of shit by the way, these are peoples friends and family members and all you can think of is greed and vengence good read your bible and learn a little thing about mercy

Lancaster, OH

#174 Sep 24, 2009
Was from Worthington wrote:
<quoted text>
In order for these kids to be straightened out it would be appreciated if those within the immediate family would take care of these issues before the community is stuck dealing with it.
Enough of spending money on junkies who are too lazy to abide by the rules of society, throw them in prison for 15-20 years. Don't do the crime if you can't pay the time.
Too bad if your offended make sure the community doesn't need to clean up after your family and more than likely more than one of you knew of the situation and didn't do anything about it. Which is even worse yet.
Wow, it must be exhausting dragging all that perfection around every day! How do you manage? Hard as it may be for you to believe Mr. or Mrs. Know It All, it is possible for someone to be on drugs and to hide it from others for quite some time. But you wouldn't know about that in your world of perfectionism. Hmm... perfect people... I think there was only one of those, and you aren't him. We can only hope if the same situation happened with one of your friends or family members, that someone ELSE would show some compassion as apparently you are too perfect to do so.

Lancaster, OH

#175 Sep 24, 2009
Rudytwrs wrote:
<quoted text>
I see you buy all that crap the CIA and the like feeds us.
Oh, yeah it's "crap". I guess those were imaginary terrorists and 9-1-1 never happened... yeah, you're right. It must all be B.S.

Lancaster, OH

#176 Sep 24, 2009
I know more wrote:
<quoted text>
Been done and i have friends in the ATF as well, for certain reasons i cannot say much more
since you have "friends " in the dea,you have a vested interest in having drugs on the streets , wouldn't want to spoil your "friends" income flow would we. dick

United States

#177 Sep 24, 2009
Jamie McKenzie wrote:
It is about time they get these dealers off the street. I lost my best friend to Herroin and am very bitter about it.
Me too...RIP Nasty Nate.
Was from Worthington

Columbus, OH

#178 Sep 24, 2009
So far in the posts here it's been quite obvious there are those who flunked geography that has carried over into their adult lives.

If the Columbus Police Dept was properly staffed and the fact those officers within the 17th Precinct cover one of the largest areas with the least number of officers.

The following neighborhoods are included in area these few officers cover every day Bluffsview, Foxboro, Indian Hills, McKitrick Estates, Olde Sawmill, Olentangy Highlands, Riverside Green, Saddlebrook, Stilson Highlands, Summitview Woods, Summerwood, Western Hills, and Worthington Hills.

This area is bordered south from Henderson Rd running along Riverside Dr, North to Polaris through Sawmill Rd, this also includes area to the east along 315.

If Mike Coleman would stick to the manning levels in the Columbus City Charter there would be plenty of officers all over the city to protect the citizens. Naturally it doesn't matter to him since he has 3 body guards with him at all times.

This purely 1.) Is about the lack of family taking care of their own making sure they aren't involved in these situations. 2.) Is about the Columbus Police Dept's lack of manpower due to the negligence of Mike Coleman & the appointed Columbus City Council.

Which is why many of us live in suburbs that don't have antique firetrucks arrive when there's an emergency occurs and a good number of police officers who can do correctly their job.

United States

#179 Sep 24, 2009
Nimby wrote:
Hey! over 100 posts and nobody has blamed Obama yet...
You obviously missed the post inquiring about Oprah and BARRY...

United States

#180 Sep 24, 2009
None of your business wrote:
For all of you posting comments on people whom you know nothing about, watch what you say. One of these people who were arrested was an immediate family member. So dont say things like i hope they over dose, their all rich spoiled kids, and so on. These are your average teenages who have been introduced to drugs at an early age, and so they think its okay. I do agree they need real punishment including both jail and rehab. They need a reality check that this is not ok. But please these are peoples family members. I understand making a statement, for internet blogers are rarely kind. But were trying just as hard as the police to straiting up these kids life, we have invested alot in these kids. So please, i agree with punishment and such. But wishing for these kids to over dose, is crossing the line. We apricaite the police help, and i hope things go for the better
Is this for REAL? Or is it an intentionally illiterate post to try and "identify" with the peeps? And what if we DON'T stop speaking our minds and offending "you"? What will happen? Are you going to send The Junkie Squad over to beat me up? Last time I checked, the First Amendment was still in full effect, so suck it. Sometimes it takes an overdose to make a junkie fully aware of the consequences...some of them fail at overdosing, some don't. Some of them become aware how much they mean to other people...most are so selfish, they don't care who they hurt. And when you say they have SO much "invested" in these kids...what the hell does that mean? Like a 401K?

Palm Harbor, FL

#181 Sep 24, 2009
And all the while, I thought Dairy Queen was the cause of the moral decline in the Worthington area. Why don't they go after the real criminals? Pizza Hut, Papa John's, Domino's, McDonalds. I'm sure they're killing more citizens then heroin.
Dont have to be rich

Hilliard, OH

#182 Sep 24, 2009
SteveVC wrote:
The rich kids with attorney parents will get off.
The judges let them off easy. Probation or time served, whatever works out best for the offender is what the judges will do. Probation must go away for crime to begin to pay.

Columbus, OH

#183 Sep 24, 2009
None of your business wrote:
These are your average teenages who have been introduced to drugs at an early age, and so they think its okay. I do agree they need real punishment including both jail and rehab. They need a reality check that this is not ok.
As someone who's been around the block, let me suggest that there is something morfe than a reality check needed. And the issue is not understanding that "this is not ok." Heroin is so powerfully addictive that users and addicts are generally one and the same thing. On top of it all, it's a pretty rare user who starts out with heroin. Some may get there more quickly than others--either chasing the high, or as a cheaper option to some other highly addictive substance. Certainly there are legal ramifications, but these kids need professional detox, residential treatment and long term support (along with figuring out how to continue their education). This is not an issue of learning right from wrong, or acceptable from non-acceptable. Some may have underlying trauma that led them into trouble--but others may have just gotten into something that was available.
Caught at snack time

Hilliard, OH

#184 Sep 24, 2009
Max wrote:
<quoted text>
I know atleast 2 of the people on this list and i can gurantee they do not use or sell heroin
Those dirty cops must have grabbed the two who don't use from school during nappy time. No other reason they would be picked up for METH or HEROIN. Those drugs are soo common in everyone's possesion , it is easy for anyone to be arrested for that. Wake up. Unless you are with them 24hrs a day, you don't know everything about your friends, children.
OK Columbus

Broadview Heights, OH

#185 Sep 24, 2009
When I was a school kid in Columbus, our faculty and administration would have kicked our asses for smoking cigarettes in site of the school. I got called in the principal's office in elementary school for walking past a fight. Now, even though I'm old enough to be bald, if I walk the wrong direction (not far from Bexley) I'll be approached about buying crack. Nice cars are parked nearby so suburbanites can come to the poor neighborhood to buy crack while their buddy waits in the car. The Columbus police I saw were actually trying, but the situation is out of control. Where I am now, MANY upper middle class white women are taking prescription drugs for stress. Back in the neighborhood, they can't even find marijuana anymore.
Survival of fittest

Hilliard, OH

#186 Sep 24, 2009
Used to be the rule of the lands. Now the fittest support, and provide for the weakest, no matter what the reason is for the weakness. Granted (before all uproar) handicapped people *legitimate* do deserve and warrant assistance. But after awhile where does the line get drawn? Will hard working taxpaying people always be expected to support addicts by choice, criminals by choice, LAZY people by choice? ALWAYS remember this, for it is true - YOUR tax dollars paying into Social Security are being allocated to drug users who have a condition DUE to drug use , that enables them to receive S.S. WE ARE BUYING THEIR DRUGS!! When do the FIT say Enough? When does a criminal pay for his crimes?
send it in

Columbus, OH

#187 Sep 24, 2009

I scanned all these posts and you appear to be the first to realize or state how addictive this drug can be. Experimenters can become addicts in less than a week and dealers are giving away enough to trap their potential "customers." We need to be really diligent in explaining to our young people this drug is EVIL. I personally know a few peoples lives it has ruined and my friends in the ER tell me people are overdosing everyday - many die. PLEASE TELL YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY MESSING WITH THIS STUFF IS LIKE DRIVING BLINFOLDED WITH YOUR FOOT ON THE GAS... IT ENDS IN DISASTER!

We can't stop the supply we must stop the demand.

Sunbury, OH

#188 Sep 24, 2009
Throw them all in Jail for the rest of their lives. No chance of parole ever. Dopers SUCK !!!

Columbus, OH

#189 Sep 24, 2009
Mickey wrote:
"Worthington area"? No part of Hard road lies in Worthington.
Worthington Kilborune H.S. is on Hard Road. DUH.

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