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Rob Oller commentary: Schools should forfeit cash, not wins | BuckeyeXtra

There are 169 comments on the Columbus Dispatch story from Jul 10, 2011, titled Rob Oller commentary: Schools should forfeit cash, not wins | BuckeyeXtra. In it, Columbus Dispatch reports that:

Ohio State should begin to enroll imaginative 5-year-olds, because a university bent on teaching truth is going out of its way to play make-believe. Close your eyes, boys and girls and pretend last year's football season never happened.

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Comic Book Guy

Atlanta, GA

#1 Jul 10, 2011
W.O.R.S.T. O.l.L.E.R. C.O.L.U.M.N. E.V.E.R.





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Carmel, IN

#2 Jul 10, 2011
One thing is certain, if the school were forced to pay for violations there would be a lot more incentive to ensure compliance. Most complain anyway that the remaining players shouldn't be penalized for the actions of others, and to a certain extent I agree. But the real point is there needs to be incentive for a school to not look the other way in the face of violations. This would be a tremendous incentive.
Westerville Buckeye

Columbus, OH

#3 Jul 10, 2011
As one lone voice, I'm in total agreement with Rob.

Delphos, OH

#4 Jul 10, 2011
I find it hard to admit, but I agree with much of Mr. Oller's column. There has been one constant with Mr. Smith's approach since he came to Ohio State, it's all about the money. Anything for a buck. Things like licensing fees, ticket prices and anything connected with my university has come to revolve around the dollar. What is ethical, right and proper has been given lip service at best.

First, he stood by Coach Tressel, then he didn't ask him to resign, then he did, then he allowed him to retire. Mr. Smith, if Coach Tresssel's main transgression is lying, look who he learned it from. You've been lying to the public for some time. Whenever a reporter catches you at it, you seem to then refuse to talk to them.

Yes, Coach Tressel, a man I long admired had to go. Mr. Smith, you have to go for the same reasons. Honesty, truth and decency must never take a back seat to the dollar. Remember, you work for an educational institution first, not a pro sports team. Dr. Gee, step up and show true leadership. Admit that we must truly pay for our transgressions.

Since: Nov 09

Findlay, OH

#5 Jul 10, 2011
Westerville Buckeye wrote:
As one lone voice, I'm in total agreement with Rob.
I will be the second voice to agree. Vacating a season is ludicrous at best.

Elburn, IL

#6 Jul 10, 2011
Last year's seniors were not betrayed by OSU. They were betrayed by their so called leaders: TP & JT.
Mata Hari

United States

#7 Jul 10, 2011
The head coach and the AD should vacate their million dollar salaries. Add the current NCAA president because his organization knowingly allowed ineligible players to participate in the Sugar Bowl to protect money interests.

Vacating wins only hits the fans. This is the second time in his tenure that the OSU's AD a former Notre Dame football player has volunteered to vacate OSU wins. I lose interest in college athletics when games can be taken away months or years later over free tattoos.

Once again in December the NCAA knowingly allowed OSU to keep its 2010 season and the 5 players to participate in the Sugar Bowl. Where is the new advantage? The only new violation belongs to the coach. Punish the right people.

Since: Sep 09

Springfield, OH

#8 Jul 10, 2011

"Plea bargain" is EXACTLY what Gene Smith was offering to the NCAA on Friday.

And then, like a petulant attorney in a bad movie Gene Smith admonished the judge (NCAA) by saying..."And if you give my client more than 3 years for this crime I'm gonna tear up your courtroom." My hunch is the NCAA took that as a dare.

It's starts in 3rd grade when the teacher makes the entire class stay after school in detention for the actions of a few. I feel awful for last season's seniors who aren't going to the NFL and only have a 12-1 season to cherish for the remainder of the their lives.

Gene Smith made them all stay after school -- and took away their hard earned A+ grades and turned them into D's because of the actions of 6 of their selfish teammates.
Asia Buckeye

Downers Grove, IL

#9 Jul 10, 2011
Rob, I think you been smoking something in your pipe. Getting sick of you so called Buckeye sports writers still not supporting the Buckeyes. What we offered was a huge concession, why can't you writers be supportive of that and point out how harsh it is. Talking about wrist slapping is discusting reporting and not very supportive. If you don't want to write positive, why not move to anther city, we don't need your style of reporting! We had a great coach and man make a big mistake and basically lie! He is gone. We had a very successful quaterback make some stupid decisions and he is gone. We played 2 players illegally and now we know more and knowingly playing them was our mistake. For sure we would forfeit 5 games so it was generous for the University to say we were wrong and we agree to forfeit the season. It was the only logical thing to do and don't call it a wrist slap please, that is discracing all the players hard work. Losing recruits? What do you think is happening. You don't see an out of state kid that has agreed to sign and even in state kids are dropping out! This year and probably next year's is a bust, we are in fact paying the price. The only thing you mention that makes sense is the impact on other sports. Buckeye football supports our entire atheletic program and without it 90% of the other programs are gone! Please try to be sopportive and put as much positive reporting as possible to support our offer! Go Bucks!





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Reality sucks

Groveport, OH

#10 Jul 10, 2011
Comic Book Guy wrote:
W.O.R.S.T. O.l.L.E.R. C.O.L.U.M.N. E.V.E.R.
Funny how you think this is the worst Oiler column ever...could it be because he speaks the truth. And, as the Buckeye staff and fans have proven, "truth" is not a part of their dictionary!!
Bucks fan

Columbus, OH

#11 Jul 10, 2011
Good column. I do feel bad for the players who did nothing wrong. Unfortunately the whole team pays for it.
I have never heard of someone being let go from a company and then getting paid the next month and then being allowed to retire and receive benefits from that company. When you resign or are fired, then you are gone. Money received stops.
Something is wrong here. Tressel must be getting paid to keep his mouth shut. Why would he be allowed to even control how he left? Changing "resign" to "retire." Getting paid for the month after he left and the fine being dismissed. I hope it all comes out and Smith is gone. I have never liked Smith and my dislike for him just increased dramatically.
Remember 1961

Canterbury, CT

#12 Jul 10, 2011
Thank you Rob Oller for a glimmer of light. Your thoughts on this morning are appreciated.

What we have witnessed is a lack of courageous and principled leadership. The national response to these self-imposed sanctions is that they are self-serving sanctions. And they are self-serving.

If Gordon Gee and Gene Smith had taken a principled stance and did not allow the ineligible players to play in the Sugar Bowl, none of the shame and ridicule would have happened to Ohio State University.

Vacating wins only hurts student athletes and fans. It does not hurt Gee and Smith. The wins should obviously be removed from Coach Tressel's record but not the kids. Hopefully, the NCAA will see this.

Vacating wins is the adult version of "playing make believe." IT is a ridiculous penalty. IT is the proverbial "asterisk" in the record book.

And taking away scholarships only hurts kids. This is what the highly principled NCAA will come up with because they have forgotten why the hell they exist. It hurts the ability of current players to compete as a team and it hurts the kids that would have had the opportunity to attend college as athletes. Again, it does not hurt Gee and Smith.

You want to fix this problem in Columbus and more broadly in college athletics, immediately "retire" Gee and Smith.

This entire episode is an outrage, and the outrage should be directed at the Board of Trustees for failing to demand ethical leadership from the highest paid College President and Athletic Director in America.

Instead, we hurt college students, fans, and the tradition of the Ohio State University.

You want compliance everywhere in the country. Start removing AD's and Presidents. Watch how carefully the rules start to be followed. We could use the academic version of the "perp walk."

Do any of you Buckeyes recall 1961? Do any of you realize that it was exactly 50 years later that our tradition of "student academics first" was replaced with "money first." Shame.

And to now blame Jim Tressel... No one else knew what was going on? Well if that is true, and none of us believe this, than that IS THE PROBLEM! To the rest of the nation we look more and more like Enron University every day.

Since: Nov 09

Manning, SC

#13 Jul 10, 2011
Steve in Findlay wrote:
<quoted text>
I will be the second voice to agree. Vacating a season is ludicrous at best.
Make mine a third voice.
Honest Abe

United States

#14 Jul 10, 2011
45has2 wrote:
Last year's seniors were not betrayed by OSU. They were betrayed by their so called leaders: TP & JT.
There will always be players who make mistakes or break rules. If it's not tattoos it would be something else. The head coach has a job and responsibility to correctly deal with any problems. If the head coach does the right thing then all 5 players are back for full season, he still has his job, and all reputations are fully intact. At the very least you have those names in the wrong order. Some fans don't expect much for $4,000,000.

Chillicothe, OH

#15 Jul 10, 2011
I agree with Mr. Oiler, and I would take it one step further - as Mata Hari suggested above. The Head Coach, the AD, and the Compliance Officer, should all take a hit in their salaries. Their contracts should be clear on this point. Salary reductions could be tied to the severity of the sanctions administered by the NCAA. Knowingly lying or withholding information would be a severe additional penalty, in my book. This, along with the cash forfeited by the University, should get everyone's full attention at the leadership level. The players who had no fault should not be penalized.

Vacating the bowl win makes no sense to me. The NCAA and the Big Ten approved the players to play because the Sugar Bowl wanted a good game and said if Ohio State didn't bring their best players they wouldn't select a B10 team to play.(The Sugar Bowl, NCAA and B10 wanted the money - so they should also be required to forfeit the cash?) Even the Arkansas players wanted those players to play.

Oxford, OH

#16 Jul 10, 2011
SC Stuart wrote:
<quoted text>
Make mine a third voice.
cmg richmondI

Richmond, VA

#17 Jul 10, 2011
Keep it up Rob and you will surely get us he "death penalty"
I know about your vitriol

Columbus, OH

#18 Jul 10, 2011
This column is yet another "piling on" exercise that does not direct the majority of the blame where it lies -- Pryor and the other dumb clucks.

Like other writers, Oller, you are seeking blood because of the way you were treated by Tressel and the athletic administration over the years. You have a personal grudge against Tressel because he's aloof, arrogant and kind of mean to the media. You know the athletic department for what it is -- a money making machine.

Those facts do not give you or the NCAA the right to over-punish the program or to call for such drastic measures as you have called for. Giving up scholarships and banning future teams from bowls is exactly that.

Tressel did NOT tell Pryor and the other players to sell their trinkets. He did NOT furnish them with cash, cars, etc. You can cite whatever NCAA rule you'd like, but when you boil it down the original offenses that started this mess are just not that important and were not directly facilitated by the athletics staff.

Meanwhile, your bitterness toward Ohio State is clouding your judgment. It would be better for the Dispatch and its readers if you stepped away from covering the program.
old news

Howard, OH

#19 Jul 10, 2011
tear down ohio stadium and build an amusement park.
old news

Howard, OH

#20 Jul 10, 2011
Asia Buckeye wrote:
Rob, I think you been smoking something in your pipe. Getting sick of you so called Buckeye sports writers still not supporting the Buckeyes.
buckeye sports writers aren't paid to support the buckeyes.

they are paid to write.

deal with it.

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